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Long and silky: hair masks improvised

Длинные и шелковистые: маски для волос из подручных средств shares recipes inexpensive means for hair careDaily blow drying, straightening or Curling, low temperature — these and other factors affect the quality of the hair, causing their premature loss and the appearance of split ends. If you want to make your hair healthy, at least once a week to make a mask for our recipe:Oil maskPreparation:The most easy to prepare mask. Simply mix 3-4 tablespoons of base oil (e.g., olive, castor, coconut) with 10-15 drops essential oil

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How to care for blonde hair

Как ухаживать за светлыми волосами

Gentlemen prefer blondes. Many women trying unsuccessfully to get the coveted shade, but I can not even imagine how difficult it is to support it. shares the secrets of caring for these whimsical hairCare is necessary for any shade of hair, but still blond hair are the most demanding. It is very easy to mess up the tone, using the wrong skincare. We will give some tips so you can enjoy your bright healthy hair for a very long time

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Salvation drop down: best beauty tools for those who lose hair

Спасение выпадающих: лучшие бьюти-средства для тех, кто теряет волосы — about the proper care of your tresses and scalpSad but true: every day we lose up to fifty hairs. However, this should not worry: a number is absolutely normal. But if you see on the comb of entire strands, the urgent need to sound the alarm and take rescue measures. And will help you to choose the best tools.But first it is worth to understand why we lose our hair? There are several reasons

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Contest! Beautiful and healthy hair without compromise

Конкурс! Красивые и здоровые волосы без компромиссов

Take part in our quiz: answer three simple questions and win funds that will provide luxurious curls even in winterForget about dry, brittle hair that loses volume under the warm hats! The modern woman needs beautiful and healthy hair without compromise at any time of the year.The shampoos and conditioners Head & Shoulders Supreme is an excellent option for those who want to always have a strong and well-groomed hair without the mess

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That changes the length of the hair

Что меняет длина волос

Going to change the image? WomanHit have prepared for you a few tips on selecting the hairstyleWe heard a lot about that hair one way or another affect our lives. If you have a bad mood, just polluate hair and change for the better will not take long.Along with the hair you broke up with the negativity and emotional problems in their lives. Therefore, carefully choose the hairdresser, because his skill depends on the end result as on your head and in your mood

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Like snow on the head: what to do with gray hair

Как снег на голову: что делать с сединой

Experts say that grey hair can not speak about the aging body, and on its internal problems. found out more about itThe first and the most common cause of gray hair — age. The second is the influence of various external and internal factors, and the third heredity. Grey hair can be full, partial (separate the strands) and lobular (a polysaccharide, or a limited focus of graying).Early graying can be a sign of disease or problems in the malfunction of internal organs

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Everywhere at once: the best beauty tool 3 in 1

Везде и сразу: лучшие бьюти-средства 3 в 1 assembled new products for hair care that will suit those who are accustomed to value their timeSome joke that vanity many of us can enter into a depression any man, when he sees an incredible amount of jars, which is their favorite daily uses. But as the pace of life today is crazy, even the most persistent batholite are increasingly paying attention to the means "several in one". We have collected the best that can solve three problems simultaneously

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Some blondes prefer gentlemen

Каких блондинок предпочитают джентльмены — how to acquire new hair color safely and effectively and what tools to choose to care for colored tressesAll know that "gentlemen prefer blondes". This is confirmed by the results of numerous polls: it turns out that 90 percent of European men the girl of his dreams to see it is blonde. Here only, alas, natural blondes actually not so much. But there is a solution: today to buy a "light head" can each of us. The main thing — not to make mistakes on the way to the ideal

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Time for gathering herbs for hair

Настало время сбора трав для волос studied June's herbarium, which will help take care of the health and beauty of your curlsNettle. Helps to cope with dandruff, get rid of itching, improve blood circulation, strengthens hair roots. A classic recipe of decoction of nettles is very simple: a liter of boiled water, pour 100 g of dried or fresh nettle leaves. Cover the saucepan with a lid and leave to infuse for a day. The broth can be stored in the refrigerator. Rinse your hair only 2 times a week for a month.Burdock

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Contest! Spray the spring with Head and Shoulders!

Конкурс! Освежи весну с Head and Shoulders!

Take part in our quiz: answer simple questions and get prizesYay! The summer came! Make it so that your hair does not get dry. Usbodi them! Participate in the contest and win a prize!First prize — set of hair care Head and Shoulders Suprême Moisturizing.Second prize — a set of hair care Head and Shoulders Suprême Strengthening.You must correctly answer 3 questions and leave your contact information

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