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Make luxury a haircut on March 8

Делаем роскошную прическу на 8 Марта

Actress Valeria Kozhevnikov took part in a master class with our stylist who has transformed her imageTo 8 March the attitude of many is twofold. Some believe that this is just another reason to make a big party. Others believe that the recall only once a year that their beloveds need to give flowers and gifts, — the height of cynicism.Actress Valeria Kozhevnikov this spring festival loves

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5 hairstyles that young

5 причесок, которые молодят

Women over 40 it is time to take seriously their appearanceHaircutAs a rule, after 40 years hair lose volume and fluffiness that was in his youth. They become dull, brittle, the ends start to split. This is the reason to abandon the curls below the shoulders and cut your hair medium length to mid-neck. For example, Bob or Bob. But remember, short hair is able to access all the shortcomings of the face, so be careful with experiments.It's time to shorten локоныpixabay

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3 set of hair care

3 комплекса ухода за волосами

Rules that must be observed after 30, 40 and 50 yearsHair care after 30To make your hair beautiful and healthy in 20 years, just to wash it with good shampoo. In 30 years, they require much more attention. The important thing is that now you want your curls — hydration. It will help them to remain smooth and not break. For this you will need the conditioner, shampoo and mask for deep recovery.In 30 years, it's time to start caring волосахpixabay

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How to care for hair in the cold

Как ухаживать за волосами в морозы

Healthy and well-groomed curls — daily work. To maintain a beautiful hairstyle in winter, requires special attentionIn winter, hair can become dull, start to break and fall out. This is due to several reasons: dry air in heated rooms, the exit to the street without a hat, the temperature drops, when a man from a warm house out into the street, or Vice versa. In addition to the winter we eat less fruit and vegetables, and therefore get less of vitamins and minerals with meals

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The most trendy hairstyles spring-2018

Самые модные прически весны-2018

To March for another month, but the make-up artists and stylists are already aware of which hairstyles we'll be wearing hats offCurly live!It is well known that holders of straight hair spend a lot of time to spin-to spin out their tresses. Conversely, girls with curly hair down. I hope they straighten. The good news for last: this spring, curls a special honor

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The bottom line: the best beauty tools that can instantly tidy your curls

В сухом остатке: лучшие бьюти-средства, которые помогут моментально привести в порядок ваши локоны collected 5 best dry shampoosDry shampoo is a salvation for any girl. They are ideal for situations when you need to look great, but time to wash your hair or just to freshen styling, no. Beauty Department tested tools of different brands and made his TOP 5.Dry shampoo Morning After Dust from L'oréal ProfessionnelPhoto: materials of press-servicesUnlike other similar tools, this dry shampoo has a wonderful aroma

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3 reliable ways to choose the right hair color

Recommendations of stylists in choosing the perfect shade-type appearanceEvery woman ever wanted to radically change their appearance. And usually, these changes begin with changing the color of hair. But sometimes I miss the shade, and it will ruin the image. Therefore, we have gathered for you few simple tips that will help you to make this difficult choice.Skin tone. Start by determining your skin tone. For warm tones will suit brown or chocolate tones

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5 secrets for smooth, shiny hair

Wash your hair not more than 2-3 times a week and see how they are transformedStyling matters. Chaotic styling gives volume but makes curls dull and cracked. When you dry your hair, direct the flow of hot air from roots to ends — this will help to smooth out the raised scales.Contrast shower. Correctly finish the procedure of washing hair. After using the shampoo, mask or other means the remains, wash them with cool water

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Lightening hair with traditional methods

These recipes are suitable only for undyed hair, but it will make the hair more luxuriousClarification decoction of chamomile. 2 tablespoon dried chamomile flowers pour a small amount of boiling water. Cover and let it brew broth for 10 minutes. Strain the resulting infusion after complete cooling. Use the decoction as a hair conditioner after each wash. The effect will be noticeable after several treatments.Clarification of lemon juice. Be careful, as the citrus dries the hair and can burn

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The most common myths about shampoos

If you wash your hair from roots to ends or prefer shampoos "2 in 1", rather then read this articleProblems with hair can be caused by the fact that you incorrectly use their shampoo blindly believing in common myths about this tool.The first myth: shampoo apply on entire hair length. This mistake is made by many women. In fact, you should wash only the scalp, and shampoo can be selected depending on its characteristics. Hair enough soap scum that gets on them when flushing

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