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How to survive постотпускной syndrome?

Как пережить постотпускной синдром?

The holiday season is behind us, and how difficult it is to return to the usual rhythm of life! Sunny days, sleepless nights, boat trips and holiday adventures could leave not only a pleasant nostalgia, but also seriously affect the condition of skin and hair. And the prospect of a long wait next vacation is capable of undermining the morale of even the most dedicated of optimists. Talk about how to survive постотпускной syndrome and meet autumn in arms

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Beauty-overview: choose a sunscreen

Beauty-обзор: выбираем средства защиты от солнца

In winter we miss the sun, so in the summer we sometimes forget that in addition to the obvious benefits of UV light has potential threat to our health and beauty. Therefore, face, hair and body need фотозащите

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Why hair began to fall?

Почему начали выпадать волосы?

Even luxurious hair can start to «crumble» at any age. However, not all know that sometimes this problem can not be resolved only properly selected cosmetics

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Lena Knyazeva brushed aura

Лена Князева почистила ауру

And the television series «Univer» Andrey Гайдулян found him a bride. Both celebrities visited the unique event - the championship of hairdressers and stylists of Russia in the framework of the exhibition «INTERSHARMProfessional - 2012»

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Keratin straightening: for and against

Кератиновое выпрямление: за и против

That keratin the most suitable «building material» for the restoration of hair, known to many. Popularity is gaining a procedure under the intriguing title «keratin straightening». As with any know-how, it raises a lot of questions, including the highly contested. Let's try to draw an objective picture

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