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For men only: hair care

Только для мужчин: уход за волосами

The stronger sex are much fewer problems with the hair: staining and sophisticated styling that influence the condition of hair, are peculiar only to individual creative types. But every self-respecting gentleman wants to look like a million dollars, which implies the perfect hairstyle. In the modern industry of beauty men played a special niche

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How to find your perfect color

Как найти свой идеальный цвет

If you want to radically change the image, hide, hair, or just refresh your natural color, the only solution is a hair coloring. But how to choose the perfect shade? But trust the opinion of a specialist

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Let yourself Hollywood hairstyle

Позволь себе голливудскую прическу

American brand Aloxxi, which was created by the founder of the famous nail marks OPI George Scheffer, literally burst onto the world market of hair care products. And almost immediately won many admirers among the stars podiums, cinema, show business, as well as ordinary women

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How to meet a warm season in all its glory?

Как встретить теплый сезон во всей красе?

In our country with its uneasy even for a hardened man climatic conditions of the arrival of spring, even if only the calendar, - a significant event. After infinitely long winter (barely sun пригреет bit harder) we eagerly throws away the boring hats and substitute the face of the March wind. And then suddenly find that our hair looks like straw and skin condition leaves much to be desired

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Feel care about your hair

Почувствуйте заботу о ваших волосах

 Soft curls or clear lines of grooming, cool blonde or fiery red, the image of the fatal beauty or romantic young lady... Women's preferences do not differ consistently, but in one of our desire to converge: we want the hair is not only a dazzling look, but pleased softness and silkiness

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Create the perfect hairstyle for prom

Создаем идеальную прическу для выпускного бала

In life of every girl there are events where she needs to look perfect. Firstly, this is a wedding. Of course, this ceremony is the most important in life. But there's another holiday, which by its significance and emotional perception may not cede to the previous one. You have already guessed that we are talking about prom

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