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Hairstyle: to consolidate and improve

Прическа: закрепить и поправить

Your hair, style it as good intuition: it should never fail. Lightweight but reliable spray, delightful mousse, the Builder gel - has selected for you some of the best beauty hair products. Are verified. In any weather, in any situation - they fail

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New hairstyle - the main trend

Новая прическа - главный тренд

New hairstyle is not just a change of image. It is a kind of women's lighthouse, which is signaled with the desire for change, a desire to move forward or to fix something in your own life. So why ignore your inner voice? High bouffant style sixties, strict parted in the middle and a bun on the back of the head or windy bangs - select the kind of images you want to try today

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Hair loss can be stopped

Выпадение волос можно остановить

This problem sooner or later there is in all people. Because hair falls in both men and women. And it can happen for various reasons such as stress, poor diet, poor environment, lack of vitamins. But there are three effective ways that can help stop hair loss

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Create the ideal image for the holiday

Создай идеальный образ к празднику

What is needed for the New year? Beautiful decoration, gourmet treats, elegant dress, perfect makeup and hairstyle... More in the mood! Romantic, easy to congratulate all of my close people on the holiday and wish them happiness

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Transformation without victims

Преображение без жертв

«No haircuts, no coloring, only laying and cares for hair,» is the concept of the first in Russia stylish and fashionable hair dryer Dry Bar». Salon stylist showed how you can transform without opposed the measures

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Luxurious hair volume, you can create the

Роскошный объем волос можно создать самой

«What part of your body will never interfere with an additional amount?» asks the well-known advertising slogan. The answer is simple: lashes and, of course, hairstyle. Thick and shaggy hair is associated with luxury, sexuality and the success that has always worked for the benefit of your image. What about those, to whom nature has not so favourable? Listen to the advice of professionals and to build on the achievements of the cosmetic industry

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In Russia there cosmeceutics hair

В России появилась космецевтика для волос

This term refers to drugs that operate at the level of cells, therefore, have a positive effect on biochemical processes in the body, have prolonged a positive effect on the scalp and hair condition, i.e. the effect achieved in the use of funds, accumulated every time

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