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Feel care about your hair

Почувствуйте заботу о ваших волосах

 Soft curls or clear lines of grooming, cool blonde or fiery red, the image of the fatal beauty or romantic young lady... Women's preferences do not differ consistently, but in one of our desire to converge: we want the hair is not only a dazzling look, but pleased softness and silkiness

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Create the perfect hairstyle for prom

Создаем идеальную прическу для выпускного бала

In life of every girl there are events where she needs to look perfect. Firstly, this is a wedding. Of course, this ceremony is the most important in life. But there's another holiday, which by its significance and emotional perception may not cede to the previous one. You have already guessed that we are talking about prom

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Hairstyles: in fashion natural flavor

Прически: в моде природный колорит

Fashion met with nature in the spring-summer of 2013, presented in the Central house of artists of the international creative team La Biosthétique. In the new season we rely on convenience and natural play of colours

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Choose the most fashionable hairstyle

Выбираем самую модную прическу

«Torn», as if in a hurry bangs trimmed tightened on top of a horse-tails, romantic laying decorated with flowers, famously beaten or, on the contrary, приглаженные wax hair tangled KOs... in a Word, the options are endless to be transformed. Well, perfect just for you haircut there. Yes and when, pray tell, change, as not now, in may? Spring this year Oh how late this year, and we can finally enjoy the warmth and the ability to experiment

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