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The shape of the face helps to correct hairdresser

Овал лица поможет исправить парикмахер

If you don't like the roundness of your own cheeks or cheekbones with age slightly swollen, only need to choose the right haircutThere are several options for hairstyles that make the face more narrow and, as a consequence, it looks younger. Short pixie haircut with uneven oblique bangs is well suited for young chubby girls. The bangs of this type generally successfully conceals unwanted facial volume in any hair style. Covering eyebrows with one hand, she disguises problem areas

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What split ends ...

To restore the tips exfoliate impossible, they will have to cut it. And then to find the cause of the disastrous state of my hairDo we guard the hair from exposure to the environment? Sun, wind, frost can cause damage. But most often we ourselves, with his own hands bring own hair to a depressing state.Do not wash the hair with water limit temperature, which sustains the body, because they, unlike skin, is not able to be updated regularly

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The Straubing: a new trend in hair coloring

This technique seems to be most relevant in the coming seasonIn the art of makeup Straubing has long been known: on the face creates the light areas of different intensity to change its visual perception. Now this principle is successfully used for hair coloring. On the basic tone of the hair to apply a lighter, contrasting highlights, to gently emphasize or to correct not only skin tone, but the shape of the face

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What determines the beauty of the hair

Even if nature has not endowed you lush hair, there are ways to give hair Shine and glossThere are special balms, shampoos, for the recovery of the hair, you can make homemade mask or beauty salon. But if you do not take into account the reasons due to which hair loses, nothing will help for long.Hair becomes dry and brittle, if long and often under the direct rays of the sun. High temperature and ultraviolet radiation harmful to them

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Is it true that the dryer is harmful for hair

Many women would like to know: does he really messes up our hairA study conducted by American scientists showed that is a myth. Use a hair dryer is less risky than without it. Because when our hair dry in a natural way, we have no control over this process. And if you dry them incorrectly, damage can be extensive than when using the Hairdryer.With any hair drying stress, wet hair swells and loses its delicate proteins, it is easily damaged by rough handling

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Do not dull beam

In a trend unusual options familiar hairstylesThose who do not like the hair kept getting in my eyes, this summer lucky in high fashion bundles that securely holds the strands. That's just to make a beam for three minutes is unlikely to succeed. To create the actual hair style, I have to try.For example, the trend is now bundles with elements of weaving and smooth, covered with a varnish or gel for styling, bundles released spectacular strands

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Longer, thicker, stronger: how to give hair volume

Больше, гуще, сильнее: как придать волосам объем gathered the most effective beauty remedies for your locksShampoo for increasing density of hair DERCOS NEOGENIC from VICHYPhoto: materials of press-servicesIt is believed that the nature, alas, will not argue and that if the birth went fine and brittle hair, you have to deal with it. But progress does not stand still. And specialists develop really effective tools, which though not radical, but help to add volume to your hair

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Peeling of the scalp will ensure the beauty of the hair

Exfoliating treatment for the scalp significantly improves the quality and speed of hair growthIf in your Arsenal is only the means for peeling the skin of the face and body, you immediately need to buy another one for the scalp. Or cook it yourself on the basis of or large sea salt and essential oils.This cosmetic product cleans the scalp of dead skin cells, sebum, dust, dirt, remnants of styling and skin funds. It should be applied after shampooing

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The most trendy hair color this summer

Самые трендовые оттенки волос этого лета

Among them you can find light, dark and fancy colorsLovers of blond hair in the summer of 2017 should pay attention to platinum blonde. It's pretty complicated to maintain, but it is very refreshing complexion.It is much easier to maintain in good order not less popular dark blonde, and BROND — transitional variant between blonde and brown or a chestnut color. Such hair is now in Gigi Hadid. Agree, they are very beautiful

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Best hair masks

Лучшие маски для волос

Beauty edition tested hair mask and his verdictPlasma-P24 Smooth mask from the Italian brand NAPURAPhoto: materials of press-servicesTrichologists do not share our optimism about the holiday. The main threat to the hairstyle, in their view, comes from UV radiation, but also from sea salt and chlorine pool. UV rays increase the secretion of sebum and destroys the keratin of the hair shaft

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