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The masked gray hair without coloring

5 simple ways to hide gray roots without the use of paintGraying hair is something that manifests in each of us with age. Someone silver seen before, someone later. But, as a rule, women do not want to put up with such "discoloration". Permanent staining is tedious and not the best way affects the hair structure, so we decided to reveal to you 5 secrets on how to disguise grey hairs without staining the paint.Natural dyes. In many countries women today prefer henna and Basma

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Don't do it with your hair

Professional stylists do not recommend to wrap wet hair in a towelYou are trying to draw maximum attention to your hair — use the best care, regularly cut the ends and perform the procedure strengthen. But they are still dull, brittle and look absolutely lifeless. Experts have told us why it was so difficult to get the desired result. It turns out that one very common habit is extremely detrimental to the condition of the hair

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Do not go to bed with wet hair

This habit can cause serious health problemsAfter a hard working day it is difficult to devote sufficient time to your hair. So some of us wash their hair during the evening of the shower, wipe them with a towel and go to bed. As it turned out, this is a gross error, which is not just in the morning create hair "bird's nest", but also harm your entire body.Brittle hair. Wet hair have an increased fragility. And when you dream you are tossing and turning, they are very confused and break off

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Fleeing the fall of hair loss

Спасаемся от осеннего выпадения волос

Trichologist gave advice on seasonal care for locks that are now especially vulnerableExperts call autumn hair loss is seasonal. The hair begins to fall is so intense that many people are scared of a disease or malfunction in the body. But no need to panic. Seasonal hair loss, most likely, takes place by itself and does not require treatment. But in some situations, the condition of the hair need to pay special attention.Improper care

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12 pharmacy bubbles that will be useful for you

12 аптечных пузырьков, которые вам пригодятся

Tools for self-care is not always expensiveDo not rush to leave a few thousand rubles in the store with cosmetics. Of course, all kinds of creams and lotions help to maintain the attractive and healthy appearance, but no worse to cope with this task penny means that you can buy at any pharmacy.For hair:Burdock oil; castor oil and tincture bitter pepper. Apply them as a mask for half an hour before shampooing and girlfriends will be jealous of your hair

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Embellish hair... without paint

Changing the hue of their tresses by using natural remedies, you will give them not very bright, but natural lookIf you have dark hair, you can give it a noble shade of chocolate with coffee. Steeped crushed grain at the rate of 4 tablespoons per glass of water (90 degrees). Wait until cools, lubricates the hair and wash off after half an hour.Copper gives color to all the famous henna is also a natural product

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To grow, Kosa,... Anastasia Sidorova gives tips on hair care in autumn

Trichologist and owner of luxurious curls, proves by example the effectiveness of these recommendationsAnastasia Sidorova is becoming more popular in the environment of beauty bloggers. A girl of 20 years beginning strands of hair to lose her hair, she was diagnosed with "alopecia". However, Sidorov did not despair: she not only coped with this problem but has become a trichologist to help others

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The shape of the face helps to correct hairdresser

Овал лица поможет исправить парикмахер

If you don't like the roundness of your own cheeks or cheekbones with age slightly swollen, only need to choose the right haircutThere are several options for hairstyles that make the face more narrow and, as a consequence, it looks younger. Short pixie haircut with uneven oblique bangs is well suited for young chubby girls. The bangs of this type generally successfully conceals unwanted facial volume in any hair style. Covering eyebrows with one hand, she disguises problem areas

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What split ends ...

To restore the tips exfoliate impossible, they will have to cut it. And then to find the cause of the disastrous state of my hairDo we guard the hair from exposure to the environment? Sun, wind, frost can cause damage. But most often we ourselves, with his own hands bring own hair to a depressing state.Do not wash the hair with water limit temperature, which sustains the body, because they, unlike skin, is not able to be updated regularly

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The Straubing: a new trend in hair coloring

This technique seems to be most relevant in the coming seasonIn the art of makeup Straubing has long been known: on the face creates the light areas of different intensity to change its visual perception. Now this principle is successfully used for hair coloring. On the basic tone of the hair to apply a lighter, contrasting highlights, to gently emphasize or to correct not only skin tone, but the shape of the face

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