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The most trendy hair color this summer

Самые трендовые оттенки волос этого лета

Among them you can find light, dark and fancy colorsLovers of blond hair in the summer of 2017 should pay attention to platinum blonde. It's pretty complicated to maintain, but it is very refreshing complexion.It is much easier to maintain in good order not less popular dark blonde, and BROND — transitional variant between blonde and brown or a chestnut color. Such hair is now in Gigi Hadid. Agree, they are very beautiful

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Best hair masks

Лучшие маски для волос

Beauty edition tested hair mask and his verdictPlasma-P24 Smooth mask from the Italian brand NAPURAPhoto: materials of press-servicesTrichologists do not share our optimism about the holiday. The main threat to the hairstyle, in their view, comes from UV radiation, but also from sea salt and chlorine pool. UV rays increase the secretion of sebum and destroys the keratin of the hair shaft

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Long hair is really

Despite the huge range of short haircuts that many women still dream of flowing locksMust admit, long hair is really beautiful. Besides, they like men, hint at the exceptional feminine qualities of their owner.However, to grow hair is not always easy. Many hair grows, say, to the shoulders or shoulder blades and stop growing. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon — the lack of nutrients

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Masked the gray folk and professional methods

The roots are starting to annoy a lot more when they have gray hairGray hair is much more noticeable than the hair of another shade at the scalp. The fact is that the painted part of the hair and not gray hair without paint are the pigment and reflect light roughly equally. Gray hair is another story. They have no pigment: due to age-related changes or problems with blood circulation to the scalp they are discolored

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The section of hair: treat and masked

To cope with the problem section of hair, an integrated approach is neededThe cross section of the ends of your hair is the result of dryness that could arise from improper care, exposure to high temperatures, hormonal characteristics of the organism and so on.To remove the dryness capable of natural oils that can be applied to the ends of the hair alone or in combination of masks and leave-in treatments

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Recipes of Hollywood: how stars treat hair

Рецепты Голливуда: как звезды ухаживают за волосами

Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts, Madonna, and other celebrities share their secrets to luxurious hairWe all love to watch the luxurious outlets of the stars walking proudly on the red carpet: perfect makeup, stylish outfit, expensive accessories. One of the important roles in the image plays a hairstyle — namely, the appearance of the hair. Beautiful, thick and shiny tresses are the dream of any girl. gathered the most useful tips from the celebrity owners of enviable hair

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How to achieve coal mane

The new trend in hair the color of charcoal best suited to those who like dark shadesNot so long ago Instagram was flooded with pictures of girls with hair watercolor colors: pink, blue, green. Sometimes used for coloring a single color, and sometimes several. Most girls like this type of painting seemed interesting, but too unusual for everyday life.The new trend is hair coloring in tone, echoing the charcoal color soft black, dark gray

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Best summer hairstyles

During the hot months, we need not only the appropriate items of clothing, but also ways of styling hairIn winter, our hair is often exposed to wear hats, but summer hair can be disheveled by the wind. But that's no reason to use styling products strong hold. In the warm season, you can afford manic not to ensure that hair was hair to hair

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3 mask for healthy hair

3 маски для здоровья волос

Simple ingredients will help to cope with split endsLong beautiful hair, of course, is the decoration of any woman. The problem is that at some point the follicles no longer deal with the food grown ends, and they begin to delaminate — split. This is clearly seen on the dark curls, the tips become thinner and lighter, and the blonde even turn into a sponge. found popular recipes of masks that will help to deal with this problem once and for all.Nuts can be found in лесуpixabay

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Long lasting blonde

A few secrets will help to keep hair color intactThe trouble with most dyed blondes — yellow, which appears after a couple of washes of the head. But fashion is now cool blonde can be maintained until the next planned visit to the hairdresser.First and foremost, success depends on the correct choice of color of paint. If the hairdresser is knowledgeable and able to predict how a structure will behave on your hair, you will get the same cold blond

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