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Best summer coloring 2017

A new beauty trend will make life easier and wallet fatterIn recent years, though the chain broke: hair coloring from a simple procedure turned into a complicated scheme applied to the hair two or even three shades of paint. The trend was the types of staining that allows you to create interesting transitions colors: Ombre, Balaj, Shatush.There are such painting is expensive. But it's not so bad

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Farewell, strict hairstyles!

Come back into fashion disheveled curlsIf you are not on reception to the President, to do her hair for the "hair to hair" and abundantly watered it with varnish not necessarily. Shredded hairstyles become a new trend as the world's catwalks and in everyday life. They allow you to look natural and not like a couple of hours spent with the Hairdryer and tongs in his hands. Men like that, as it allows you to think that their chosen one from nature's beauty

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Protect hair from the sun

In summer, our hair requires not less attention than the skinUse sunscreen for face and body the majority of Russians have become accustomed. But, unfortunately, actions to protect the hair from exposure to sunlight, many still seem excessive.Meanwhile, summer in our hair, there are processes of oxidation and moisture loss. Externally this is evident in bleaching, their dryness and tendency to frizz

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Beauty novelty: fabric hair mask

Korean cosmetics manufacturers are again surprised everyoneIn Korea released a fabric mask for the hair. Use new simple. It is necessary to tighten the hair into a ponytail and then place them in a pouch, inside which is impregnated with a helpful staff. The mask never falls off, it is attached using the drawstring.The mask contains natural oils and extracts, collagen, bee products. The effect is visible after one application: the tips are less dry and brittle

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Safe painting at home possible gives advice to those who decided to transform without any extra costsWomen, for various reasons, have resorted to self-coloring hair: someone had time to go to the beauty salon, and someone decided to save some money. But we all want to get a decent result.To staining came out good, you need to choose the right color. Use the same shade applied on the hair the last time, as experiments can lead to unpredictable results

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How to choose the right dryer

Как правильно выбрать фен

The sale's expert technicians with years of experience Olga Kashitsina says what to look for when buyingSo, the first thing you should pay attention to the layman, and a professional stylist — that the ultimate goal in using any Hairdryer — not just DRY the HAIR, don'T OVERDRY THEM, not to harm the health of the hair and keep their natural Shine. Imagine that this is possible, is to choose the right tool

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Is it possible to make hair voluminous and lush

Only — the secrets of beauty from a resident of London, a popular fashion - and lifestyle blogger Lavinia Lond, which it reveals in his new book, "big city Style. Guide to beauty and fashion"LONG, THICK HAIR — IT IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. It is almost the best adornment for a woman. The question of how these hair a) long, b) thick. Rather, on the contrary: at first dense, then long. Because thin hair doesn't have to grow to long

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On your head: top 5 best hair masks

На вашу голову: топ-5 лучших масок для волос

Even if you use a good shampoo with conditioner at least once a week you need to use a mask. The main thing — to choose the ones that suit you. made my fiveMask for intensive repair of the hair from STENDERS Cosmeticsmaterials of press-servicesThis mask is perfect for damaged hair. The composition of pure olive oil and apricot kernel oil will give your hair the nourishment and sophisticated fragrance will decorate them subtly floral and citrus notes

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Talking about grey hair?

Trichologists have found that gray hair is not an indicator of agingThe study showed that there is no relationship between aging of organs and systems of the human body and the amount of gray hair on his head. 40-year-old women without health problems, gray hair can be more than 70-year-old lady with a long list of chronic diseases.Not depends on the amount of gray hair and stress

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The best hairstyles for those delicious cheeks

Лучшие прически для обладательниц аппетитных щечек

Visually make the face shape more elongated will help choosing the right haircutAmong them, the usual penalty, but not short. Hair length should fall below the chin. This will help to disguise the rounded cheeks, making the face oval. Short Bob, on the contrary, make cheeks wider.After breaking up with her husband, Olga Buzova made quads with longer strands at licavoli: work and asymmetrical hairstyles. For example, oblique bangs or parted

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