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How to choose a hairstyle for oval face

Today we will talk about how to choose a hairstyle for oval face.For oval face type fits the majority of existing haircuts (with all of them you can see the link Below are some of the most popular and fast hairstyles for elongated face. They take a maximum of 15 minutes of time and they are perfect for work, school and Dating

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Perfect your summer hair with Pantene Pro-v

The traditional summer holiday period at the seaside, a beach holiday by day and fashionable parties, warm nightsBut unfortunately, salt water, styling tools and sunlight – not the most simple test for hair. Like skin, they need protection and hydration, especially in summer.The collection "Intensive rehabilitation" from Pantene Pro-V hair creates a protective barrier that prevents damage of the hair cuticle and keeps the moisture inside

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How to restore hair after bleaching

The stylists and engineers of the leading beauty brands share the secrets of the most gentle coloring curlsLarissa Shcherbina, stylist:"For maximum hair restoration after frequent exposure to bleaching products use a special ruler. The corresponding marking is on the packaging. Beneficial ingredients included in products, are drawn to damaged areas like a magnet, restoring the hair structure, filling micro cracks in the cuticle and smoothing the surface

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Like the "snow" on the head: get rid of dandruff he appealed to the professionals to figure out: what is the root cause of the problem and how to solve it without harm to healthSome of us mistakenly believe that dandruff is primarily a matter of aesthetic. In fact, the "snow" on the head often indicates serious internal problems of the body. What exactly — says Irina Cherepanova, chief stylist-technologist of LLC "charm distributors"

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The trends of the season spring-summer 2016 FROM P&G Beauty

Тренды сезона весна-лето 2016 ОТ P&G Beauty

This eclectic palette of Oriental luxury to urban romance, honed from complex forms and textures to the lightness, the effect of incompleteness and slight chaos. On the eve of this season, the experts at P&G presented four trend in beauty: elementology is, Sci Femme, Byzantime, Bright simplicity.Elementology isOuter elegance. Mystical forms and designs. The charm of the symbolism. Elementology is – it's sophistication and mystique

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Spring transformation: we choose the asymmetry

Весеннее преображение: выбираем ассиметрию

Model decided to change the image. Our beauty professionals not only changed the appearance of her hair, but also restored themNastya came with very damaged hair, with one side very hacked. What can you do? After all, gotta look good at the meeting with colleagues. Solution: asymmetry!Model: NastyaPurpose: to change the imageExperts: Olga shumkova (haircut), Anna Mamontova (visage)Location: the salon "etudes 7"Model WomanHit

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Beauty from within

For many years scientists Pantene Pro-V investigate the factors affecting the condition of the hairContinuing a five-year research in the science of proteomics, they found that, just as foreign inclusions in the center of a diamond affect its purity, mineral impurities within the hair to weaken him and affect his appearance. These impurities contained in tap water

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Pantene is launching a collaboration with style blogger Chiara Ferran

Chiara Ferran, internationally renowned fashion blogger, style icon and a trendsetter, becoming the new face of the brand PanteneFor Chiara, which is one of the most incredible online phenomena in the field of fashion, such a partnership is the first collaboration with beauty brands.Commenting on the collaboration with Pantene, Chiara said: “Just knowing that my hair is fine, I feel really beautiful and strong. Pantene I discovered while still a teenager

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On the dark side

How to change hair color from light to dark radical: little secrets of a great transformationRadical hair coloring – step is certainly bold. Deciding from blonde to become a brunette, you change not only your image, the image, but partly and demeanor and character. It's impossible to imagine that, for example, Scarlett O'hara from the legendary film gone with the wind or, say, the heroine Liza Minnelli in the musical "Cabaret" had Golden hair

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What is co-washing?

Fashioned way of washing hair is becoming more and more popular among professionals of beauty industryThe trend towards the cutting of the shelf in the bathroom is gaining momentum. To understand you: we are tired of endless tubes lined up in a row and occupying the time and place. So, now for washing your hair everyday can we abandon... shampoo! Tell, what is co-washing and to whom it fits.The procedure under unusual to our ear name first won the hearts of professionals

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