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Fashionable shape and texture of haircuts come in the spring

Модные формы и текстуры стрижек наступившей весны

Guide to the most popular, spectacular and simple hairstyles that are easy to repeatOne of the most powerful psychotherapeutic and spiritually uplifting beauty of the manipulation is considered a trip to the hairdresser. And when, as not now to go to the stylists: with the onset of the new season of masters offer the most daring radically change the image, and less determined to cut the bangs or try new styling. The variety of tendencies allows you to choose what we're gonna do

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Select a comb according to hair type

Expert tips that will help to distinguish fashionable, but it is unnecessary comb from the real thing standingOwners of fine straight hair will suit traditional brush with plastic bristles in the rubber base. If you want them to curl — take a round hairbrush with a metal perforated base.Lay porous, drying long hair will be able with a comb with holes in the base. Unruly and curly hair will say thank you for purchasing the round brush with natural bristles

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Haircuts for voluminous hairstyles

Spring always want to look beautiful, to have a perfect hairstyleWay to maintain hair volume all day without complex and lengthy laying there. This will help proper grooming. So, even thin long hair nature will seem voluminous haircut ladder or cascade. To avoid the "prinesennoy" can "ragged", milled the ends of the hair or laying in the form of light waves.Advantageous also looks haircut at shoulders, asymmetrical quads, pixie, haircut Bob

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Rejuvenation: what is it and who is meant

Expert — PhD, author more than 20 scientific articles on cosmetology Maria Shershakova — a unique technique that has already proven itself as an effective way to fight aging: thinning, loss, excessive hair lossWhen talking about cosmetic procedures first come to mind are topics eliminate facial and other wrinkles or skin rejuvenation. Meanwhile, there is unjustly deprived of attention methods — PRP hair

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How to deal with gray hair: a stellar experience

Как бороться с сединой: звездный опыт

Jennifer Lopez dyes her hair every two weeks and Eva Longoria ink their masksFirst grey hair is seen by many as a tragedy. Especially when the silver begins to Shine in the head at a very young age. Recently Eva Longoria admitted that beginning to turn gray at 18. WomanHit found out, as the actress struggles with the white in his hair, and found out when the gray hairs came from other famous beauties.Eva Longoria"The first gray hair I found in 18 years

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5 secrets of hair care in winter

What I snow that I heat me what the rain pouring, the temperature changes are the main enemies of hairWinter hair requires special care. On the street, they suffer from the cold, indoors is the dry air, plus the lack of vitamins, in the end, on the head, we have something more like hemp than hair. But a little bit of effort, time and care, and the situation can be corrected.VitaminsWinter hair essential fatty acids omega-3, calcium and zinc

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Gentlemen prefer blondes: how to gently lighten hair

Expert shares recommendations for those who decided to whiten your hair"Before, greatly to lighten hair experts offered in several stages. I would really like to be a blonde, my natural color is dark blonde, but I am afraid of an intermediate result".Discoloration in Ultrasuede blonde is a very naughty thing. It all depends on the natural color of your tresses — as it is dark, do you turn, what level of dye and, of course, the quality of the hair

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Spring road: experimenting with hairstyle

Весне дорогу: экспериментируем с прической

Top fashion House pretty surprised by the trends of the coming seasonVery soon the spring will come into its own. This means — away coats, warm scarves and hats. You can finally do it without worrying that the hair will collapse under the weight of the cap. What we have in store for us in the new season of top fashion Houses?ValentinoФото: materials of press-servicesShort bangsEvery season, hairdressers all over the world argue: to wear bangs or not. Answer: this season — wear certainly

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What kind of holiday packing to do?

Expert gives tips for medium length hairI grow hair length just above the shoulders. Don't know what kind of holiday packing to do, everything seems difficult or not very stylish. You can come up with for that long?Follow the motto "the more natural, the more stylish"! The perfect solution for festive styling in your case — light curls. Remember that medium length hair better keep the volume and shape, so don't be afraid to play with texture

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Salvation drop down: how to keep a lush head of hair

Спасение выпадающих: как сохранить пышную шевелюру have collected the best beauty tools from falling out hairSad but true: every day we lose up to 50 hairs. However, this should not worry: a number is absolutely normal. But if you see on the comb of entire strands, the urgent need to sound the alarm and take rescue measures. The main thing — to choose suitable means

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