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The ranking of the most effective restorative masks for hair

Рейтинг самых действенных восстанавливающих масок для волос

The longer the strands, the more they need to be restored from the outsideThis music will be eternal — apparently, so should we characterize the problem of tangled, brittle, lifeless hair. Rare lucky women can boast of a really good — long — hair. We have collected a rating of the most effective regenerating agents for advanced cases

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Do an elegant hairstyle from curls

Делаем сами: элегантная прическа из локонов

Expert — image maker-stylist, owner of beauty Studio of Irina Khlopkov, gives master-class how to style your hair for the publicationFor hairstyles need: Curling iron, 2 Bobby pins, 3 thin hair bands, hairpins 3-6.Model - Dana Tretjakovu authorFor the start of hair need to cheat at Curling. Can major strands. We need to ensure that the hair become more manageable and a little twisted.Model - Dana Tretjakovu authorThen on top of the strands may be lightly backcomb to create volume

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MyBeauty.Pro is a handy beauty salon there for a few moments

To preserve the natural beauty and elegance at any time of the year — this is the dream of any womenBut to maintain the health of the hair and the freshness of the skin alone, home remedies is almost impossible. That's why most beautiful ladies are drawn in professional salons — reducing and anti-aging treatments allow you to transform just a couple of hours.In Moscow and in other Russian cities, employs hundreds and thousands of beauty salons

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Spring makeover: choose asymmetry

Весеннее преображение: выбираем ассиметрию

Model decided to change the image. Our beauty experts will not only altered the appearance of her hair, but to restore themNastya came in with very damaged hair, with one side very split. What should I do? After all, gotta look good at the meeting with colleagues. Solution: asymmetry!Model: NastyaGoal: to change the imageExperts: Olga shumkova (haircut), Anna Mamontova (visage)Place: salon of beauty "7 etudes"Model WomanHit

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What is co-washing process?

Fashioned way of washing hair is becoming more popular among professionals in the beauty industryThe declining trend of funds on the bathroom counter is gaining momentum. It can be understood: we are tired of the endless tubes lined up in a row and takes the place and time. Now, for daily washing of hair, we can give up... shampoo! Tell what is co-washing process and to whom it is suitable.Procedure under unusual to our ear name first of all won the hearts of professionals

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This winter give your hair the care, favor and beauty

With the onset of the first frost in our hair and skin are having a hard time to the usual challenges added to the snow, wind, rain and other vagaries of weather.To counter their negative effects to your hair will help means Pantene Pro-V. The shampoo and conditioner from the innovative series "the Merger with nature. Cleansing and nutrition", developed by the experts at Pantene Pro-V especially for daily protection of the hair, are ideal for use in cold season

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Pantene starts collaboration with style blogger Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni, internationally known fashion blogger, style icon and trendsetter, becoming the new face of the brand PanteneFor Chiara, which is one of the most incredible online phenomena in the field of fashion, such a partnership is the first collaboration with beauty brands.Commenting on the collaboration with Pantene, Chiara said, "Just knowing that my hair is fine, I feel really beautiful and strong. Pantene I discovered while still a teenager

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How to repair split ends?

Expert tells how to put in order the hair, keeping their length"Nothing can cure split ends. But after the summer it became a problem number one, almost by accident. Tell me how to act in order not to cut".A very topical issue! You need to use the mask and C by the type of your hair. These products deeply nourish and moisturize them, comb through, which in itself reduces the risk of cross-sections

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To cheat nature: the secret of ways to add volume to the curls

Обмануть природу: секретные способы, как добавить объема локонам — about the best beauty products for hair thicknessWe all dream of beautiful, thick hair. However, not all of us are lucky. The main reason that your hair is thin, is, of course, genetics. To us by nature everyone is given a certain number of hair follicles and diameter of the hair shaft. However, not all so pessimistic: with proper care we can achieve, to give the desired volume to the hair, straighten or to curl your hair

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How to choose a hairstyle for oval face

Today we will talk about how to choose a hairstyle for oval face.For oval face type fits the majority of existing haircuts (with all of them you can see the link Below are some of the most popular and fast hairstyles for elongated face. They take a maximum of 15 minutes of time and they are perfect for work, school and Dating

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