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Office + air conditioning = a runny nose and a sore throat

Офис + кондиционер = насморк  и  больное горло

Not all happily spend time at work. And the reason in most cases is not dependent on unrealistic hopes for high salary Photostock: Depositphotos The most simple and ordinary things can cause workers negative emotions, down to despair. Such indignation is justified, especially in offices where there are a large number of people and conditioners, from which it is impossible to hide

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Love milk but can't drink?

Любите молоко, но не можете его пить?

Now you can enjoy the taste of natural milk, without consequence for the stomach! Photo: materials of press-services. Especially for you, Parmalat, a global leader in the production of UHT milk, prepared a novelty in the line of dairy products – Parmalat Milk with Low Lactose reduced lactose, a milk sugar, which makes it difficult digestion. On average in Russia lactose intolerance affects about 20% of the population

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And in the morning they woke up: like the stars fleeing hangover?

А по утру они проснулись: как звезды спасаются от похмелья?

Stars like parties. But they, like ordinary people, after a stormy night can sometimes be a hangover. And some of the celebrities are not shy to admit it. And sometimes even share their recipes, how to overcome morning feeling unwell. WomanHit learned the secrets of the stars. David Beckham makes a hangover from the daughter. Photo: The second of may David Beckham turned 40 years old

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A tooth for a tooth: how to choose an electric toothbrush?

Зуб за зуб: как выбрать электрическую зубную щетку?

This device is now very popular, however, before purchasing, is to learn about the many nuances of each model. The magazine "Atmosphere" shares tips experts. How to choose the right electric toothbrush? Photo: Electric toothbrush for a long time already you will surprise nobody, but few are versed in the topic and is able to choose a really reliable assistant in the difficult task of oral health

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March drops: how to quickly get rid of a cold

Мартовские капели: как быстро избавиться от насморка

How to quickly get rid of a cold? Photo: "Heat - nose started", is still spoken by our grandmothers, scaring us complications after a simple cold. And are right: the experts recommend you to treat rhinitis, otherwise ear problems and even cardiac system will not keep you waiting. Remember: drops and sprays clean only signs of the disease, they can be no longer than five days. The main task is to eliminate the root causes

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Song of the lark: learn easy to Wake up

Песни жаворонка: учимся легко просыпаться

If your only desire is to launch annoying squeaking alarm clock against the wall, congratulations! Now it's over! The magazine "Atmosphere" talks about the new products that will help every morning to do something good. Learn easy awakening. Photo: Waking up in the morning, especially during the dark time of the year things torment

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