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Song of the lark: learn easy to Wake up

If your only desire is to launch annoying squeaking alarm clock against the wall, congratulations! Now it's over! The magazine "Atmosphere" talks about the new products that will help every morning to do something good.

Песни жаворонка: учимся легко просыпаться

Learn easy awakening. Photo:

Waking up in the morning, especially during the dark time of the year things torment. Who of us at least once in my life wanted to launch annoying squeaking alarm clock against the wall? Congratulations, now it's over!

To properly Wake up, is important not only and not so much the number of hours you rest, how much lift in the correct phase of sleep. Calculate its help of special gadgets. So, lightweight bracelet that is synchronized with your phone will Wake you up delicate vibration. An alarm clock that imitates a sunrise, not make a sound. His power is growing in artificial light of dawn, which shines through the eyelids and blocks the synthesis of melatonin (sleep hormone). Parents of children-son it is like an alarm clock toy: the alarm will cease only when the child begins to play with the gadget.

Elena Malysheva


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