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And in the morning they woke up: like the stars fleeing hangover?

Stars like parties. But they, like ordinary people, after a stormy night can sometimes be a hangover. And some of the celebrities are not shy to admit it. And sometimes even share their recipes, how to overcome morning feeling unwell. WomanHit learned the secrets of the stars.

А по утру они проснулись: как звезды спасаются от похмелья?

David Beckham makes a hangover from the daughter. Photo:

The second of may David Beckham turned 40 years old. Ex-football player celebrated her birthday in a big way, rolling his Grand party for family and friends in Marrakech (Morocco). That the holiday was a success, says the photo published on the morning of the athlete in "Instagram". The picture shows lying in a lounge chair David. "Someone is trying to help my dad to come in after a hard night," reads the photo caption. And, judging by the little hands applies the cloth to her forehead hangover Beckham, it was his three year old daughter Harper.

Gwyneth Paltrow prefers to be treated from a hangover water treatments. "It is necessary to dial into the bath so the hot water, what you can tolerate, and dissolve it in English Epsom salt and baking soda. To lie down for twenty minutes, then stand under the cold shower for a minute. Then again to go to bath to warm up, and again under an ice shower", — says the actress.

Zoe Saldana also sweats in the bathroom. But not in the morning and in the evening before bedtime. "After a rough night I'm lying in a bath in warm water with dissolved Epsom salts fifteen minutes — shared somehow his secret actress. And the next day my hangover passes twice easier."

Lady Gaga has found a way to deal with unpleasant feelings after alcoholic libations. In the morning she goes to the gym to do yoga. "Six in the morning. I want to start the day feeling strong and energetic. So you need to bring the body of whiskey, drunk yesterday," he admitted once in captions posted on social networks a picture of the singer. The star has never hidden that likes to drink. "I always drink when I work. Whiskey and other spirits. The problem is that I work every day, and sometimes I get a hangover. So I have to work with a hangover," said Gaga.

А по утру они проснулись: как звезды спасаются от похмелья?

Lady Gaga hangover does yoga. Photo:

Daniel Craig believes that the best way to recover after a heavy night — a good sweat. "If the morning after the party, I can't that to work, but barely move, I forced myself to go to the sauna. Only pretty there promotes, I can live again," admits the star of James bond.

Kate Hudson even during morning sickness, caused by the consumption of alcoholic drinks, do not forget about healthy eating. "I drink a huge amount of tomato juice. Eat fresh fruit and avocado. And take a lot of vitamins," says the movie star.

Robbie Williams is also a little sticky and washes down your hangover. "Save me a Cup of tea, cheese, onion rings in batter, chocolate bars and two packs of fruit purees," — says the musician.

Kate Winslet is also enlists the aid of a good Breakfast to recuperate. "Help me best sausage and bacon sandwiches," says the actress. — Also, I drink a big glass of orange juice and a Cup of sweet tea. This combination allows me to perk up. Usually I can eat and drink all of it right in bed and then get more sleep. After getting in the shower and finally Wake up already".

Paris Hilton, like many other people suffering from a hangover, drawn to fast food. "My recommendation is a big Burger with cheese and lots of fries," says the socialite.

Cameron Diaz has resorted to the most radical way to restore after alcoholic libations. "I eat a McMuffin with egg and drink beer, openly admitted as an actress. — Always need to drink even alcohol that killed you before. This is a classic recipe sober. And, of course, to eat something fatty. Fat is the only hangover cure".

А по утру они проснулись: как звезды спасаются от похмелья?

And Rihanna is struggling with a hangover using droppers. Photo:

And Rihanna with alcohol intoxication falls under the drip. The singer first introduced the fashion among stars at cleansing the body through intravenous vitamin and glucose-salt solutions by posting on Twitter a photo from the hospital back in 2012. The entire procedure takes only thirty minutes and costs $ 250. Following on from Rihanna to this method of combating the effects of drinking now resorted Michelle Rodriguez, Cara Delevingne, Kelly Osbourne, Lily Allen and many other celebrities.

Brad pitt to fight a hangover also help children. But only indirectly. "Becoming a parent — that's my main hangover recipe. I remember once I decided to heal cold beer. But I dropped an ice cube on the floor. Ran my daughter Zahara, picked up the cube and put it in his mouth. And I don't have time to do anything, " says the actor. But with children you always have to be on top. And when they Wake up in the night, you have to be near them. However, when you have a hangover, it's very difficult. And that's terrible."

Julia Malinina


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