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Office + air conditioning = a runny nose and a sore throat

Not all happily spend time at work. And the reason in most cases is not dependent on unrealistic hopes for high salary

Офис + кондиционер = насморк  и  больное горло

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The most simple and ordinary things can cause workers negative emotions, down to despair. Such indignation is justified, especially in offices where there are a large number of people and conditioners, from which it is impossible to hide. Opinions of office workers Most runs in an intolerable situation, what you share with your friends on social networks:" I monthly report to hand, and cast iron head, hanging from the top of the air conditioner outside the window the warm, colleagues ratiaria, and I freeze, even for 10 minutes, do not give off periodically run out into the hallway to keep warm..", "...we have in office today is pretty cool, turned on the morning split-system, and forgot to turn off, overworked, woke up for dinner, went out for a breath of outside, after the stuffiness you can say are in heaven... and by the end of the day I had a sore throat, probably caught a cold", - here are various complaints makes today's office workers. Benefit or harm of air conditioning? Of course, air conditioning/split systems provide cool, or, conversely, warm air, bringing people relief, improving performance. However, after prolonged exposure in a confined space in such an atmosphere and move from one hot or cool environment to another occurs not only temperature imbalance, but also a high risk of catching a cold. Even with a strong immune system no one is safe from infection in the office. Who lives in conditioner? Exists and the risk of infection emanating directly from the conditioning. Enclosed areas, even with frequent cleaning and moisturizing is a source of harmful bacteria. Scientists have accumulated a mass of data pointing him out as a hotbed of infection. Experts believe that the most advanced cleansing conditioning filters are not saved from dangerous pathogens. The most common "residents" of air conditioners are considered such as Staphylococcus, E. coli and Streptococcus. The latter often causes inflammation in the throat and nasal passages. It may be sufficient to hold near the air conditioner just a couple of hours and Hello - cold! Competent treatment For sore throat and runny nose need not to let things go rather quickly to start therapy. In this case the treatment will require minimal investment of time, Finance and will be most effective. The doctor usually prescribes Bioparox, which should irrigate the throat and nose. In the drug natural antibiotic local action – fusafungine. Fusafungine not only helps to remove pathogenic flora, but also has its own anti-inflammatory effect, it reduces swelling of mucous membrane, leaving redness, scratchy and painful sensation in the throat. Before applying the product, you must read the manual and to consult with a specialist. There are contraindications. Protection from infection To avoid air conditioning in the office is almost impossible. Stream "miracle" technique sooner or later will catch up. You can, however, take certain steps, which, if not save, it will reduce the risk of developing respiratory infections. Standard methods of prevention, of course, known to all, but with the continuous operation of the air conditioning ineffective. Do not let colleagues to drastically change the temperature, insist on periodic shutdown of the air conditioner. Stay away from those comrades who have runny nose or cough. Take breaks to rest, for example, when working at the computer, you can leave the room for 2-5 minutes every 40-50 minutes. At lunch, try not to overload the organism fatty and sweet, and to consume only fresh and healthy food – vegetables, fruits, fish. Source

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