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A paradoxical situation

Our country has historically cautious and prejudiced relation to hormones

Парадоксальная ситуация


Very often this feeling goes beyond the pale and just turns into fear when the man at the detriment of their health refusing medication if he finds out that they are made on a hormonal basis. A Prime example – hormonal contraception. It is considered the most effective and progressive in the world. In Europe and North America it is used about 60% of women of childbearing age. In addition to its main task of preventing unwanted pregnancy, she is able to solve very large problems is to normalize the menstrual cycle, reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, to improve the condition of skin and hair. But despite all the advantages, Russian girls and women do not like it and prefer to use barrier methods of contraception, including condoms. The few who draws attention to the fact that they have a very low degree of protection according to various estimates from 56 to 85%. The condom can slip or tear that usually occurs due to improper use or MIS-matched size. What girl or woman in a similar situation? Of course, only the last line of defense – emergency contraception. But until recently, all drugs in this group contain the same active hormonal substance, and 150 times higher than the dose in a single tablet for routine contraception. Herein lies the paradox – not to take harmful, according to many, hormonal contraceptives, women used emergency contraceptive pills, each tablet of which contains so much substance, how many would be enough for 5 months. Fortunately, now has a choice. Among the drugs fire of contraception and non-hormonal means. It should be noted that their effectiveness is not inferior, and sometimes superior to the old hormones. For example, we can mention the changes in efficiency over time. The hormones it drops to the end of the third day almost half. That is why it is recommended to take them as soon as possible after unprotected contact. Efficacy of non-hormonal means practically does not depend on time, the first day she is 99%, and by the end of third all reduced by 1%. Another strong argument in defense of non-hormonal drugs is the dependence of the reliability of drugs from the body mass. In hormones this relationship can clearly be seen that the greater the weight, the lower the reliability. The non-hormonal means dependence is much weaker – if overweight it doesn't change, and decreases in obesity, but not as much as hormones.

So, if you still don't like the hormones or treat them with suspicion, get more information about different means of emergency contraception. She probably will never need, but feel you will be calmer and definitely more confident.


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