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Hibernation is canceled: why do I need to do sports in the cold season

Fall – crafty to figure time, because simultaneously the temperature drops outside, layer of fat on our body increases

Зимняя спячка отменяется: почему необходимо заниматься спортом в холодное время года


And it's not just that autumn evening you want a smaller move, to get under the covers and drink tea with sweets – with the arrival of cold weather, the metabolism slows and the body begins to store fat before the long winter. On the one hand, you can blame this trouble on the nature and internal mechanisms, against which you will not go, but there are at least 5 reasons to play sports in the fall and winter. The most important thing is to begin regular exercise before the cold weather, when energy after the summer holidays have not quite spent, because the closer winter – the harder the body get used to physical activity. "And why do I need it? Will eat less, and there is no need to force yourself to train when I really don't want," you say. Actually, exercise is necessary, preferably in the company of strangers. Moreover, the beauty of physical activity is that you will become more beautiful and fit is just a nice bonus, like increased self-esteem (it is no secret that, developing physically and mentally, you begin to respect yourself more).

Зимняя спячка отменяется: почему необходимо заниматься спортом в холодное время года

First, as strange as it might sound, sport is the best form of relaxation, and this is already proven fact. Agree, everyone has felt overwhelmed after a few hours spent on the couch in the supine position, and Vice versa after training felt like being in the full sense of the word. This is especially true of those who work in the office and little moves – in this case physical activity improves overall health and reduces psychological stress. Moreover, sport helps to increase stress resistance and to get rid of the Blues, and does it better than the usual sweets. Many people are used to "jam" the stress chocolate, and this is a logical explanation. The fact is that cocoa contributes to the production of endorphins – happiness hormones which help to avoid nervous breakdowns, but in exactly the same property and possess physical exercise. Endorphins plus the extra inches on the Pope, or endorphins plus trim figure – you decide. Work as everything, and tired several times more? And again come to the aid of the sport. Regular exercise help you to become fitter, especially if you increase their intensity and every time to do a little bit more than you planned. Besides will power and General endurance, intense workouts boost the immune system, and the body begins to work like clockwork. The same applies to the internal condition: the sport turns sluggish and apathetic man into a "battery" that can charge others with their energy. In this sense, we adults are not much different from children – just like move and run, but sometimes we forget about it.

Зимняя спячка отменяется: почему необходимо заниматься спортом в холодное время года

Actually, remember what a team game, the joy of movement and the feeling of victory, much easier than it sounds – just take part in a marathon, work out at the workout area, or visit the town's sporting event. For example, very soon in Moscow will host the third race "Be a man", organized by Reebok, the participants will have to run about 5 kilometers and 10 to pass a difficult test. The event will take place on 3 and 4 October on the territory of Badaevsky factory, and if you want to not only workout, but to challenge yourself and also to feel part of something bigger, better way than a massive race, just can not find. In order to participate in the project "Be a man-3", you need to register your team on the website www.станьчеловеком until 28 September 2015 (the command to run must consist of 6 people, at least two of whom must be of the same sex. Recommended combination – 4 men and 2 women). Participation is free of charge! Photo: press service of the Reebok Source

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