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That will help to become slimmer

The cold and lack of sun in winter make our bodies work in a special mode

Что поможет стать стройнее


And our immune system has a hard time, because it helps protect the body from the constant attacks of viruses and bacteria. And hence it to work at full capacity, need more energy. Therefore, in order to resist the frost in winter we eat more hot, nourishing soups, fatty foods and pies – because such food warms us and gives extra energy. As a result, by the end of the winter season we feel the load of extra pounds, even if you lead an active lifestyle, such food reduces our immunity and thus health. How to eat right and keep your figure and health? Be sure to enrich their diet with autumn vegetables: beets, carrots, cabbage is rich in fiber which helps normalize digestion. Do not forget about fruits, for example apples, pears, grapes are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Do not neglect cereals and wholegrain bread, in the composition of these products contain complex carbohydrates, which help support energy levels. Foods rich in carbohydrates nutritionists advise to use in the morning because in the morning they are better absorbed.

Что поможет стать стройнее

Milk and milk products are essential for bone health and immunity. In addition to calcium, they are rich in vitamin D, the lack of which we feel in the winter for lack of sun. In addition, dairy products are the sources of protein, is not only necessary for normal calcium absorption and the cells of bones and skin but also for proper operation of the immune and nervous system. Try to vary the diet meals from lean meat and fish. Do not forget about vegetable oil, it contains vitamin E which is essential, to maintain the beauty of hair, nails and skin. Vegetable oils are rich in fats, which the body uses as an energy source. But sometimes we still can't help eating something! To maintain good health and shape in cold weather will help l-carnitine. This vitamin-like substance that helps body cells use fats as an energy source. Lack of it only part of them is used by the body, and the rest are deposited in reserve. So in the winter we gain weight, and because of the lack of energy often get sick. To avoid this it is best to enlist the aid of the Elcar – over-the-counter drug of levocarnitine. Elcar energizes, helps burn excess fat deposits and improves the body's resistance to infections. It is regular intake of Elcar in the winter will allow you to remain awake and to be in good shape, while not indulging in tasty.

Что поможет стать стройнее

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