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Honeymoon: unknown facts about the benefits of Royal jelly

Медовый месяц: неизвестные факты о пользе пчелиного маточного молочка

Celebrities today talking about their organic components of creams, shampoos and food. Recently, for example, several famous Actresses declared unconditional love for the bee Royal jelly. Taking advantage of the occasion, we decided to figure out what's good about this product and whether or not to follow the example of environmentally enlightened in the art. The useful benefits of Royal jelly? Photo:

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Drinking woman - is it scary?

Пьющая женщина – так ли это страшно?

Professor and doctor-narcologist Yuri Sivolap told than female alcoholism differs from the male, and why working corporate events can cause harmful dependence. What is the danger of female alcoholism? Photo: Female alcoholism in our country is not so significant and urgent challenge to sound the alarm, but nevertheless it is a disease worth talking about, because most often it is disguised. Yuri Pavlovich Sivolap, narcologist, M.D., Professor of psychiatry and medical psychology MMA

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What foods can ruin a date?

Какая еда может испортить свидание?

Chewing gum, beans and champagne - if you are going to spend a romantic evening with a loved one, then these products should be abandoned. What foods can ruin a date? Photo: Fotolia/PhotoXPress.EN. Chewing gum with menthol use to fight off bad breath. But going on a date, men should be aware that this seemingly innocuous thing can play a cruel joke on them. Menthol reduces the concentration of testosterone that has a bad effect on sexual attraction

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The best winter diet

Самый лучший зимний рацион

It is believed that in the winter we all gain weight - so the body reacts to cold. Our expert K. M. N., physician, dietician, endocrinologist, Center for family nutrition MEDEP Natalia Fadeeva - tells how you need to change your diet to lose weight. In the winter as often as possible to include in your diet soups. Photo: Winter can be very good to lose weight if you do not forget about physical activity. And in the winter it's best gyrosigma effect

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The beauty of the feet: what you need to know about varicose veins

Красота ног: что нужно знать о варикозе

Not so long ago a survey was conducted, who "TV doctors" people trust the most. Honorary first place was taken by Sergey Agapkin. Not so long ago he released a new book about what you need to know about chronic diseases. Specially for WomanHit Sergei picked a Chapter that tells the story of varicose veins is one of the most common problems of the modern women. What you need to know about varicose veins? Photo: Fotolia/PhotoXPress.EN

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Time skiing: how to lose weight after the holidays?

Навострили лыжи: как быстро похудеть после праздников?

WomanHit recommends to drop extra pounds with health benefits. The best way to exercise. A particularly well with the task to cope skis. Skiing is very good for health. Photo: Ski trip is not only a great way to spend time, this is a huge health benefits. Strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory systems, increases immunity. How to choose skis? Their length should be 15-20 cm longer than the height of the skier

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The program "Good morning"

Программа «Доброе утро»

Wreath of celery, needles, burned beaks, boots and the usual cucumber pickle - we have collected a variety of ways of dealing with hangover from the ancient Greeks, wizards, voodoo and the Russian Emperor Peter I How to recover after the holidays? Photo: It is sometimes useful to watch a series about doctors. From the next series of Doctor Hausa audience, for example, learned that the shortage in the body of b vitamins entails a heightened sense of guilt

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