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Lose weight for the New year: important tips

Худеем к Новому году: важные советы

The main holiday of the year just around the corner. What to do to meet its slim and beautiful? We have prepared for you the code is simple, but useful rules Before the New year got a little time left. But still have the opportunity to manage to get ourselves in shape. Photo: Holiday rush is not for nothing called "fever"

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How to become slimmer for the New year

Как стать стройнее к Новому году

Expert WomanHit Natalia Fadeeva - candidate of medical Sciences, physician, dietician, endocrinologist, Center for family nutrition MEDEP - how to eat in winter To celebrate the New year in the form, it is necessary to adhere to simple rules. Photo: In winter, many people want to lose weight, eat apples and fresh salad of cucumbers and tomatoes in the month of December, and then on New year comes a real breakdown 10 day gluttony, and stick the new weight

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Far look: keep eye health

Далеко гляжу: сохраните здоровье глаз

So in the new year to consider a brighter future and not pass their happiness, we recommend you to be examined by an ophthalmologist. To undergo examination by an ophthalmologist is necessary once a year. Photo: Fundus examination is performed using a slit lamp. This study may also identify diabetes and hypertension. Using the tonometer, the doctor will measure the intraocular pressure. High blood pressure indicates a violation of the outflow of fluid

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A piece of happiness: preparing homemade chocolate

Кусочек счастья: готовим домашний шоколад

This delicacy is famous not only for its taste, but also calories. However, the chocolate, which is made independently, healthier and health, and to the figures. Chocolate, prepared independently, healthier and shapes. Photo: Chocolate is very tasty, high-calorie product, which consists of cocoa powder beans, vegetable or butter and sugar. His "piece of happiness" can be cooked at home. This is easy, besides you can control the amount of sugar

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How to eat in the cold?

Как питаться в холода?

Our new expert Natalia Fadeeva - candidate of medical Sciences, physician, dietician, endocrinologist, Center for family nutrition MEDEP - talks about how you need to change the diet in winter. Natalia Fadeeva - candidate of medical Sciences, physician, dietician, endocrinologist, Center for family nutrition MEDEP. With the advent of cold weather we have to spend more energy to keep warm. That is why in the winter, we begin to have more and more high-calorie foods

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Not all fish are equally useful

Не вся рыба одинаково полезна

Many familiar varieties of fish are not as harmless as it seems. Some of them require special cooking techniques, while others are contraindicated for pregnant women. Fish can be hazardous to health. Photo: Fish is rich in vitamins and beneficial trace elements, it is easily absorbed by the body. But you should know that many familiar varieties of fish are not as harmless as it seems. Carp can be a source of infection opisthorchiasis, so should be careful to heat treatment

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Weather home: choose an air purifier

Погода в доме: выбираем очиститель воздуха

This thing is not very essential, but thanks to it you will be able in any room to create the perfect atmosphere. And for Allergy sufferers cleaner air and completely irreplaceable. An air purifier will help you to create the perfect atmosphere. Photo: Air purifiers will help to create the perfect atmosphere in the apartment or the office, to neutralize toxic gases, odors, and bacteria

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"Never too late": the pros and cons of late pregnancy

«Никогда не поздно»: плюсы и минусы поздней беременности

The tendency of late childbirth elsewhere in the world. The reasons for this are many, but they are mainly social in nature: modern women want to build a career before becoming mothers. Today we will talk about both the benefits and the difficulties of pregnancy after forty years. The pregnancy after forty years, there are both disadvantages and advantages. Photo: Many celebrities have decided on a late delivery

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How to wash?

Как правильно умываться?

It turns out that even in this day-to-day action, as washing the face, has its own rules, observing that you carefully clean the skin from dirt, save her beauty and youth. Wash properly! Photo: Before touching your face, wash your hands for thirty seconds. During the procedure, do not RUB the skin of the hands, and just plasite of water on it. After washing is not necessary to wipe the face - just blot it with a towel. Apply a nourishing cream. Fresh and clean skin ready for makeup

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How not to be tired at work: simple recommendations

Как не уставать на работе: простые рекомендации

The modern city dweller practically live in the office. Therefore, its health depends on how comfortable him at his work place. In order not to get tired at work, follow our recommendations. Photo: At work we spend at least eight hours daily, so well-organized workplace - the guarantee of health. Chair with pillow back adjust the height. When you sit at the table, hands should be placed at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the body. Your knees should be bent at a right angle

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