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Add pepper! The most useful sharp and bitter vegetables

Добавим перца! Самые полезные острые и горькие овощи

Somebody loves, somebody hates me, but you cannot deny that without these products, our body can not do, especially in the season slush and cold. The most useful sharp and bitter vegetables. Photo: The most useful sharp and bitter vegetables can be eaten not only in the fall. Garlic is rich in selenium, which prevents the development of cancer cells. In onion lots of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant

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How to keep a solid memory?

Как сохранить твердую память?

Complaints about poor memory is becoming more relevant in the autumn. WomanHit gives a few simple tips that will help you remember everything! Special exercises will help to improve memory. Photo: Engage in physical activity, it is useful for the whole body, and to view. Exercise improves the blood supply to the brain. Do special exercises for eyes: daily for thirty seconds, rotate the eyes. During this exercise activates most of the areas of the brain, which improves memory

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What should you eat to be healthy

Что нужно есть, чтобы не болеть

Even with a balanced diet of 2500 calories per day, according to the Institute of nutrition, we don't have 30 percent of the vitamins. A couple of oranges in a day the problem. That is why doctors recommend taking vitamin-mineral complexes throughout the year. But this is especially true in the fall. Autumn and winter doctors recommend taking vitamin-mineral complexes. Photo: It is known that vegetables and fruits are a good source of only two vitamins: ascorbic acid and folic acid

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Not a cure, but maim: how to protect yourself from dangerous drugs?

Не лечат, а калечат: как защитить себя от опасных лекарств?

These tools are available in almost every home medicine Cabinet, and, as it turned out, our first helpers instead of a speedy deliverance from the pain cause irreparable harm to health. Common medications from home kits can be hazardous to health. Photo: If you have a headache do not take aspirin. Since 1972 he is banned in many countries because, according to studies, its use leads to the development of serious complications, for example, the death of immune cells in the blood

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Fast food: fast and dangerous

Фаст-фуд: быстро и опасно

About the disadvantages of eating fast service to say no - all in the course, but favorite burgers or hot dogs isn't so harmful if cooked at home. Why fast food is safer to cook at home? Photo:

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Sensual autumn: main products-aphrodisiacs

Чувственная осень: главные продукты-афродизиаки

Food that increases sexual desire, you can buy in any supermarket. It is important to know what to buy. What products I think the main aphrodisiacs? Photo: Three product-aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual desire, you can buy at the local supermarket. Pumpkin seeds, chilli and avocado contain nutrients that are responsible for the dilation of blood vessels and the release of hormones of joy

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How to prevent autumn beriberi?

Как предупредить осенний авитаминоз?

The slushy and cold season has started, so now is the time to think about prevention. And the easiest and most enjoyable way to protect themselves from hospital - eat more berries. Berries is a storehouse of vitamins. Photo: Berries is a real storehouse of vitamins. They contain minerals, crude fiber, anthocyanins, which help the body to fight free radicals. But remember that "friends from a basket" should be thoroughly washed before serving

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How to transfer a long flight?

Как перенести длительный перелет?

WomanHit gives a list of valuable recommendations that will help you survive all the "charms" of a long stay in air without loss of appearance and health. How to transfer a long flight? Photo: The humidity in the cabin is not more than fifteen percent, which leads to dryness of the skin and, consequently, to the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, during flight, it is important to drink more water, use handheld skin moisturizer or a wet cloth and do not use decorative cosmetics

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Dreaming: how to overcome insomnia?

Сплю и вижу: как побороть бессонницу?

The lack of healthy sleep adversely affects not only a person's appearance, but also on his overall health. If sleep deprivation has become a habit for you, use the tips WomanHit. How to overcome insomnia? Photo: For normal health requires a deep sleep. If you have insomnia, you should not treat it lightly. In the night time brain cells produce melatonin - the sleep hormone, thanks to him, our body and falls asleep

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