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The dessert, which removes toxins

Десерт, который выводит токсины

We've learned that tasty and healthy - these words are antonyms, who can not describe the same product. But marmalade is a pleasant exception. Marmalade is a delicious and healthy sweetness. Photo: Marmalade - a treat for cooking which uses fruits, sugar, thickener and flavoring. Its main disadvantage is that it is, alas, high-calorie product, so ladies with curvaceous better for them not to abuse it. However, a couple of marmelade for tea never hurt anyone

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Why you always feel cold?

Почему вы постоянно мерзнете?

On the street 30, and you wrapped in grandma's knitted sweater? You should not treat it lightly. The reason that you constantly cold can be a serious illness. The reason that you are constantly freezing, can be a serious illness. Photo: Fotolia/ For example, vascular lesions atherosclerosis leads to disruption of blood flow and, consequently, feeling cold. Another possible problem is the weakness of the heart muscle that does not pumping blood

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As the stars escape from the heat?

Как звезды спасаются от жары?

Celebrities shared their recipes of salvation from overheating, these abnormally hot summer. Glucose lays on hot tea, and Dana Borisova - watermelon juice. Glucose. Photo: materials of press-services. From the scorching heat languishing not only simple mortals and celebrities. Hot tea, homemade lemonade, contrast shower, Hiking in the forest - the stars have tried everything. About their ways of dealing with Moscow heat they told WomanHit

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Unexpectedly: flip flops hazardous to health!

Неожиданно: вьетнамки опасны для здоровья!

Escape the heat, residents of megapolises turn a blind eye to a strict dress code and change shoes in open-flops, which, as it turns out, are threatened by a whole list of problems. Than flip flops dangerous for health? Photo: Open-flops, called by the people Vietnamese, is the most comfortable shoes in the heat. Many think so, not knowing that besides the comfort of wearing shale and poses some danger

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Prepare the drink for the mind

Готовим напиток для ума

If you feel tired, and your brain is already full from the constant stream of information and and, it seems, about to explode, it's time to drink a magic potion. What? Now let me tell you! Prepare the drink for the mind. Photo: I feel that the brain is overloaded by the amount of information that is about to explode? You will help miraculous elixir. This... cocoa! It is rich in polyphenols - substances, which stimulate brain activity

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Timati took over the health of the nation

Тимати взялся за оздоровление нации

Stars of Russian show business seriously undertook the promotion of a healthy lifestyle: the video with push-UPS in Internet will spread, the branded exercises with fans to share. The famous singer Timati, who recently became a father, is no exception. Last week, the artist presented their new project aimed at promoting active exercise in the fresh air. Timati promotes a healthy way of life

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How to get rid of allergic rhinitis?

Как избавиться от аллергического насморка?

What prevents us to enjoy in the summer to the fullest? Wet nose and red watery eyes, because of which the beauty of just fading. How to get rid of allergic rhinitis? Photo: Allergic rhinitis that affects many people, is a reaction to pollen. Of course, not to leave the house will not succeed. What to do?Some simple tips to help cope with this problem. More often you wash the nose, to take antihistamines, regularly do wet cleaning in the house, but it is better to buy a humidifier

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How to live happily ever after?

Как жить долго и счастливо?

As concerned about their health, to protect and develop your brain, and also to develop its own strategy to achieve happiness, says Alexey Borisovich Danilov - doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Executive Director of the Association of interdisciplinary medicine, Professor of the chair of nervous diseases IPO Nizhny First of MSMU them. I.M. Sechenov Moscow medical Academy Ministry of health of Russia, head of the informational-educational project AMM "Ecology of the brain

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Refuse meat in favor of oysters

Отказываемся от мяса в пользу устриц

Lovers chops should think about their health and be a better alternative to heavy food. Moreover, useful amino acids and protein contained not only in meat products. Oysters can replace meat. Photo: Nutritionists do not like meat, because it contains cholesterol. The excess in the body leads to the development of atherosclerosis, which can cause heart attack or stroke. Therefore it is better to eat meat with greens

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