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Chicken or quail: what eggs better?

Куриные или перепелиные: какие яйца полезнее?

The daily diet can not do without eggs, it's a rich source of protein, however, if not properly used they can cause irreparable harm to health. Which eggs better? Photo: Chicken eggs - a source of protein, which is the main construction material of the human body. But! The consumption of raw or cooked boiled eggs can cause salmonellosis is a severe intestinal disease. Salmonella live in the body of chicken. Through pores in the shell it gets inside the eggs

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Magic wand: how useful cinnamon?

Волшебная палочка: чем полезна корица?

If this spice to choose correctly and properly stored, it can help improve not only the taste of the dishes, but also their health. Cinnamon improves immunity. Photo: It turns out, cinnamon not only adds a special flavor to the dishes, but also very useful for health, and increases immunity. The fact that it contains eugenol is a substance that has antimicrobial and antifungal activity. Choose cinnamon in the form of sticks or powder with bright sweet smell and taste

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Add pepper! The healing properties of jalapeno

Добавим перца! Целебные свойства халапеньо

No need to take medicine if in the refrigerator lies this sort burning Chile. Scientists have found that he migraine no worse than pills. Jalapeno rid of migraines. Photo: To get rid of headaches, not necessarily a handful to swallow pills. Jalapeno - best folk remedy for migraine. According to the degree of pungency he is ahead popular Chile, but it's worth to wait

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What is fear in the spring?

Чего стоит опасаться весной?

Gastritis, hormonal explosions, the first freckles and hyperactive sun... Razvenchivaet all the myths about the most romantic time of the year. Razvenchivaet all the myths about spring. Photo: The spring sun is safe?A myth. Many believe that the spring sun, unlike the hot summer, it is possible not to be afraid. That is ultraviolet light will not harm the skin, and sunscreen can not use. But it is not! The sun is one. And shines equally

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What you must have in a country kit?

Что необходимо иметь в дачной аптечке?

Began the warm season, and now all our thoughts are lovers of country life that must bring to the country. But in the confusion, we often forget about such important things as first aid kit. What you must have in a country kit? Photo: Fotolia/ First. First aid kit should be divided into two parts - the "drug", which will be stored in the refrigerator or a cool dark place, and a first aid kit for emergency assistance is grabbed and ran".A second

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Get rid of unpleasant smell from a mouth

Избавляемся от неприятного запаха изо рта

Have you noticed that your favorite reluctant to respond to your kisses, and the surrounding trying to keep your distance? The reason may be, this delicate problem. Unpleasant smell from a mouth can get rid of tea. Photo: Fotolia/ Bad breath cause microorganisms which get in the oral cavity. Apples, green tea and shiitake mushrooms are the three product that will help solve the problem. Green tea contains catechin, which destroys microbes

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Tomatoes will help to become slimmer

Помидоры помогут стать стройнее

Recent studies have proven that this is usual for all the vegetables are healthier than commonly believed. And not only for health but also for the figure. Tomatoes help lose weight. Photo: Fotolia/ Tomatoes - low-calorie product that contains lycopene. Recent studies have shown that lycopene not only protects men from BPH and prostate cancer, but also helps ladies to become slimmer, because it breaks down fats

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What cannot be combined drugs

С чем нельзя сочетать лекарства

People who take in the treatment of medications, you should know that there is a whole list of products that are not recommended to use during the course. What cannot be combined drugs? Photo: Fotolia/ For people suffering from hypertension, should know that the ACE inhibitors (for example, ramipril, captopril), which the doctor prescribes them for treatment, should not be combined with some products

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Flying walk: how to wear high heels?

Летящей походкой: как правильно носить высокие каблуки?

Shoes with heels are not only attracted to a woman views, but does harm to her health. That beauty is not the cost of great sacrifice, follow a few simple rules. How to wear high heels? Photo: Fotolia/ The high-heeled shoes is beautiful. She visually lengthen legs, makes the figure slender. However fashionistas should know that high heel increases the load on the spine and knee joints, which leads to deformation of the foot and the development of flatfoot

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Dangerous flowers: what can infect roses?

Опасные цветы: чем могут заразить розы?

If you decide to give someone a million of red roses, it is better to buy them without thorns. It turns out that flowers can transmit diseases. The flowers can cause the disease. Photo: Not all the flowers make a present. It turns out that way thorn of the rose, you can get sporotrichosis is a fungal skin disease, one sign of which is the inflammation of the lymph nodes. So if you decide to give someone a million of red roses, it is better to buy them without thorns

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