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Makeup for the impending century

Макияж для нависшего века

The problem faced not only old ladies, but young girls. To get rid of this features is possible without drastic measures and with the right use of cosmeticsThat's really, truly a problem of many girls! Draw the arrow, and it "hides". If you still don't know what a hanging eyelid, say: the upper eyelid as if it hangs over a rolling, "presses" it, your eyes become sad, and you get tired

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Glitter stars: exploring beauty trends this winter

Makeup artists recommend the formula for lips, eye makeup with sparkling rhinestones and unusual styling with braidsNatural effectThe simpler the better — say the makeup artists and offer us not to chase the perfect mouth shape and precisely angled lipstick color. Instead, pay attention to the formula, applied with hammered light movements and help to achieve the fashion that year to the effect of "zatselovali lips." And after add some sparkle to avoid excessive dulling

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Ugly or Queen: 5 signs of unkempt women

Дурнушка или королева: 5 признаков неухоженной женщины will tell you what can draw a man's attention and how to correct deficienciesWomen are infinitely much emphasis on your appearance, buy stylish clothes, to exhaustion doing in the gym and eat right. However, often overlooked — details that spoil the overall picture. Want to know how to easily determine the negligence of the person?Stale makeupThe first thing that will draw the attention of any man when you look at your face — the eyes

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Simple rules for perfect skin

Простые правила для идеальной кожи

Everyone wants a great appearance, but not everyone turns out to support it. will tell you how to care for the faceEvery girl wants to be beautiful, and it is a natural desire. Attention, the girl wakes up already in his youth. With age, our style, make-up technique change, usually for the better. However, not everyone knows that the basis of good appearance, healthy body.The first thing other people see when you meet us — our skin

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Black eyes: makeup for brown eyes

Очи черные: макияж для карих глаз

Women with this shade of usually bright by themselves. will help you to emphasize all the advantages and avoid the beauty of failureThere are many shades that are perfectly suited to owners of brown eyes, but there are basic rules for the selection of color pigments, which we describe next.First, before starting the eye makeup, use concealer

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5 causes of yellow teeth

5 причин желтизны зубов

Why, the thinner the white enamelReason # 1Sometimes it's better not to believe the doctors, and to listen to common sense. Tip rinse your mouth as often as possible, especially with different drugs containing acid — harmful. Saliva has the correct pH balance to the teeth, and it washes away the excess acid and food debris.To have a beautiful smile сложноpixabay.comReason # 2You eat a lot of acidic fruits and vegetables

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Make facial toner at home

Делаем тоник для лица в домашних условиях

If the store you look at first, you don't know which tool to choose tell us how to make caring lotion without leaving the kitchenThe speech today will focus on the preparation is essential for any skin type godovogo funds — tonic. Each of us daily uses an Arsenal of tools to care for your skin: foams, gels, scrubs, peels. All these stages of purification precede the main phase of the facial

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Makeup style Nude: going to work in 15 minutes

Макияж в стиле нюд: собираемся на работу за 15 минут

How to look fresh, if you have not sleptWhat woman has not dreamed of waking up already made up? Early rises, poor diet, lack of hydration all affect the skin. Like it or not, but without a light makeup is not enough. Tell how to put on makeup and look stunning.HydrationThe first thing is to start makeup to wash my face and apply moisturizer to the skin and balm for the lips. These procedures will help to prepare the skin — cosmetics will form a smooth, thin layer

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How to be happier?

Как стать счастливее?

Beauty will save the world! This idea is in its fifth season brings to life a unique Russian beauty-project"Beauty in a Million" is an absolutely new format of the show, which for several months the best plastic surgeons, beauticians, stylists and experts from other domains are changing the ordinary people. In the fifth season for the first time in the history of the project, the participants included male. He was a showman Alexander Gingerbread

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Makeup for blue eyes

Макияж для голубых глаз

Light eyes are most attracted the attention of the opposite sex. To enhance this effect, offers options of makeup for different types of appearancesPure blue eyes are very rare. Usually there are gray-blue or green-blue eyes. Different variations of bright eyes provide a wide field of creative makeup artists for the girls who prefer to do makeup by yourself. Moreover, for such eyes there are plenty of possibilities in makeup

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