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5 secrets of healthy teeth

5 секретов здоровых зубов

Dentists pay attention to detailSecret # 1Not brush your teeth immediately after eating, wait about half an hour. The fact that the food violates the mouth acid-base balance, making the enamel softer. Therefore, it is easy to damage.Care вовремяpixabay.comSecret # 2Swimming in the pool, keep your mouth closed. The chemicals commonly used for disinfection of water, destroy the teeth

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How to determine your color type

Как самостоятельно определить свой цветотип

Expert stylist-image-maker Anna Belsky, gives a simple guide to identify the shades that suit youSo, go to the main point. Like all of color theory, which I wrote in my previous articles, go to practice? How to apply all the knowledge that you already have, and make a variety of things in stores conscious and not emotional? How to decorate yourself with things and not keep them in the closet with tags? I will tell you that this is the final article in a series of "Color"

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A holiday: how to escape from depression and what to bring beauty tools

Устрой себе праздник: как убежать от депрессии и какие взять с собой бьюти-средства

November, according to psychologists, the month of melancholy and grief. A great way to cheer yourself up is to escape from the gloom somewhere in a short but vivid journey. advises that you should pack in the suitcaseLong been known that dehydration is a major scourge of all flights. So experts of one of the French research Institute a few years ago, experimentally tried to find out how the skin reacts to flying in airplanes

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Wrinkles, puffiness, dryness, rashes: solving skin problems

Морщины, отеки, сухость, высыпания: решаем проблемы с кожей

Expert plastic surgeon Madina Bairamukov, tells what to do with the main disadvantages of the faceIn the quest for eternal youth and beauty we often forget the most important — on your skin, which is sometimes not for the better, influenced by both external and internal factors: nutrition, physical illness, hormonal imbalance, environment, working conditions, the influence of natural factors

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How to treat herpes

With the onset of cold weather many begin to suffer from a characteristic rash on the lips. found out all about the "creeping skin disease" — so is translated from the Greek word "herpes"Doctors distinguish eight types of herpes. The herpes simplex virus type (HSV-1) infected with about ninety percent of the world's population, but only every fifth it manifests. Because of herpes of the first type appear these unpleasant vesicles on lips

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5 ways to look younger

5 способов выглядеть моложе

Create contrasts on the face with makeupMethod # 1Men like full lips, in addition, they have long been in fashion. Beauty enhance them with silicone, make the tattoo brighter, but not always, these sacrifices are justified. The fact that too much upper lip makes its possessor only older, but chubby baby sponge. Just select it with the pencil and lipstick.Pay attention to the bottom губеpixabay

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5 tips on caring for eyebrows

5 советов по уходу за бровями

To achieve the perfect form you can and at homeTip # 1Now in Vogue natural eyebrows, so take it out of cosmetic tweezers — you won't need it for a while until all the hairs do not grow back evenly."Strings" is no longer носятpixabay.comTip # 2Yes, to go with the "bushes" over the eyes not very aesthetically pleasing, but will have to make the eyebrows a perfect shape. To speed up hair growth, make a gentle massage, stimulating follicles. For this you can use a normal toothbrush

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Go on winter time skin care

Переходим на зимний режим заботы о коже

5 ways to prepare your face for the cold todayChange creamIn winter our face is getting drier, so beauticians suggest to change your cream on remedies for other skin type. For example, people with oily skin to use creams for mixed. Outline is clear, but what do the owners of very dry skin? Choose tools, among which are oil and fatty acids. In winter you must choose the means whose protective and nutritive functions predominate over moisturizing.Change кремpixabay

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Updated makeup bag to meet the cold head-on

Обновляем косметичку, чтобы встретить холода во всеоружии

We all love autumn to get some fresh air, but that's about skin protection forget. As her right to protect?In late autumn worry seems to be not what it is: a strong cold not yet exist, except a rare freeze Yes a little wind... But, it turns out, these little natural disasters quickly turn into trouble for the skin even if the sun is shining and the temperature does not drop to zero.He wrote a classic: "frost and sun day is wonderful...", and then offered his companion rather meet on a walk

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5 myths about acne

5 мифов о прыщах

Lights cosmetologistMyth # 1Squeeze acne can not be, otherwise they will be even more. In fact, the ripened inflammation better to remove. Just remember that it should be done with clean hands and treat the problem area of the skin pharmacy with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.The causes of the disease can be разныеpixabay.comMyth # 2Sweet and fatty foods causes rashes on the face. However, beauticians have long denied this causal link

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