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Transformation: men's fashion

Преображение: мужская мода

In than to the party, how to dress that is comfortable and stylish? In these matters without the help of a professional can not do. Denis Runners, master of international class, the leading stylist brand Aloxxi in Russia, recommend our hero beautiful and actual image

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The secrets of creating a hair cosmetics

Секреты создания косметики для волос

Any tool goes a long way from the laboratory to the counter. What is the history of birth, for example, cosmetics «KORA»? Chemists and technologists long messing with the test tubes: natural substances with useful properties should be rid of dirty impurities and odours to the received structure necessary tests, to make a trial cooking... Finally favorite tool appears on the shelf in your bathroom

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Deserve the best beauty products 2013

Заслужили: лучшие бьюти-продукты 2013 года

Summing up the results in one of the most important lessons before entering into the new year. The counter is reset to zero: we draw conclusions and accumulate experience, fill up the lists made and passed, wonder how many discoveries were able to accomplish in the next twelve months. Well, that 2013 gave us a lot of reasons for joy and pleasure. Let us remember some of them - because the best friends of girls, without a doubt, the ones that adorn the shelves of the bathroom and cosmetics

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Master class: 4-catching styling

Мастер-класс: 4 эффектные укладки

Morning business meeting, afternoon routine work in the office, in the evening - in the light output of the -- Before the modern woman is worth nearly impossible task in the conditions of daily stress create powerful and versatile styling, relevant everywhere. Unreal? Step-by-step instructions provided by the best stylists hair for a few minutes turn you into a bright heroine of the podium

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Luxury curls every day!

Роскошные локоны каждый день!

At any time of the year woman wants to look luxurious. Very stylish styling that can be done with the help of convenient devices from Remington, easy to perform and perfect for every day

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Master class: hairstyle of a star

Мастер-класс: прическа как у звезды

Celebrities are welcome guests at any party, heroes, gossip and closed until the call. They admired their style is studied thoroughly. Creative team OLLIN Professional held a master class on creating a luxurious way of new VIP

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