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Get real: prepare hair for spring

Взяться за голову: готовим волосы к весне

Soon we will no longer be able to hide lifeless hair under the cap. WomanHit gives 5 tips that will help to straighten hair before coming warm days. How to prepare hair for spring? Photo: 1. Take your vitamins. In order to avoid the negative consequences of deficiency, be sure to buy vitamin-mineral complex. It can be as ordinary multivitamin tonic and a special complex for hair.2. Change the power mode

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Gold standard for hair with a new professional hair dryer Braun Professional Sensodryer

Золотой стандарт для волос с новым профессиональным феном Braun Professional Sensodryer

What you need to create great-looking styling? The genius of the master's hand? The beauty with an impeccable reputation? Photo courtesy of the press Agency CBAgency Or diploma school of hairdressing? Actually for most of the basic kits do not need advanced skills Hairdryer and comb. Women often better than his master know which styles go to them more, and how to deal with their hair. And all they need is a professional quality tool

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Rules for perfect makeup

Правила идеального макияжа

Many beautiful ladies so hard getting ready for new year's eve that make a lot of mistakes in makeup. Try to describe a typical incidents, to enable you to avoid them New year's eve I want to be the most brilliant! Photo: The most common beauty mistake concerns all kinds of glitter. Wanting to look more elegant and festive, beautiful ladies give themselves literally from head to foot, not knowing the steps

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Everything you need to know about SPA treatments for hair

Все, что нужно знать о SPA-уходах для волос

The threshold of new year holidays - the perfect excuse to pamper their hair useful and pleasant SPA treatments, and at the same time to plunge into the world of aromas and relaxing massages Your hair is also in need of professional care. Photo: Modern tools for hair care are astonishingly varied, and deserve special attention SPA-procedures. Hair SPA is a complex of measures aimed at improving the condition of hair and scalp

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Straight and smooth: select the flat iron for hair

Прямые и гладкие: выбираем утюжок для волос

What to look for when choosing the most popular female gift - Styler hair? WomanHit shares useful tips. Choose hair straighteners. Photo: Universal gift of a friend, mother, or yourself, beloved, - iron for hair straightening. The number of these beauty gadgets in the store may result in a slight panic. Styler, you need to choose depending on the length and coarseness of the hair. Preferably the device is heated with titanium plate, this material is more durable

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Autumn marathon: caring for a new

Осенний марафон: ухаживаем за собой по-новому

Manufacturers of cosmetics encouraging men and women of the news of the fall season, which highlight the beauty and will help to maintain a well-groomed appearance.  1. Day cream CAVIAR POWER from KLAPP

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