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Blow below the belt: when a man begins to climax?

Удар ниже пояса: когда у мужчины начинается климакс?

Climax - traditionally a women's issue, but for men it is a physiological phenomenon has not avoided. The so-called andropause is not easier, hiding under the guise of various diseases. Reduction of the level of the primary male hormone - testosterone - directly connected with a threat for potency, increase of a level of cholesterol, risk of strokes and heart attacks

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Dystonia: what is it?

Вегетососудистая дистония: что это такое?

Such a diagnosis raises numerous questions from our readers. Let's see what this disease and who are at risk. All questions answered psychotherapist Anna zakharenkova

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Extend your sexual youth

Продли свою сексуальную молодость

Professor of gynecology Inna Apolikhina told WomanHit about an innovative method for intimate rejuvenation, which is capable not only to return the woman's health, but also improve your intimate life

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