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Beauty sleep: the best beauty remedies that work overnight

Сон красоты: лучшие бьюти-средства, которые работают ночью

Long known that healthy sleep — a pledge of beauty and health. And if you choose the right night cream or mask, the result is truly phenomenalRegenerating mask "Olive elixir" MASCHERA RIGENERANTE VISO ELISIR D'OLIVO from ERBARIO TOSCANOPhoto: materials of press-servicesOlive oil was used in cosmetology since ancient times

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Look who is here: the best beauty innovations

Смотрите, кто пришел: лучшие бьюти-новинки made the list of the most important launches this springOn your headPremium American brand in the hair care OGX reached Russia. Whatever the means, it is a real discovery in the field of beauty, which is based on the experience of previous generations.Photo: materials of press-servicesDepending on the hair type and the problems to be solved, it is possible to select a suitable product

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Time ago: the best anti-aging beauty tools

Время, назад: лучшие антивозрастные бьюти-средства gathered his top 3 most effective creams and serums, which helps to fight first signs of agingSerum revitalizing IntensiveRepairEssence from EGIABiocareSystem (Italy)Photo: materials of press-servicesIf you are looking for a secret "rejuvenating apples", which can slow the passage of time, then this tool is for you. Apple stem cells in this serum rejuvenates epidermis cells, enhance the production of human stem cells, which ensures the renewal of the skin

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Look at me: the proper care of the skin around the eyes

Посмотри на меня: правильный уход за кожей вокруг глаз

Our eyelids are the most vulnerable, but simultaneously the most mobile area of the face. Therefore, to care for her must be especially carefulThe most delicate and sensitive skin in the eye area. There is almost no oil glands, so it is protected from external influences worse than, say, the forehead or the chin. In this case, the skin is constantly moving, stretching or shrinking

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5 skin problems that are typical of the spring period

5 проблем кожи, которые характерны весеннему периоду

Getting rid of acne, freckles and spotsProblem # 1Dark circles under eyes appear in the spring from lack of vitamins. Mix 2 tsp of turmeric and 2 tbsp of natural pineapple juice to a state of pulp, apply the paste on the face. After 10 minutes carefully remove the mask. Repeat the procedure daily to get a result.Remove синякиpixabay.comIssue # 2With the first sun appears in the spring issue that upsets many girls freckles. You will help the potato juice and lemon

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Secrets of children's make-up: do not turn the baby into a doll

Секреты детского макияжа: не превращайте малыша в куклу

World champion in make-up Masha Panova explains how to paint childRecently in the star environment started a real boom model: famous people bring their little kids in the catwalks and sent to advertise a particular product. And the parents, far from the Bohemian life, also often give their favorite children in the model school. However, in this matter, as model case, the children have certain limitations, and they relate to appearance

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Suffer together: the best beauty products for sports fans

Болеем вместе: лучшие бьюти-средства для спортивных фанатов

Perhaps, every man, even the most unsportsmanlike, still a passionate fan. Everyone has their favorite sport, the main thing — to know what it is and to choose the appropriate giftFor Spartak!In April the football club "Spartak" has celebrated its 96th anniversary. That is, until the centennial. Preparing for round date, and while testing the "magic box" from R. O. C. S.Photo: materials of press-servicesIn the line of toothpastes R. O. C. S

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Eat me: why "beauty pills"

Съешь меня: зачем нужны «таблетки красоты» says, what are vitamins, what is nutricosmetics and that really using tablets to slow down running timeWhen talking about beauty, not doping is prohibited. On the contrary, recommended. Nutricosmetics — coveted "youth tablets" — goes to mass. Colorful pills are now being accepted for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yet instead of food. And not instead of creams

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Trends of spring: berry lipstick, the net effect of the face and glitter on your lashes

Тренды весны: ягодная помада, эффект чистого лица и блестки на ресницах

During the audit in the purses and on the dressing table officially came. Inspire spring beauty inventoryPunkyStrawberries, raspberries and cherries can make a great smoothie vitamin or Supplement them your way. You heard right, lipsticks berry shades now have in the Arsenal of all fashion makeup artists. By the way, they will help out, if you want to try red lipstick but have not yet plucked up the courage.Berry shades of lipstick in traindepot: Instagram

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5 causes of acne

5 причин появления прыщей

From acne affects 85% of young people of EuropeReason # 1The bacteria that cause acne are called Propionibacterium acnes — is each person, and do not manifest themselves. But when you change the environmental conditions they produce fatty acids and affect dead cells of the upper layer of the skin, causing inflammation. In addition, malware can be various types of staphylococci, as well as subcutaneous mite.Bacteria have всехpixabay.comReason # 2Unstable hormones can cause excess sebum

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