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Let's start with a clean face: how to deal with acne

Начнем с чистого лица: как бороться с постакне

Expert the doctor-dermatologist and cosmetologist Anton Averbukh talks about the modern techniques of transformation of problem skinAcne is changes in the skin after suffering acne, that is acne. Acne can be expressed in the form of enlarged pores, uneven texture, spider veins, dead spots, pigmentation. Most often, acne appears in the form of scars on the skin. The most common manifestations of post-acne face after medium-heavy and heavy forms of acne

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5 harmful habits, which we age

5 вредных привычек, от которых мы стареем

Expert Valeriya Barchenko, head of the medical center, trendsetter and aesthetics Permanent Make-up in Russia and Europe, advises to abandon some ritualsIgnore creams with SPF protectionPhotoaging is one of the main causes of wrinkles, dryness of skin, breakdown of collagen and elastin. Even if you don't like to tan, to forget about creams with SPF protection is not necessary as exposure to sunlight and, consequently, the radiation our face is exposed daily — winter and summer

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Going global: a very beautiful journey

Пойти по миру: очень красивое путешествие have collected the best beauty remedies from around the worldRegion: France Who but the Parisians know all the secrets of the perfect outfit! Any French woman will tell you about the benefits of a shimmering skin — and then, even if you didn't get enough sleep or just don't feel you will be fresh and radiant. To help you the range of Healthy Mix by Bourjois

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Extreme pallor, abstract liner and fleece in the style of rockabilly

Экстремальная бледность, абстрактные подводки и начесы в стиле рокабилли

Studying images from the past fashion weeks demonstrated trends of this autumnCount DraculaFirst, the designers assured us that natural looking faces or, as they say, the nude look is a trend at all times. But now they went a step further and offer not just invisible makeup, and extreme paleness in the spirit of Victorian ladies. But to hide imperfections, even out skin tone and add some bright accents no one can stop you.Bouffant again, actualmente: Instagram

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5 ways to bring back the youthfulness of the neck

5 способов вернуть молодость шеи

Expert the doctor-dermatologist and cosmetologist, specialist in thread "Aptos" Anna Ponomareva told about antiage-procedures for the zone, which first gives age1. SMAS-liftingSMAS is, in fact, the muscles which connects the muscles to the dermis and within the subcutaneous fat, i.e. beneath the skin. The person SMAS located in the neck, behind the ears and on the cheeks. SMAS ensure the normal work of expressions

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5 reasons to start a wash with soda water

5 причин начать умываться газированной водой

This beauty trend has come to us from youthful Asian womenReason # 1Sparkling water does not destroy the skin's protective barrier. The fact that she had an optimal pH level, so after washing, unlike the water that flows from the tap, you will not have the feeling of tightness of the face.Don't forget to store water for умыванияpixabay.comReason # 2Due to the bubbles and soda, soda acts as a mild peeling. Your skin will be cleaned much better of dead cells than when using ordinary water

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Time for a change: how to care for your skin in autumn and bad weather

Время перемен: как ухаживать за кожей в осеннее ненастье have collected the best beauty tools that will help you survive the bad weatherIn autumn, our skin undergoes great trials. The cold air outside, warm indoors: in such circumstances, there feels like leather "pants". It strengthens and decorative cosmetics, which, though it can serve as a barrier against negative external factors, but are not able to give freshness

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How the bite affects the health

Как прикус влияет на здоровье

A beautiful smile is a marker of physical health, which is why smooth pearly teeth seem attractive to us. learned what I needed to do to align themTo determine the correct bite is quite easy: you need to close the jaw, Baring his teeth and look in the mirror. The top row of teeth should find on the bottom, while the upper teeth should be combined with similar bottom, and the root should be tightly in contact. It is believed that malocclusion is a hereditary problem

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