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The rules of hydration in all ages

Правила увлажнения кожи во всех возрастах

Make your skin look flawless, you need a special approachAt every stage of life a woman experiences different problems. To 30 years it acne or oily Shine. After 40 there is a dryness that leads to wrinkles. he collected the advice of experts and chose the optimum moisture for both young and Mature skin.Hydration at the age of 30+. At this stage, there is a problem with the water balance of the skin. Appear peeling, tightness and first wrinkles

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7 reasons for acne

Acne affects not only teenagers but also Mature women. What is the reason?You forget to clean sponges and brushes. If your tools for applying makeup, no one except you uses, that's no reason not to treat. They accumulate the sebum and particles of dead skin, creating the perfect breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Regularly rinse the sponge and brushes with soap under running water or spray a disinfectant.Squeezing acne

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5 reasons to abandon your daily makeup

Few think that the "temporary" beauty can cause serious problemsWomen use cosmetics to be beautiful and confident. They do makeup before going to work, going to a party and even for going to the store. But it is time to think about the consequences of this habit.The harm to the skin. Daily makeup is very traumatic for the skin, mascara makes your lashes weak and causes hair loss, lipstick dry lips.Premature aging. Makeup accelerates the appearance of wrinkles

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Bleach teeth at home

3 people's recipe to make your smileWhite teeth is the first thing taken care of celebrities. And it is justified, because a bright smile can immediately captivate everyone around. I will tell some ways to make teeth whiter without using costly services of a dentist.Whitening soda. This component is included in almost all toothpastes. She copes with the stains and traces of plaque that settles on the surface of the teeth. Mix some baking soda with water to a thick slurry

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Dispelling myths about miracle cosmetics

Развенчиваем мифы о чудо-косметике

Black caviar, gold, silk, and even stem cells... Dermatologist-cosmetologist, leading specialist in laser surgery and therapeutic cosmetology Anna Ponomareva told about the agents whose effectiveness is exaggeratedLifting cream with silk amino acidsThese creams positioned as having the effect of tension, smoothing and filling wrinkles due to the amino acids derived from silkworm cocoons. But just so filled with a cream wrinkles impossible. It is the prerogative of the so-called fillers

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"The kissing disease": how to treat herpes

«Поцелуйная болезнь»: как лечить герпес

In the autumn-winter period, when persistent colds weaken the immune system, many begins to pour the so-called cold on the lips. tells how to get rid of itAccording to various sources, 95 percent of the adult population have herpes, 20 percent of them, he is popping up on the lips from 2 to 10 times a year. Passed this "cold" through kissing (even cheek), shared utensils, towels or handkerchiefs

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Top plastic surgery among celebrities

Not all stars are willing to tell the truth about plastic surgery.But today this fact hide much more difficult than before: after all, the paparazzi often pay attention to the appearance of famous people.Plastic surgery is the ability to change not only the appearance, but also to increase their own popularity

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The TV series "the Office": your personal Arsenal of beauty

Сериал «Офис»: ваш личный арсенал красоты advises what beauty means you should always keep on your desktopMost of the life many of us spend in the office. This means dry air, bacteria, dust, computer radiation. To protect your skin and hair, the usual means of beauty is not enough. What to include in your office Arsenal of beauty?Water for Beauty face Beauty Elixir from CaudaliePhoto: materials of press-servicesThis year the iconic Water for facial Beauty brand Caudalie is celebrating the 20th anniversary

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Red lipstick rules for the application and combination

Little love the bright colors, you need to know how to wear themSome people think red lipstick is something vulgar and suitable only for informal evenings. But this view is mistaken. With the right combination and selection of colors it can highlight your simplicity and charm. In some cases, red lipstick is absolutely essential for a business office image.The choice of color. If you have dark skin tone, you should choose lipstick in muted colors: the Mature cherry or Burgundy with brown pigment

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Action plan: become the Queen new year's eve party

План действий: стать королевой новогодней вечеринки

Before the main holiday of the year is still enough time, however it is better to start preparing now. advises what beauty tools will help you with thisFaceTo make an evening make-up is actually a simple thing. We can do this at the last minute before the holiday. But to prepare your skin to sparkle, and makeup lay perfectly, still need to advance. The best solution is to undergo exfoliation treatments

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