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Errors in makeup: what ages us

Ошибки в макияже: что нас старит

Any woman want to cheat nature and look younger for as long as possible. To help in the fight against external aging come means of decorative cosmetics. shares tips, what to choose and how to use themMakeup can be a boon, and sometimes the opposite — to turn you into a tired, elderly woman. We will talk about the techniques of makeup and beauty products that help hide flaws and make you younger.BlushA dark blush brown tones only give you age

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Release: the best beauty innovations that will help you Shine at any party

Выход в свет: лучшие бьюти-новинки, которые помогут блистать на любой вечеринке

New year's eve I want to be bright, spectacular and most beautiful. Catch tips from which tools to chooseLike high fashion, fashion makeup cyclical. If you examine past fashion Weeks (Paris, though, even new York, though the Russian), it is possible to notice a clear and smooth the contour of the lips is again in trend. It is this type of makeup will suit new from brand Romanovamakeup liner for lips Lipliner Sexy Contour

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How to care for lips during the cold period

Как ухаживать за губами в холодный период

In winter, the skin on the lips should be treated very carefully. Thin, sensitive — she is easily injured, which brings discomfort and even painMost importantly — breathe through your nose and keep your mouth closed! In winter it is not recommended to eat and drink on the street and Smoking. If you really want to drink, you can make a couple of SIPS through a straw. But Smoking should be abandoned altogether. As from the habit of licking his lips

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Tonight: life hacks for men who want to be on my feet for more than a day

Ночь продержаться: лайфхаки для мужчин, которые собираются провести на ногах больше суток

Ahead of prolonged holidays and sleepless nights. Not to frighten others deathly pale, bags under his eyes and scraggly beard, it is better to arm themselves with tips from WomanHit.ruA sleepless night is no reason to scare others regrown bristles, the more that the same three-day stubble, which not so long ago the buzz was all glossy magazines are no longer in fashion

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5 healthy habits that will help to preserve the beauty

5 полезных привычек, которые помогут сохранить красоту shares lifehacks for idlersHabit No. 1We all know that skin needs water, but still sometimes forget to drink for hours. Carry a spray water with sprayer. However, a more useful thing, which will not have to think constantly, it will become a humidifier.Water is essential коже No. 2 In the morning, visiting the toilet, aligning the two processes. Sitting on the toilet, turn the head in different directions

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If you are a little over 40-Secrets of self-care

Если вам немного за 40… Секреты ухода за собой

With age our body is faltering, and we inevitably get older. Particularly acute problem for women, because they are constantly watching yourself. together with the expert will tell how to slow down this unpleasant processAfter forty years one of the main reasons for the General decay of the body is the violation of hormonal background. At this age, aging begins to progress, which is reflected primarily on the appearance of woman

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The holiday comes to us: beauty gifts for friends and family

Праздник к нам приходит: бьюти-подарки для друзей и близких

Some brands are already prepared for you a special Christmas sets. examined their contentsPhoto: materials of press-servicesThe new year is not only joy and fun, but the trouble with new year's gifts, from which many a headache. If this feeling is familiar to you, you catch our tips.Mask showPhoto: materials of press-servicesTissue mask — this is the tool that will suit any woman regardless of her skin type

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4 masks for ideal face

4 маски для идеального лица

The best outfit for new year's eve will be your appearance. There is still time to bring your skin in order to make it velvety smooth, without fine mesh of wrinklesAll experts agree that quality sleep is the best tool for the youth. In addition, you need to drink enough water while keeping salt regime, to avoid swelling. And, of course, not to forget about home miracle media.Rice anti-aging mask3 tbsp unsteamed rice, 1 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp honey, 2 cups of water. Rice cook for about 20 minutes

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How to bring the face in order before the New year

Как привести лицо в порядок до Нового года

The doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist Anton Averbukh — about the most effective procedures that you need to do now to then to Shine for the holidaysChristams procedure can be divided into 2 groups. The first group includes procedures that are performed immediately before the holiday or on the eve of the corporate party. This kind of procedures does not require rehabilitation. The objective of these procedures is to quickly improve the appearance without any problems

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Forever yours: how to properly care for the skin around the eyes

На веки ваши: как правильно ухаживать за кожей вокруг глаз have collected the best beauty tools for this sensitive areaEyelid skin in its very structure is different from the rest of the skin on the face. It's somewhere in 4-5 times thinner than on the face, and more prone to stretching. The reason is simple: there is almost no fat layer, which performs the important function of a frame support. Well, there are very few sebaceous glands, leading to dryness and early wrinkle formation

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