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How and where to buy glasses

Как и где нужно покупать очки

Ophthalmologist Daria Barashkova — that incorrectly fitted lenses may cause dizziness, headache, increase blood pressure, and sometimes even lead to strabismusUnfortunately, many people who have problems with vision, still somewhat flippantly refer to the selection of points. They are buying a finished product and not to order. As a rule, is guided by the following: "I would like +2 (or -2), then on the glasses and says, take"

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Suffering a skin of the residents of big cities and what to do with it

Как страдает кожа жительниц мегаполисов и что с этим делать

The women of the big cities have to choose special care, can minimize age-related changes, but also harm the environmentThe skin of the inhabitants of megacities prone to irritation and allergies, spots and rashes. The fact that the air in big cities is full of dust, exhaust, smoke and dirt. These harmful substances are deposited on the face, the skin becomes dull. To minimize harm, should start to pick up makeup with antioxidants and vitamins. About other recommendations, read our material

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5 life hacks eye makeup

5 лайфхаков макияжа глаз

The drop allows you to quickly create a bold lookTip # 1To draw beautiful arrows easily. If you have at hand was not eyeliner, just sharpen the classic pencil and heat the tip with a match or lighter. This trick will allow you to achieve soft texture.The liner will replace карандашpixabay.comTip # 2Another way to draw eyes — draw an arrow at the beginning of the makeup application. And then just wipe the eyelid corner wipes, you get clean line.Restului line is эффектноpixabay

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To stay with the nose: everything you wanted to know about rhinoplasty

Остаться с носом: все, что вы хотели знать о ринопластике

Plastic surgeon Stanislav Yekimov, included in the list of "Top plastic surgeons", especially for told all the details of one of the most popular plastic surgeriesRhinoplasty involves surgical correction of the cartilaginous departments, bone structures and skin of the nose component. The old methods put the primary goal to improve the functional part, in particular, nasal breathing and aesthetic beauty of such operations played a secondary role

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5 tips to make lashes long and fluffy

5 советов, как сделать ресницы длинными и пушистыми

You do not need the help of beauticians and trips to expensive beauty salonsTip # 1Same as hair, eyelashes need regular combing. This procedure improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Thoroughly rinse the brush and bottle from an old mascara. Pour in a container of vitamin E — it is sold in every pharmacy. Gently comb lashes from root to tip 2 times a day for 5 minutes.The eye is enough to determine the beauty женщиныpixabay

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Plastic 20, 30 and 40+, choose the optimal date

Пластика в 20, 30 и 40+: выбери оптимальную дату

Plastic surgeon, doctor of medical Sciences, member of society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons of Russia, member of the American Academy of facial and reconstructive surgery member of European society of rhinology David grishkyan shared with step-by-step plan for transformationIn the modern world, the services of plastic surgeons are becoming more popular among those who wish to improve their appearance

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In shape: the best tonics for the face

В тонусе: лучшие тоники для лица explains why you need these beauty tools and talks about the best of themWithout the tonic on the dresser many of us long is not your daily care. However, some women still ask the question: why do we need this tonic? After all, we have washed, why again applied to the skin "chemistry"?The thing is that we wash, usually chlorinated water. Therefore after cleansing the skin and there is a sense of tightness. Your cream is, alas, not always cope with the task to resolve this problem

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Vitamin vaccination: how to deal with the spring depression

After the winter, our body is exhausted, so with the arrival of warm days so it is important to start taking vitamins. made a cheat sheet for which one is responsible for whatVitamin a improves overall skin condition (if it is insufficient, it becomes grayish and starts to peel off), stimulates collagen synthesis, protects against premature aging, reduces age-related pigmentation. Promotes healthy and strong nails, normalizes condition of hair, eliminating dryness and brittleness

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Nadezhda Granovskaya: "we Need to accept ourselves and to love"

Надежда Грановская: «Нужно принимать себя и любить»

Sex symbol of the gold structure of group "VIA Gra" still pleases fans of great physical form. But even sex symbols have their beauty secrets. The star shared them with WomanHit.ruI've never dieted. Just eat right — I have a personal list of bad products I try not to eat. Excluded from the diet all fatty, spicy, and milk. Left only favorite childhood dishes: dumplings with potato and cottage cheese

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