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Foam with nanosilica revolutionary serum line serum

Пенка с нанощеточкой, революционная сыворотка, линия с кератином

The best beauty news for those who are not used to save on their appearanceHydrating serum 24 hours Serum 24 h Hydraderm from Academie (France)Photo: materials of press-servicesThe new professionals the beauty industry have already called a real breakthrough. This silky moisturizing serum includes pearls hyaluronic acid of natural origin (polysaccharides extracted from seaweed) and gel-based, rich in moisturizing active ingredients. When applying micro-beads release of 0

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On everyone's lips: gloss, stick and mask

У всех на устах: блеск, стик и маска we have assembled the right beauty tools that accentuate your lipsLip gloss Balm LipMaster from Era MineralsPhoto: materials of press-servicesDespite the fact that we have before us Shine, it has a very thick texture and a matte finish. This versatile glitter can be used alone for a clear coat and over your favorite lipstick to give the color extra Shine. It is still important to know what the entire makeup Era Minerals — mineral, i.e

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Bright output: draw arrows, create "their" lipstick and lengthen lashes

Яркий выход: рисуем стрелки, создаем «свою» помаду и удлиняем ресницы have collected the best beauty innovations to create a vibrant and creative imageShaken, not stirredIn the early years of the brand mark. Avon has a new lipstick — "Explosion of color" with a built-in primer and a high concentration of pigment. As many as 23 of the shade is dense, deep and saturated. I remember, when we we in the beauty Department admired this collection, trying to find among this splendor is "their" lipstick

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Magic root for beauty and health

Волшебный корень для красоты и здоровья chose three beauty tools with ginseng compositionGinseng is called the "magic root", because it really solves a number of problems. According to one legend, there was this plant: during a storm, lightning struck the mountain river, the water dried up, and the place of the river grew a beautiful Bush that absorbed the entire force of the heavenly gods, and became the plant like a person who could heal any disease. Ginseng is widely used in particular in cosmetics

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Masquerading: update, hydration and detox

Маскируемся: обновление, увлажнение и детокс

Choice face mask, effectively decisive a number of problemsGolden mask-film "skin" from SkinlitePhoto: materials of press-servicesGold mask — a real must-have of the last two or three seasons. 24-Karat gold on a molecular level enriches every cell of the skin and restores the regeneration of the upper layers of the dermis. But not a single gold in the composition of the mask from Skinlite also contains extracts of evening primrose, calendula, anise, chrysanthemum and honey

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Company "Heart": the goods for women and not only

Life, health, and beauty — these topics will always be popularLife, health, and beauty — these topics will always be popular. Health and self-esteem of the person significantly affect the quality of life. To maintain a balance between these concepts is crucial. And a real help in this offers the online shop "Heart".In the domestic market the company works since 2010. Its level of popularity since then is growing steadily

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Every whim: how to train your sensitive skin

Любой каприз: как приручить чувствительную кожу

The main rules of care that must be followed to the reaction your face has always been under controlInstantly respond to change is an excellent quality for person. But when does your face, it's time to think. prompt how to cope with cranky sensitive skin.It is curious that the sensitive nature of the skin is not seen. Almost half of the residents of big cities she is

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How to fight photoaging

Как бороться с фотостарением

Summer this year was Sunny and we all got a dose of ultraviolet light. And now it's time to take care of their skin to stay beautiful and youngAbout thirty years ago, when the term "photoaging", scientists have proved that under the influence of the sun in the skin start happening processes similar to age of aging. The skin becomes dry, less elastic and more rough, slowing down the cell renewal process, there are "stars" and small wrinkles

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How to deal with summer pigmentation

Как бороться с летней пигментацией

After a holiday in Sunny countries, many in the most prominent areas of the skin — face, neck, chest and shoulders — there are ugly spots, "freckles" and "konopelski". What to do with all this?Pigmentation is a common manifestation of aging — the negative effect of solar radiation. To solve this problem is not easy, as it is quite persistent defect. Therefore, it is best to start with a visit to the beautician, who will pick up from the Arsenal of laser, hardware and injection procedures

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How to keep teeth healthy

Expert dentist Igor Kurov — about the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity that cannot be ignoredHealthy teeth — is not only a Testament to how well we care for them, but our "companion" for life, so they deserve responsible treatment, daily attention and care.The choice of means of hygiene of an oral cavity is large and associated with certain medical conditions. To the means of individual hygiene of the oral cavity include:-dentifrices;-toothpaste;-gels;-toothpastes

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