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Saving face skin from the cold

Many people in the winter, there are redness. And not only on the nose but on the cheeks. found out why this happens and how to fight itNose and cheeks are the most vulnerable parts of the body. And they blush in the cold, delivering to their owners aesthetic trouble. Causes of redness can be several.— Malfunction of the autonomic nervous system

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New planner: the best beauty gifts for the upcoming holiday

Новогодний переполох: лучшие бьюти-подарки к грядущему празднику — about what to buy for their better halves and for yourself, belovedSay, gifts can not be given in advance. However, there are things that cannot be put off, because they need to today. Speech — about Christmas advent calendar from BABOR 2017.Photo: materials of press-servicesAt the beginning of last century, in 1908, in Germany, a so-called "calendars." In order for the kids the anticipation of the festival, was invented by these funny toys

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Andrew Begma: "lifting is an alternative to plastic surgery"

Андрей Бегма: «Нитевой лифтинг — это альтернатива пластической хирургии»

Today it is not necessary to be a millionaire or a movie star to afford to look young and attractiveAesthetic surgery is one of the most dynamically developing branches of medicine. Modern techniques do not require large financial investment and time-consuming. One of the modern and minimally invasive techniques in this direction is the lifting. That it is, says the candidate of medical Sciences, surgeon of the highest category of the "Open clinic on Presnya" Andrew Begma

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Aimed shot: funds that guarantee visible results

Прицельный удар: средства, которые гарантируют видимый результат — the best sera that tested edition beauty DepartmentMore recently, the word "serum" was associated with something medical and not credible at butyricum. But today, absolutely every woman has in the Arsenal of a pair of three jars labeled serum. Because the serum due to high concentration of active ingredients really give visible results

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Patches for the eye area: the main usage errors

Improper use this unique hydrating and instant lifting can greatly reduce the effectivenessPatches for the eye contour area is a unique tool that gently moisturizes delicate skin, smoothes fine wrinkles and eliminates signs of fatigue. You can also use them like an instant facelift before applying makeup. But some errors could substantially reduce their effectiveness

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5 traits to help you look younger

5 черт, благодаря которым вы будете выглядеть моложе

Professional stylists suggest that we should emphasize in its appearance, and that point is not worth itSlightly lighten arc under the eyebrows. This will lift them and make the look more expressive. The technique used by all the celebrities before going on the red carpet.Make the bottom lip more plump. Effect cute baby sponges instantly allows you to get rid of a few years. While the increase in the upper lip, which is so fond of modern girls, conversely, will add years.Little earlobe

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Winter Wonderland: how to create makeup at home

Зимняя сказка: как создать модный макияж в домашних условиях have collected the best beauty innovations that will help you to be in trendEven the latest trend dress will not look organic, if you chose the wrong makeup. What's trending this winter? What kind of beauty novelties of decorative cosmetics prefer?The rules of etiquetteLeading make-up artists claim that this season in image-based — light natural tone, dramatic makeup smoky eyes with metallic effects and matte lips in bright shades.First align the tone

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The rules of hydration in all ages

Правила увлажнения кожи во всех возрастах

Make your skin look flawless, you need a special approachAt every stage of life a woman experiences different problems. To 30 years it acne or oily Shine. After 40 there is a dryness that leads to wrinkles. he collected the advice of experts and chose the optimum moisture for both young and Mature skin.Hydration at the age of 30+. At this stage, there is a problem with the water balance of the skin. Appear peeling, tightness and first wrinkles

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7 reasons for acne

Acne affects not only teenagers but also Mature women. What is the reason?You forget to clean sponges and brushes. If your tools for applying makeup, no one except you uses, that's no reason not to treat. They accumulate the sebum and particles of dead skin, creating the perfect breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Regularly rinse the sponge and brushes with soap under running water or spray a disinfectant.Squeezing acne

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5 reasons to abandon your daily makeup

Few think that the "temporary" beauty can cause serious problemsWomen use cosmetics to be beautiful and confident. They do makeup before going to work, going to a party and even for going to the store. But it is time to think about the consequences of this habit.The harm to the skin. Daily makeup is very traumatic for the skin, mascara makes your lashes weak and causes hair loss, lipstick dry lips.Premature aging. Makeup accelerates the appearance of wrinkles

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