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Vitamin vaccination: how to deal with the spring depression

After the winter, our body is exhausted, so with the arrival of warm days so it is important to start taking vitamins. made a cheat sheet for which one is responsible for whatVitamin a improves overall skin condition (if it is insufficient, it becomes grayish and starts to peel off), stimulates collagen synthesis, protects against premature aging, reduces age-related pigmentation. Promotes healthy and strong nails, normalizes condition of hair, eliminating dryness and brittleness

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Nadezhda Granovskaya: "we Need to accept ourselves and to love"

Надежда Грановская: «Нужно принимать себя и любить»

Sex symbol of the gold structure of group "VIA Gra" still pleases fans of great physical form. But even sex symbols have their beauty secrets. The star shared them with WomanHit.ruI've never dieted. Just eat right — I have a personal list of bad products I try not to eat. Excluded from the diet all fatty, spicy, and milk. Left only favorite childhood dishes: dumplings with potato and cottage cheese

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Pharmacists require US to cease the use of photoshop in advertising

In America, a growing number of opponents of retouching modelsAmerican pharmacists advocate that models in advertising of cosmetic products not subjected to retouching. The movement "No photoshop" is gaining momentum.The first such initiative was put forward by the largest U.S. chain of pharmacies. According to pharmacists, retouching leads to the fact that women tend to ideal that you see on the packages of beauty products and advertising

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New fragrances, serum of youth mask for tired feet and wonder hair products

Новые ароматы, сыворотка молодости, маска для уставших ног и чудо-средства для волос have collected the best beauty innovationsFor the faceOver time, our skin loses firmness and elasticity, wrinkles, age spots and spider veins. To avoid age-related changes that are necessary to provide adequate protection. Normal creams do not always cope with this task, and then come to the aid of the serum — highly concentrated means on care of skin with high content of active ingredients and high bioavailability and ability to penetrate to the deep layers of the skin

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5 warning signs of aging

5 предательских признаков старения

What are the features of appearance it is necessary to pay attention toSign №1Ears — the one part of the head, we think it in the least. Meanwhile, with perfect skin that they can show your age. Remove before sleep even light earrings. Don't forget to put on the lobe cream and massage.Avoid heavy сережекpixabay.comSign №2On the neck is absent body fat, so the skin in this area with age, becomes dry and hard slack. You will help the cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition

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5 appearance defects due to vitamin deficiency

5 дефектов внешности из-за авитаминоза

What we need in our body in the springDefect No. 1If you have a strong and sharp began to lose hair, then your body lacks vitamin B7 (Biotin). To offset this, add in your diet-almonds, soy beans, greens, potatoes, bananas.Hair loss can вылечитьpixabay.comDefect No. 2Rashes on the face, although you don't usually have acne and other skin blemishes? This may indicate a shortage of b vitamins in Addition to supplements, eat mushrooms, potatoes, cheese, cauliflower, boiled eggs and spinach

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To wash correctly: best of beauty tools that should stay in the bathroom

Умываться правильно: лучшие бьюти-средства, которые должны поселиться в ванной комнате I have assembled my top list of new products for cleansing the skinHypoallergenic liquid soap from SYNERGETICPhoto: materials of press-servicesThis soap can be safely used by the whole family. Because it does not dry the skin, provides protection from dirt and does not contain harmful Surfactants, chlorine, phosphates, phosphonates and other aggressive compounds that accumulate in the human body. For production the company uses raw materials based on natural components from Germany

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Add some color: bright beauty-news Mar

Добавить красок: яркие бьюти-новинки марта

Calendar spring has come, but the street is still dark and depressing. But we ourselves paint colours of gray days. this will help youMany makeup artists recommend not to use in cold period of time of lipsticks and glosses, offering to pay attention to healing balms. But if you really want to look bright, despite the cold and dreary winter, here's a great recipe. This is superposed from the brand mark "Explosion of color" with a built-in primer

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