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Why our stars tasteless make-up and what to do with it

Почему наши звезды безвкусно накрашены и что с этим делать

World champion in make-up and body art, the singer Masha Panova — about the difference between makeup and make-up, bad taste and all the main fashion trends- Tell, please, what is fundamentally different make-up from make-up?- An interesting question, because many people think that they are one and the same. In fact, between them there is a fundamental difference. Makeup — the transformation of a face using cosmetics. Used to emphasize certain features of appearance and disguise its defects

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5 beauty products with panthenol

5 бьюти-средств с пантенолом I have assembled my top list of creams-balms-serums, which help to quickly deal with dry skin, erase wrinkles or make voluminous your hairBefore you purchase a particular beauty means we usually look at its composition, not only on the brand name and pretty packaging. But even if an ingredient is constantly on the ear, it is not always clear what problems the tool it helps to solve. Now tell, why the scalp and what creams, salves serum should prefer

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What men dream: how to prepare for February 23

О чем мечтают мужчины: как подготовиться к 23 февраля have collected the best beauty gifts to a strong half of mankindSometimes it seems that the beginning of the year — the continuous holidays. New year, Old New year, Chinese New year, Valentine's Day. Now coming home the men's holiday — 23 February, and thought of what to give, is simply not there. For such cases, many brands produce gift sets: sufficient to decide what brand to prefer your companion, and it is small

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Irina Bogushevskaya: "With the help of qigong, I pulled myself out of a deep personal crisis"

Ирина Богушевская: «С помощью цигун я вытащила себя из глубокого личного кризиса»

The singer is famous not only for its creativity but also wonderful stories of healing. Irina got into a car accident, but managed to stand up, she lost her voice, but regained it. The artist leads a healthy lifestyle, rules which are shared with WomanHit.ruAfter the second birth, I returned to their plus or minus 50 pounds , and so they are. When we have a tight schedule and monitor the weight does not have: live music is a great exercise

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5 ways to remove age spots

5 средств для удаления пигментных пятен

Achieve the perfect face skinLimonLemon juice is ideal for skin whitening. Before you can use its magic properties, check the crook of the elbow if you have allergies to citrus fruits. Squeeze one lemon and mix the juice with the same amount of sour cream. Remove dead skin cells with a scrub and apply the mixture on face for 15 minutes.You will need lemon сокpixabay.comSodaIf you don't have sour cream, replace it with soda

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Why Thai girls are painted under water

Unusual flashmob Asian women has become the new beauty trendFrom beauty-bloggers — new trend: to test cosmetics under water. So they decided to check whether the rights of the manufacturer, when indicated on the jar of "water resistant".This trend, like so much else in the beauty world came from Asia. Several well-known bloggers in Thailand staged Underwater Challenge ("underwater testing"). They say that he took over from South Korean and Japanese girls

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Trends winter: the most trendy looks

Тренды зимы: самые модные образы

Eyeshadow pastel colors, unusual headbands and the effect of wet hair — all about the new trends FebDuring the audit in the purses and on the dressing table officially came. Inspired by beauty-inventory is easy — look at the images offered us by the makeup artists from the past fashion weeks.Pastel conversationA riot of colors in clothing harmoniously set off gentle, if a little covered shades in makeup age

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Ah, the look: paint the eyes properly

Bought brand shadow, the lips, — and still something? We'll show you how to avoid common mistakes in makeupThe first and most important mistake under brown eyes brown shades. I admit, sometimes it looks nice, but few of us thought about the need to emphasize eye color and not merge into one. Pick your shade, starting from the back, thus highlighting his eyes. For brown suit the color of the evening waves of the sea, for blue — chocolate color, green — violet

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The eco-trends in Europe: organic and natural cosmetics displaces chemistry

The market of natural cosmetics in Europe hits record.In Germany, where over the past 10 years, sales of natural and organic cosmetics has doubled in the first six months of 2017, the increase amounted to 2%. This is not the limit.What is the reason? The trend in sustainability for many Europeans, became a way of life. People care about the environment, while improving the quality of life. This applies to transportation, food, clothing, and, of course, care for the body

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With Eastern accent: beauty trends coming in from South Korea and Japan

С восточным акцентом: бьюти-тренды, пришедшие из Южной Кореи и Японии collected your hit parade of cosmetics, which came to us from the other end of the planetAll bucholic the world has long been closely watching South Korea and Japan. After all, there has recently come the most unexpected trends. also looked in the direction of the East. But at the same time found out what a long-familiar brand got a new "Eastern accent"

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