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Piercing — the possibilities for every taste

This original and trendy way to decorate your body allows you to Express individuality, change and combine jewelryOne earring in the ear lobe looks familiar, but if several of them? Little stars, flowers, beads of different colors hanging in a row on one ear — this is very nice. Two rings inserted one puncture, too looked unusually.Publication from J

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Maria Kozakova: "I was always dissatisfied with something in their appearance, although parents and nature has rewarded me in full"

Мария Козакова: «Я всегда была чем-то недовольна в своей внешности, хотя родители и природа наградили меня сполна»

The actress shares her beauty recipesThe audience loved her immediately and she Verzhbitsky from the TV series "Citizen One", as Hitano of "Carmelita", and Masha Bogatyreva from "Bad blood." But the actress sees so much more than her fans. met with the daughter of the famous Alyona Yakovleva, wrote reflections to Mary about the right way of life, as well as a few recipes.— I never had confidence in their appearance. Always wanted to fix something

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How to achieve perfect skin

To a small pimple did not create you a lot of problems, to treat them carefullyIf the person started to develop a pimple, it is difficult to suppress the urge to knock over or squeeze it. Stop! At this stage, to deal with an unpleasant surprise — it is useless. "Immature" zit — red tubercle slightly hurts when touched — infiltration — don't even try to destroy it. Will break the capillaries, spread the infection, the pimple will multiply

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Trend of the year: create a velvet lip

Social network subdued unusual noveltyMakeup artists do not get tired to surprise fans of fashion trends. This time — unusual lips, "velvet", as if covered with a layer of fluffy tissue. Original makeup looks very impressive. Well-known beauty bloggers flock to your page in a variety of variations of the "velvet" lips. It seems that the makeup complicated, is made very skillfully and it can't be repeated. Actually you just need to use a special powder, which is sold in specialized stores

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Home mask for select med

Found the ideal product for skin careThe honey is called "food of the gods". Such a gorgeous set of useful substances are not present in any other product. When applied to the skin they are very effective because they penetrate deeply into skin layers. Active components cause the circulation of blood, nutrition of the skin is enhanced, everything you need is quickly absorbed.Thin honey film retains moisture well, it does not interfere with breathing

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Choose beauty equipment for recreation

Выбираем бьюти-средства для отдыха

August in many countries traditionally considered the month of vacations. reminds that I definitely need to put in a suitcaseNo matter where are you headed — to an exotic island or in native Krasnodar Krai. It only matters what will be around the same weight stretching lazily in the sun loungers holidaymakers. And they nothing better to do will notice that you have a burned nose or drip ink

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Chocolate sponge — a new beauty hit this summer

Шоколадные губки — новый бьюти-хит этого лета

Brown lipstick is back in fashion!Have you seen this? Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, J. Lo and Katy Perry recently came out with brown lipstick on the lips! And nobody told them "fu", on the contrary, was delighted almost forgotten since the late ' 90s shades.Jennifer Lopez never refused chocolate hues, pomaretto: means that you can look towards shades of brown stands to us. Among the variety you can find options suitable for any color type

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How to distinguish a good beautician: 11 points that you need to pay attention

Как отличить хорошего косметолога: 11 пунктов, на которые нужно обратить внимание

Expert doctor dermatologist, dermatologist Irina Baratova — in some cases it is necessary to trust the specialist and when to get up and leaveThe choice of the cosmetologist is responsible. After all, he is responsible for our beauty, youth and even health.It is best to apply not just to the beautician and professional dermatology and cosmetology, which has the specialized medical education

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4 problems with the skin, which is not my own makeup

4 проблемы с кожей, с которыми не справиться одной косметикой

Buy beauty remedies, go to marketIn my drawer with the cosmetics stored dozens of different vials and jars. Their manufacturers promise a magical change on his face in just a day. They asked for a miracle, of course, is not enough. If you count the amount spent on the contents of this box would be quite enough for domestic auto manufacturer. However, the wrinkles, the pimples come out, I'm not talking about freckles and other surprises. It turns out that improving skin by using a simple diet

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3 reasons to plant at home al

The recipes of our grandmothersAloe Vera contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes — a total of about 200 minerals.To enhance immunityAloe juice contains vitamin C and supports the protective functions of the body.Take one leaf of aloe and blend it, add a glass of water and a tablespoon of honey. Take in the morning, before eating. Your immune system will thank you

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