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Principal "wrinkles of horror stories": how not to buy and keep

Основные виды «морщин-страшилок»: как не приобрести и избавиться

Expert chief physician of the clinic, dermatologist Sona kocharov — "goose paws", a sad mouth and the "rings of Venus"Time flies and spares no one, and in a metropolis we would have to run stress, bad ecology, lack of sleep, fast weight loss — all this is reflected first and foremost on our face. With little care, wrong diet, slowing metabolic processes wrinkles. Today we will discuss the main types of "wrinkle-horror stories"

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To stop hair loss, giving Shine to your face and learn how to remove makeup

Остановить выпадение волос, придать сияние лицу и научиться правильно удалять макияж is the best beauty innovationsLine of hair care DERCOS DENSI-SOLUTIONS from VICHYPhoto: materials of press-servicesThe latest surveys confirmed that, in fact, each of us, alas, knows from personal experience. Our hair will eventually become thinner, and well, somehow obscenely reduced. Yes, and the scalp suddenly became visible between the roots of the hair (well, not horror?)

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Spotted patterns: we remove from the face of the consequences of the hot summer — freckles and age spots

Пятнистые узоры: убираем с лица последствия жаркого лета — веснушки и пигментные пятна

It October is the perfect time to return the skin a smooth tone and radianceIndian summer has flown by and the autumn came. The sun is getting smaller, and more rain, without raincoat you don't already get out of the house, and the umbrella is firmly prescribed in the bag. But before you faint, October is ideal in order to remove consequences experienced during the summer months of stress, restore skin radiance and even tone to get rid of freckles and age spots. Figure out how to do it

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Malocclusion in adulthood has become more accessible

Dentistry is evolving with new methods of treatment of diseases, which allow to achieve results in cases previously considered hopelessThe most striking example is the malocclusion of the patient in adulthood. Even 20 years ago, orthodontists had to deal mostly with children and teenagers, were believed to influence the development of maxillofacial system is possible only in the growth period of the organism. For this purpose we used various tools: orthodontic removable plates, trays, etc

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Among the factors affecting the image of a woman, the teeth occupy not the last placeIt is not only their appearance, but also the condition of the oral cavity in General. To achieve lasting impact, we must pay the closest attention to. In the medical periodicals are full of recommendations relating to the topic of teeth. Unfortunately, not all of them are universal. Unfortunately, tooth decay is not only the wrong food, or bad toothbrush

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Glyuk'oza: "I haven't made a single injection of beauty"

Глюк’Oza: «Я еще не сделала ни одного укола красоты»

Singer — hasbinding and other lifehacks to preserve youthful skinHasbinding is facial gymnastics, which is almost the replacement to Botox. Singer Gluk'oza seriously engaged in this exercise and share with its system of daily exercise, as well as lifehacks to preserve youthful skin.Today, young girls did not hesitate to inject myself Botox and hyaluronicto stop the aging process of the skin. But they don't understand that sit down literally on the needle

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How to relieve a toothache

Как облегчить зубную боль

Toothache, and the doctor soon to get impossible? There are several ways to help themselvesThe most common method of relief is a pain medicine. But remember, three hours before a visit to the doctor is necessary to refuse from taking pills, which can distort the picture of the disease.There are methods of folk medicine to relieve toothache.— Make a warm soda solution (1 tsp per Cup of water), add a few drops of iodine. Rinsing his mouth

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Leveled up: how to achieve a perfect smile

Подравнялись: как добиться идеальной улыбки

Expert doctor-stomatologist of the highest category, Stepan Avtandilyan — explains how the use of different types of orthodontic appliances to align the teeth regardless of the degree of curvatureToday the most popular machines are the aligners (or Kappa) and braces. Together, let us consider what each of the machines. Let's start with the braces

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Mistress of the sea: the best beauty tools with seaweed and minerals

Владычица морская: лучшие бьюти-средства с водорослями и минеральными веществами — on creams, gels and balms that help to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and erase wrinklesGel seaweed Cellipex Gel Marin Minceur from the Swiss brand Methode CholleyPhoto: materials of press-servicesTo get rid of just a couple pounds is able to do regular sports and correctly selected power supply system. However, even skinny women may experience cellulite is the fact that sometimes no sleeves many hours of Jogging and exercise

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White magic: fight pigmentation

Белая магия: боремся с пигментацией

The most effective methods of whitening and skin smoothingAfter the summer, even a cold, which turned out to be this year, for beauticians in orderly rows begin to contact all those who are too overzealous with the tan. The reason — the spots that have recently become one of the main aesthetic problems

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