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How to get rid of double chin

Как избавиться от двойного подбородка

This deficiency in the form of fat and skin folds under the edge of the lower jaw can appear suddenly. How to remove told doctor of higher category, dermatologist and cosmetologist Svetlana BolsonWhy am I getting a double chin?If you think that chin grows just because someone eats too much, then you are wrong. There are several reasons for such changes.Genetics. People are born with the tendency to the formation of double chin

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Lazy makeup all the rules

Ленивый макияж по всем правилам

Step-by-step master class specifically for from the stylist, the founder of the women's beauty club Oksana BiletskayaNot all women get to do the right makeup that would look aesthetically pleasing on the face, concealing skin imperfections, and also would discomfort and do not create the feeling of the mask.Intelligently to highlight the beauty and hide the flaws, will help the basic rules of lazy makeup, which I will tell you now

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Anti-aging thread: pros and cons

Cosmetologist Alexandra Gaunt said at what age should think about nitiom liftingA rejuvenating filament is an innovative procedure that allows you to quickly and simply solve the problems of age-related changes of the skin. Its essence lies in the fact that in the tissues of the face are introduced subtle cosmetic threads that form the new framework for the growth of collagen, thereby achieving the effect of lifting

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Color harmony: best lipsticks and balms

Губная гармония: лучшие помады и бальзамы gathered beauty innovations that will help to highlight your lipsSudovye lipstick in trend for several seasons. Why a nude lipstick should be in your purse and, of course, on the lips. But here the main thing — to choose the "correct" shade that is flattering to your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, it is best to choose pinkish colors. Owner olive skin can opt for beige and peach tones. If your face is already touched by the sun, note the dark color

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Revolutionary beauty innovations that really work

Революционные бьюти-новинки, которые реально работают have collected the best premium products for skinAnti-age the development of the DIAMOND COLLECTION from ENHEL BEAUTYPhoto: materials of press-servicesThe fact that the Japanese continue to lead to lead in the cosmetic industry, already an axiom. But the novelty, which this spring introduced the brand ENHEL BEAUTY that stands out even against the backdrop of Japanese products

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Spotless reputation: how to deal with age spots

Незапятнанная репутация: как правильно бороться с пигментными пятнами

Age spots — the same indicator of problems in the body as falling hair, only much more insidious: if spots appeared, to get rid of them once and for all impossible. Much better educated, doctors say, try to avoid them. tells about the rulesFrom what are formed dark spots?The reasons for the mass. In the Wake of General hysteria about the damage UV rays are often mentioned prolonged sunbathing

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The sea is calling: 10 important questions to care for themselves in the summer

Море зовет: 10 важных вопросов по уходу за собой в летний период

The expert in beauty Yana laputina said how to prepare for vacation1. What procedures you should do before you leave? — I would recommend to do the cleaning for 5-7 days prior to departure biorevitalization or cellular rejuvenation, so as at sea, the skin will be exposed to solar radiation, exposure to salt water and, consequently, lose moisture, so it needs to nourish in advance.2

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8 best cleanser

8 лучших средств для умывания recalls that daily cleansing of the skin should be the main beauty ritualCleanser rose from AusganicaPhoto: materials of press-servicesIt is enough to study the structure of this means to fall in love with him had not yet started to use it. The water content is only 4%, everything else is extracts of plants, extracts. All — 100% natural (and all these different products of the brand).Well, after a week after using you and is going to confess his love to this everywhere

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Like water tap spoil our skin and what to do with it

Как вода из-под крана портит нашу кожу и что с этим делать — important rules of skin care,"Don't drink from the tap!" — remember, warned us in childhood, asked to be sure to boil the water before pouring it into the glass? Now in homes and offices are filters or coolers, which allow you to quench your thirst without fearing for their health. But the water still adversely affects the condition of the skin. We do not boil and not filtered before wash hands, utensils, or floor

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5 products needed for healthy teeth

5 продуктов необходимых для здоровья зубов

Not everything is useful, that in the mouth climbed — training for the oralCarrotsCrackle with pleasure. If you prefer mild food, your fast food, your teeth weaken over time. You deprive them of a natural massage, and exercise, and this can cause the sensitivity of the enamel.Training + каротинpixabay.comCarrots are a good exercise equipment for your jaw. Carotene, which is contained in this root vegetable is useful for the mouth and gums. It will strengthen tooth enamel

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