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Katya LEL, "Even when weighed 46 pounds, it seemed to me that I'm fat"

Катя Лель: «Даже когда весила 46 килограммов, мне казалось, что я толстая»

The singer on stage for more than twenty years, but during this time, she almost did not change: still slim and full of energy. However, as she admits, for any beauty a lot of workThe process of losing weight requires understanding and patience. Here sometimes people think: how is it — R-time — and it was beautiful. But miracles do not happen. Of course, life is impossible to sit on diets, but from time to time have to pay a lot of attention and time to be always in form

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Eva Mendes, Rita Ora, Vera Brezhneva, Xenia Borodin: in beauty only by the stars

Ева Мендес, Рита Ора, Вера Брежнева, Ксения Бородина: в бьюти — только звезды collected the best new faces whom have become celebritiesRita OraRita Arafat: Instagram.comBritish R'n'b singer Rita Ora has long been considered a fashion idol. Every release is a real treat. She carefully selects outfits, ignoring, at times, fashion trends and setting their own trends. And the same can be said about her makeup. It is not surprising that Rita became an Ambassador of the brand Rimmel

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These eyes do not mind: how to choose mascara for what to look for

Эти глаза не против: как правильно выбрать тушь, на что обращать внимание made his TOP 5 tools that will highlight your lashes and make the image completeMascara Lash Sculpting Mascara from GOSH COPENHAGENPhoto: materials of press-servicesFrom screens of TVs and from pages of glossy magazines we often call to buy fiber mascara: they say, only it gives incredible volume and lengthening. But what is fiber and why is it suddenly such an incredible effect on our eyelashes, usually behind the scenes. Explain. Fibre from fibre, which translates as "fiber"

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For him: the best beauty products for men

Для него: лучшие бьюти-средства для мужчин have collected the top innovations that will be noted by the representatives of a strong halfFor the faceFast pace of modern life, stresses, bad environment lead to the emergence of chronic fatigue, reflected primarily on the face. Loss of tone and elasticity, puffiness, fine lines, dull complexion is the first indication of chronic stress of men's skin, which will eventually lead to the development of premature aging

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Russian cosmetics will be presented at the international exhibition BeautyWorld Middle East Dubai 2018

BeautyWorld Middle East gathers manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumes from dozens of countries and is among the top three world exhibitions of beauty industry.From 8 to 10 may this "Festival of beauty" will be visited by more than 1,500 companies from 50 countries. With the support of JSC "Russian export centre" for the first time will be organized a collective exposition of the 13 domestic companies.A huge selection awaits guests of the Russian booth's skin care

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The lips of beauty: how to add lip volume by injection and without

Уста красавицы: как добавить губам объем — с помощью инъекций и без talks about the secrets of "sexual mouth"Tease them with the fish Nemo. Celebrity, "pumped up" lips to comical sizes, ultimately had the injections a disservice. Although actually, if you multiply the adequacy of the client on the professionalism of the doctor, can turn out very aesthetically pleasing.In the universal worship of puffy lips is nothing new. It has always existed, and is part of what sexual mouth owe their career took off Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot

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Beauty sleep: the best beauty remedies that work overnight

Сон красоты: лучшие бьюти-средства, которые работают ночью

Long known that healthy sleep — a pledge of beauty and health. And if you choose the right night cream or mask, the result is truly phenomenalRegenerating mask "Olive elixir" MASCHERA RIGENERANTE VISO ELISIR D'OLIVO from ERBARIO TOSCANOPhoto: materials of press-servicesOlive oil was used in cosmetology since ancient times

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Look who is here: the best beauty innovations

Смотрите, кто пришел: лучшие бьюти-новинки made the list of the most important launches this springOn your headPremium American brand in the hair care OGX reached Russia. Whatever the means, it is a real discovery in the field of beauty, which is based on the experience of previous generations.Photo: materials of press-servicesDepending on the hair type and the problems to be solved, it is possible to select a suitable product

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Time ago: the best anti-aging beauty tools

Время, назад: лучшие антивозрастные бьюти-средства gathered his top 3 most effective creams and serums, which helps to fight first signs of agingSerum revitalizing IntensiveRepairEssence from EGIABiocareSystem (Italy)Photo: materials of press-servicesIf you are looking for a secret "rejuvenating apples", which can slow the passage of time, then this tool is for you. Apple stem cells in this serum rejuvenates epidermis cells, enhance the production of human stem cells, which ensures the renewal of the skin

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Look at me: the proper care of the skin around the eyes

Посмотри на меня: правильный уход за кожей вокруг глаз

Our eyelids are the most vulnerable, but simultaneously the most mobile area of the face. Therefore, to care for her must be especially carefulThe most delicate and sensitive skin in the eye area. There is almost no oil glands, so it is protected from external influences worse than, say, the forehead or the chin. In this case, the skin is constantly moving, stretching or shrinking

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