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Cosmetic with ginseng can work wonders

Means ginseng root reduce inflammation and swelling, improve blood circulationTinctures and pills with ginseng long been one of the best places among biologically active additives to food. Accept them as a means for the prevention and treatment of various diseases and also for complex rejuvenation of the organism.Now the benefits of ginseng can experience and our skin and hair. To do this, cosmetic companies have released a variety of tools with ginseng extract

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White smile at home

Белоснежная улыбка в домашних условиях found the best means to care for teethWhitening strips BLEND-A-MED 3D WHITE LUXE electric toothbrush ORAL-B PRO 7000 SMART SERIESSomehow, it is believed that a white smile can be achieved only after constant visits to the dentist. But in fact, thanks to modern technology you can look great, just bought new from Blend-a-med.So, write it up

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Fashion veneers couture

В моде виниры «от кутюр»

Expert — dentist, aesthetics Gleb Baked, about how to achieve the perfect smileIt's hard to call the profession that have remained aloof from computerization. And today, a good dentist must be advanced PC user to know the many special programs and constantly develop not only their specialty, but also to improve computer literacy.Computer technology has penetrated into all spheres of life. And in all professions

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Vitamins dark circles

Concealers — this last century. Now to get rid of dark circles under the eyes using the vitaminsWhat did not release a cosmetics company to fight against dark circles under the eyes. This special gels and patches, and makeup to mask the problem. But, as a rule, all of these products give a very brief effect.However, it is now possible to deal with the cause of the "Panda effect". Doctors have found that often the cause of darkening the area under the eyes is congestion in the blood vessels

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Down with post-acne

Marks from acne does not have to ruin our livesThe majority of women in his youth, faced with such a phenomenon as "teen primevest". Someone she passed almost imperceptibly, and someone had to fight acne. By the age of 30 almost everyone is able to get rid of the hated acne, but often they leave scars that also the overall appearance.To deal with post-acne both at home and in the salon

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Harmful tips for office makeup

Вредные советы по офисному макияжу

Applying them, you will not climb the career ladderWe may not like it, but our career depends not only on competencies but also on appearance. If you're intelligent and personable, you could very well enhance. But if the reflection in the mirror evokes laughter rather than sympathy and respect, on a new post you can not imagine.For example, to postpone a career may be too intense tan

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Ways to get rid of age spots

Modern cosmetology offers a lot of options lighten and even eliminate age spotsConventionally, all methods can be divided into two groups: cabin and home. They differ in cost and effectiveness, but all are intended to remove the top layer of skin that contains the unwanted pigment.In the salon you can offer laser or microcrystalline grinding, and a variety of acid peels. Slightly less common are electro - and phonophoresis

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Stein to my lips: all about the new beauty market

Стейн для губ: все о новинке бьюти-рынка

Stein superficially resembles a liquid lipstick, but the feeling on the lips is very different from all the familiar remedies for lip makeupSteyn is a product of the lip. It has a liquid formula supplied with an applicator for applying, similar to those that occur in the liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. Also there are options styne in the format of a pencil.Stein has excellent durability and pigmentation, but quite similar to the resistant lipstick

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Blacklist popular recipes of beauty

When we want natural, we buy organic cosmetics or use people's recipes, but it is a useful home treatments?It turns out that even natural ingredients can cause harm. So, lemon juice, applied on the pigmented spot, not only lighten it, but will make the skin dry, deprive her of immunity. In addition, the lemon can cause allergies that will bring much more inconvenience than the spot that you wanted to fight.This does not mean that lemon does not apply to grooming

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Tips to create seductive lips

If by nature your lips are not outstanding, do not worry — there are a few tricks that will help to significantly improve their appearanceThe main thing women complain about is dryness and peeling of the lips. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms only with the help of balms will not work. You must enter a habit and even conducting exfoliation for lips.Get rid of dead skin cells by using lip scrub or lip pomassirovti honey-sugar mixture

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