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Every whim: how to train your sensitive skin

Любой каприз: как приручить чувствительную кожу

The main rules of care that must be followed to the reaction your face has always been under controlInstantly respond to change is an excellent quality for person. But when does your face, it's time to think. prompt how to cope with cranky sensitive skin.It is curious that the sensitive nature of the skin is not seen. Almost half of the residents of big cities she is

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How to fight photoaging

Как бороться с фотостарением

Summer this year was Sunny and we all got a dose of ultraviolet light. And now it's time to take care of their skin to stay beautiful and youngAbout thirty years ago, when the term "photoaging", scientists have proved that under the influence of the sun in the skin start happening processes similar to age of aging. The skin becomes dry, less elastic and more rough, slowing down the cell renewal process, there are "stars" and small wrinkles

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How to deal with summer pigmentation

Как бороться с летней пигментацией

After a holiday in Sunny countries, many in the most prominent areas of the skin — face, neck, chest and shoulders — there are ugly spots, "freckles" and "konopelski". What to do with all this?Pigmentation is a common manifestation of aging — the negative effect of solar radiation. To solve this problem is not easy, as it is quite persistent defect. Therefore, it is best to start with a visit to the beautician, who will pick up from the Arsenal of laser, hardware and injection procedures

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How to keep teeth healthy

Expert dentist Igor Kurov — about the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity that cannot be ignoredHealthy teeth — is not only a Testament to how well we care for them, but our "companion" for life, so they deserve responsible treatment, daily attention and care.The choice of means of hygiene of an oral cavity is large and associated with certain medical conditions. To the means of individual hygiene of the oral cavity include:-dentifrices;-toothpaste;-gels;-toothpastes

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Transparent gloss, bright lashes and negligent packing

Прозрачные блески, яркие ресницы и небрежные укладки

Study the latest trends in makeup and hairstylesDuring the audit in the purses and on the dressing table officially came. Inspired by beauty-inventory is easy — look at the images offered us by the makeup artists from the past fashion weeks have demonstrated the latest summer trends.With a smile for lifeLong ago we didn't see the glitter on the runway, but this season has done their triumphant return

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Rules of etiquette: the best creams and powders

Правила хорошего тона: лучшие тональные кремы и пудры gathered beauty tools that help to hide skin imperfectionsLet's face it: few of us can boast perfect skin. Even regular and proper care, there is always the chance that they will jump up a zit, dark circles under the eyes, shiny nose.The ladies were lucky: unlike men, they can resort to decorative cosmetics concealer to hide imperfections like rosacea, acne, post-acne

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Sunny friend: the best protection from ultraviolet radiation

Солнечный друг: лучшие средства защиты от ультрафиолета

Sprays, milks, lotions... Today there was such a number of sunscreens that fit to get lost: what to prefer. tells what to chooseCollection of IDEAL CAPITAL SOLEIL from VICHYSolar line is suitable for men and women of any age who need personal protection from the sun by using the tools adapted for any phototype and skin condition of the face and body

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What are veneers and why they are needed

Что такое виниры и зачем они нужны

Practicing dentist Stas Belous said modern methods of dental prostheticsCurrently have a great smile just enough, even if nature in this respect, a few have tried: it needs only to consult a good dentist. Modern orthopedics offers a wide choice of dental prosthetics that can turn even the most "running" teeth in a dazzling beauty. Among these options is becoming more and more popular veneers

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Will shaving: best beauty tools for the daily ritual of men

Будем брить: лучшие бьюти-средства для ежедневного ритуала мужчин know what to give to your companionShaving is a daily ritual for any man. However, some of our men, Goosey, still manage to cut during this seemingly simple morning procedures. We know what to do to make this process go smoothly.Of course, you first need to choose the right razor. Commonplace, but for some reason, some representatives of the strong half of mankind still ignore this item. For perfect sliding fit the Gillette Fusion Proglide with the thin blades

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Plastic surgery: for and against

Пластическая хирургия: за и против

Especially for plastic surgeon Zarina of Abregov explains why you should not fear surgery and how to avoid becoming anyone's "clone"Natural beauty is one of the most valuable gifts that can be given person, especially a woman. But still a lot of people who are not satisfied with their appearance. And here can come the latest technology for aesthetic medicine, particularly plastic surgery. Of course, the latter's importance in the modern world cannot be overestimated

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