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7 bad habits that ruin skin

7 вредных привычек, которые портят кожу лица

Do not use aggressive means to look youngHabit No. 1 The habit of using alcoholic lotions were inherited from mothers and grandmothers. In the USSR simply did not produce other tonics, but in the XXI century, it is time to abandon this relic of the past. Alcohol is allowed only in the means to care for oily skin. And even then, it should be no more than 5%. In all other cases, these tools are degreased face thoroughly and dry the skin.Do not use skin products that contains спиртpixabay

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4 ways to remove double chin

4 способа убрать второй подбородок

Neck gives the age of the woman, watch herThe appearance of the second chin or flabby not depend on a woman's weight just from the image of her life and age. Neck aging before the face. However, knows how to slow down this process and even turn back the clock, it is only necessary to implement our recommendations.The mask of eggsThis mask has a lifting effect: tightens the skin and smoothes wrinkles.Protein great pulls кожуpixabay

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5 women's tricks — save on cosmetics

5 женских хитростей — экономим на косметике

Look at 100, it is possible without spending a lot of time and moneyQuirk # 1If you have suddenly ended mascara or have allergic to cosmetics, use natural dye — activated carbon. This drug be kept in each first aid kit in case of poisoning. Mash the pill into a powder and add a few drops of aloe juice — your vehicle is ready. It is good to do the eyelashes, it does not harm the eyes and skin.The mascara is easy to do самойpixabay

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5 basic steps to a healthy and glowing skin

5 основных шагов к здоровой и сияющей коже

Cosmetologists give the autumn of recommendation for home care of dry and dehydrated skinAutumn has come, soon will provide heating and our skin will start to send SOS signals in the form of dryness, the effect of tightness, rashes and unpleasant combination "oily forehead, dry, dehydrated chin."Cosmetologists recommend 5 basic steps to a healthy and glowing skin

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I use lipstick? Beware of tooth decay

Scientists from the Brazilian University made the discovery, and it is not in favor of fashionistasLet's first look at what is included with lipstick? This is usually mother of pearl or pigments, fatty foods, flavors, dyes and wax. And this is a paraffin wax. Here he attracted the attention of scientists.It turned out that every day using lipstick, layer by layer, we leave on the teeth harmful paraffin selection

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Millions of beauty and happiness!

Миллион за красоту и счастье!

What is the meaning of people investing in the concept of happiness?Editorial Board Cleo believes that to be happy you, reaching harmony of the inner and the outer. This idea formed the basis of the project "Beauty in a Million", where participants help to fully transform. It happened with the heroine of the third season of Natalia.The first steps to happinessNatalia 35 years, she is raising 15-year-old son, building a career as a lawyer

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How to care for your skin in autumn

Как правильно ухаживать за кожей в осенний период

Julia Angel — beauty blogger, expert on beauty and health, businesswoman, says that to prefer the peels or masksGirls know that summer peels not to do — the sun is active, and the skin after the procedure becomes to him most susceptible, it can cause unwanted pigmentation. And then came the fall — want to clean your skin from dead cells..

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Time masks: choose alternate and combine

Время масок: выбираем, чередуем и комбинируем reminds without masks it is impossible to imagine proper care of the skin. Do not be afraid to try new tools and to mix them safelyIntensive soothing and hydrating mask Hydraphase Intense Mask from La Roche Posay Photo: materials of press-servicesIn the transitional autumn period, when on the street we immediately attacked the gusty wind, the rain, our skin has a particular need for increased hydration

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Cheer up! How to resist the viruses of SARS and influenza

Выше нос! Как правильно противостоять вирусам ОРВИ и гриппа

Summer vacation is given to us not only for the pleasant memories.If the rest was correct — we had to gather strength, and immune system to recover. Often this is enough to survive the beginning of autumn when the kids go back to school and gardens, students in institutions and at work the collective is restored to its previous working composition.Meeting with old and new friends, the ability to breathe with them "one" by air increases the risk of Contracting viral diseases

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Focus on eyes: best creams and serums for the most sensitive areas

Акцент на глаза: лучшие кремы и сыворотки для самой чувствительной зоны

Who said that care should cost as much as a bar of gold? tested several beauty products for the skin around the eyes and reports they deserve to live in your purseBB roller for skin around eyes "the Secret of Perfection" from AvonPhoto: materials of press-servicesThis tool solves five problems: struggling with bags and circles under the eyes, removes signs of fatigue, smoothes the skin, brightens, moisturizes. But you have to very carefully select exactly "your" shade

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