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Homemade jam by Natalia Vlasova

Домашнее варенье от Наталии Власовой

The singer shared with grandmother's recipes— My favorite jam and walnuts. Recently discovered for myself, loved it, almost caramel flavor. And if we talk about traditional jam, which was done by the grandmother is, of course, the cherry pits. Bone is, in my opinion, the most valuable. In childhood loved the blueberries with the sugar and summer we often rested in the Baltic States, and there is a sea of blueberries. We collected all the cans. I love strawberries with sugar

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Cook the chanterelles in sour cream

The season of chanterelles in the middle. Don't forget to pamper yourself and your loved ones a classic recipe of these mushroomsYou will need:– chanterelles — 500 gr;– 1 onion;– sour cream — 150 g;– salt, pepper to taste;– vegetable oil for frying.Mushrooms pre-wash and dry. Fry in a pan the chopped onions until transparent, add mushrooms and sauté on medium heat until the liquid is evaporated. Even if you have dried mushrooms, they contain a lot of liquid, so evaporate it

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5 products that can not be microwaved

5 продуктов, которые нельзя греть в микроволновке

Kitchen helper can ruin your foodAlmost every kitchen has a microwave. Heat it in food quickly and conveniently, with it can handle even a preschooler. And if the hostess will show imagination and ability, from the oven come out delicious — almost as good as from the oven. But as it turned out, the microwave is not suitable for all products.BroccoliThis cabbage is very valuable for its vitamins and minerals required by the human

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6 diet of kebabs

6 диетических шашлыков

What can replace meat during a picnic?Gatherings in the summer on the nature the most pleasant pastime. The fresh air awakens the appetite and want something tasty. Recipes meat barbecue there are hundreds, but what if the traditional lamb and pork was boring, and in the company of vegetarians or people observe fasting? tell me the solution.PotatoesIn childhood all, perhaps, baked potatoes in the coals

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Pink coffee — a novelty in the world of drinks

Not all of us can afford to regularly drink caffeinated beverages, but coffee pink gives us the opportunity to conduct a coffee ceremony without harm to healthPink coffee no caffeine. Moreover, there is no coffee. But there is beetroot, which gives the drink a delicate pink color. In addition to the beets, part of pink coffee, milk and sugar.It is not surprising that the taste of pink coffee is nothing like the one that has traditional black. However, it is no worse

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Cherry jam with rum

Cherry jam is one of my favorites. Nice in the winter to open a jar, but, as a rule, until the winter do not live, eat beforeYou will need:– cherries — 1 kg;– sugar — 1 kg;– rum — 1 tbsp. spoon in a jar;rum essence — 2 ml.Cherry wash, remove bones, some prefer jam with seeds, so act according to your taste. Pour the cherries with half the sugar and leave for 6-8 hours to let the juice. Boil for 10 minutes and then let stand. Repeat 2 more times, last time add the rum essence

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Vegetable soup with zucchini

From summer vegetables to make a vegetable soup is tasty and is dietary. If you don't like Brussels sprouts or some other ingredient, feel free to substitute other summer vegetablesYou will need:water — 1

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5 secrets of fast food

5 секретов фастфуда

Why we eat more than usual"No time to cook", "urgently needs to eat, was walking past and for some reason went", "want something tasty" — we all know that eating at fast food restaurants is not the most useful, but somehow again and again we go there. found out a few secrets of catering.FriesIt would seem that complicated? Cut the potatoes into strips and dipped in boiling oil and frozen product to buy, then even and clean the tubers do not, but the taste still turns out wrong

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5 mistakes we make in the kitchen

We don't even think that spoil productsMistake # 1It seems that the refrigerator will keep all of the products from rot and decay, but it is not. Vegetables and fruits not worth it to put. Potatoes, tomatoes, bananas and apples for much longer "live" on the air, at room temperature.Mistake # 2It seems to us that the food defrosts a lot faster in the heat, but it is not correct. To defrost foods it is necessary to move from the freezer to the refrigerator

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Romantic recipe from Sergei Zhukov and Regina Burd

Романтичный рецепт от Сергея Жукова и Регины Бурд

The former soloist of VIA "Slivki" and mother of three children told how to quickly and easily prepare a delicious dessert— My first baking I did with my mother. I was still very small, but helped her in the kitchen. I remember that we used to make croissants from puff pastry and filled them with a variety of toppings. One bagel always left without filling, then to see who he gets. He was considered special

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