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Проститутки Новосибирска для интима на | Милые проститутки тут.

Prepare thin almond biscuits

Delicious crunchy biscuits prepared quickly and easily. The most inexperienced cook can handle with easeYou will need:— 125 g roasted almonds;— 2 protein;— 100 grams of sugar.Make almond flour using a blender (if you have the almonds not roasted, the easiest way is to fry it a few minutes in a dry frying pan. Just be careful not to overdry it). Whisk whites with sugar and connect with almond flour. Lay out the dough with a spoon on a sheet of parchment or baking paper

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Family recipes of Elizabeth and Mikhail Boyarsky

Семейные рецепты Елизаветы и Михаила Боярских

Famous father and daughter together made lunch of starters, main course and dessertEven if you don't like to cook, create new dishes with the family is a special kind of leisure that brings all the loved ones. A joint Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be a real adventure.Snacks from Mikhail BoyarskySnacks from Michael, Baragatti: Anna RusakovaAppetizer No

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Sous-vide and all that: Sobchak took up culinary literacy

Су-вид и все такое: Собчак занялась кулинарным ликбезом

Star has entered into Philistine use the new term to include in your rider a Turkey cooked in a special way. collected and other fancy culinary techniques.Sous-vide (Sous-vide) is one of the most fashionable to date types of heat treatment. From the French "sous-vide" means "under vacuum". To use this method, need special thermal bags, which are sealed meat, fish, vegetables or fruit. You can add the same spices or herbs

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The most useful beverages

Самые полезные напитки для человека

Folk wisdom says: we are what we eat and drinkScientists investigated the effects of different drinks on the human body. This was a selected group of completely healthy people and athletes. They were given different beverages that we consume almost every day. The results were striking.WaterIt is surprising, but simple drinking water was ranked in the Top drinks the honorable first place. As you know, the person on 80% consists of water

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What is dangerous diet Alla Pugacheva

Чем опасна диета Аллы Пугачевой find out all the details of the nutrition Diva, which caused such a stir in the secular partiesAll last week the gossips discussed the new-fangled diet, presented by Maxim Galkin. The comedian has shared with journalists the information on how to lose weight Alla Pugacheva. decided to learn more.Alla recently surprised his fans with a youthful appearance and a slender figure. Of course, all of her overcome the issues she was able to achieve such results

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Fish salad with olives

A great diet dish to begin dinner or a light snackYou will need:— fish baked — 300 g;— green salad — 100 g;— olives, pitted — 50 g;— 1 white sweet onion;— 1 boiled egg;— vinaigrette dressing;— salt and pepper to taste.Fish cut into pieces, tear lettuce with your hands, the egg is cut into plates, and onions — semirings

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Student from the USA figured out how to beat cancer with green tea

12-year-old scientist Steven litt was already famous all over the worldAmerican seventh-grader Steven litt stunned everyone with its development of drugs against cancer. To such simple and obvious answer, he could not think the best minds in the world, although the data used by the boy for its opening, are freely available.On the problem of cancer Stephen began to think two years ago, in 10 years. Then it turned out that two of his friends suffer from this disease

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How to choose products for Easter, explained in Rospotrebnadzor

Как выбрать продукты к Пасхе, объяснили в Роспотребнадзоре

The Agency advised not to skimp on the ingredients and pay attention to the expiration dateMore than a quarter of Russians fully or partially observe the rules of abstinence in food during the whole of lent, such data results in the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM). And 52% of the population of our country cakes are baked, prepare Easter, paint eggs and to celebrate the feast of Christ's Resurrection on April 16

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The herring in Danish in mustard-honey marinade

It turns out very delicate taste of the fish, which is good for snacks before dinnerYou will need:— ½ Cup of sour cream;— 2 tbsp spicy mustard;— 1 tablespoon of Brandy;— 1 tbsp wine bite;— 5 tbsp liquid light honey;— ground pepper;— 2 cloves of garlic;— 1 small onion.Herring cleaned from the skin and bones (you can take the ready fillet), cut into small pieces

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Festive lunch on Easter

Праздничный обед на Пасху

To Light Sunday most Housewives prepare the traditional Easter treats: Lady and the Cook serves your lunch option, which will gather the most expensive and favorite peopleBEEF PUREE WITH ZUCCHINIFor 4-6 servings: 600 g beef tenderloin, 4 zucchini, 3 handfuls of leaves of green Basil, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 lemon, 75 ml natural yoghurt, ½ Cup of olive oil, green onions, salt, pepper.Cooking time: 40-60 minutes

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