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What products cannot be mixed with alcohol

Какие продукты нельзя смешивать с алкоголем

With the approach of the Christmas holidays has become an urgent topic of feasts. will tell you how to combine drinks and favorite holiday dishesWinter came. On a nose New year and Christmas, which in many homes are not complete without tables with fried, smoked, mayonnaise and other hazards, including alcohol. And the fun lasts usually for at least a week. As a result of feeling unwell in the first days of the year, mainly due to excessive alcohol consumption

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Recipes diet Christmas food

Рецепты диетических новогодних блюд

Nutritionists recommend a festive night to give preference to fresh vegetables and one dish of poultry or fishChicken, stuffed Blinnikova: Russianfedora: gracieusete cooking: 1 hour 30 minusblue designed for: 4 people(a)You will need: chicken 2-2,5 khonka pancakes 10 stloc 1 Starkov 1 stcyr 150 geiza 2 stampanoni 200 Gal, freshly ground black pepper to kusunose preparation:1 chicken need to carefully remove all the bones and meat without damaging the skin and leaving only the wings and legs

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Products that increase libido

Продукты, повышающие либидо

Almost any person from time to time experiencing failure in bed, or simply refuses to close. Why is this happening? I will try to answer this questionVery often it happens that the attraction to the opposite sex is greatly reduced, and in some cases completely disappears. This unpleasant situation is preceded by a number of factors: possible problems with the thyroid gland, insomnia, mental disorders, stress and many other non-obvious reasons

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8 foods that can be eaten at night without harm to the figures

8 продуктов, которые можно есть на ночь без вреда для фигуры

If before going to sleep and pulls to eat, you can safely open the fridge. tell me what to cook for dinner and do not regret the deedsBy nightfall the desire to open the refrigerator increases, have you noticed? Should not limit ourselves, the more we will tell you what products to keep on hand in case of a night "RAID".Two women from the top ten — it is impossible not to eat before going to bed and can't lose weight

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Cooking ribs in the oven

After a walk on a cold day always want to eat something meatier and satisfying. recorded different versions of recipes one of the most popular in our country dishesPork ribs (classic recipe)Kitchen: nomecategoria: gracieusete preparation: 1 casamoda designed for: 4 people(a)You will need: pork ribs 1 chisnok subsequentially 2-3 oil 2 tbsp ground black pepper, to unusual to kusunose preparation:1 Ribs can be cut into portions or leave in one piece. Rinse and dry with paper towel

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5 products that should not be stored in the refrigerator

5 продуктов, которые не следует хранить в холодильнике

Electrical device appeared more than 100 years ago, but we have not learned to useAvocadoOutdoors this fruit ripen much faster something to hide, most often in Russia they put green. But the inside of the refrigerator can quickly rot.Avocados will ripen on воздухеpixabay.comGreensBasil, parsley and coriander is better to put in a jar of water, in the form of a bouquet.Herbs can grow all year round кухнеpixabay

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Recipes hot chocolate from

Рецепты горячего шоколада от

In the winter you always want something tasty and sweet. And what could be better than a Cup of fragrant, chewy, delicious hot chocolate? Write how to make it at homeIn Europe hot chocolate was first tried in 1527 — after the famous Conquistador Hernando Cortes conquered Mexico. It was there that he learned from the Aztecs about the wonderful drink, which moved them from Maya, and the — from Olmec. It is believed that chocolate man made about three thousand years BC

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Three product and minus three pounds a week

Три продукта и минус три килограмма за неделю

We start preparing for the new yearThe main annual festival just over a month. As you know, he is accompanied by hours-long feasts with relatives, colleagues, friends — it is time to prepare the body for these trials. Help us in this simple diet, consisting of only three ingredients.Product No. 1Oatmeal delivers fiber, contributing to the normalization of the bowel. It contains complex carbohydrates that provide long feeling of satiety.Get used to овсянкеpixabay.comProduct No

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Salmon baked with mushrooms in cream sauce

Chef shares excellent choice of food for a light dinner or lunchYou will need:– salmon fillet — 600 g;– cream — 100 ml;– onions — 1 small onion;– flour — 1 tbsp. spoon;– mushrooms — 200 g;– salt, pepper to taste;– lemon juice — 1 tsp.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, salmon fillets salt and pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice and place in the oven for 15 minutes

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