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Сексуальные шлюхи Астрахани

Appetite you can take control

It will have to work hard, but the result will please youThe first thing to take when taming the insatiable appetite is to stop to deal with it. If you unbearably want a banana, do your best to eat it. Otherwise you risk to eat many others, including more high-calorie foods. But even after that you cannot get rid of the desire to eat a banana.Try to establish a diet. Ideally, if you eat every three hours

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Eggplant with green beans in Chinese

Very fragrant and useful a separate vegetable dish and a great side dish for meat or fishYou will need:– Green beans — 300 g;– Eggplant — 1 PC;– Ginger — 1 piece 5 cm;– Garlic — 4 cloves;– Soy sauce — 1 tbsp. spoon;– Teriyaki sweet — 3 tbsp.Ginger RUB on a small grater, garlic crush, mix all to a pulp.Fry in vegetable oil beans, and eggplant until tender, add garlic-ginger paste, soy sauce and teriyaki, stir and after a couple of minutes to turn off the stove

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Food can trigger depression

The use of certain types of food affects moodScientists from Harvard conducted a global study which explored the relationship of mental well-being of women with their diet. In order to draw conclusions, it took ten years of monitoring of several hundred residents of the UK. They provided researchers with their food diaries and talked with them about his mental condition

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Eat without cutting

Fruits and vegetables are best consumed whole, not cutting into slices.The fact that when cut with a knife disrupted the integrity of cell membranes products, and everything contained within these membranes (antioxidants and vitamins) is sent into the air. Although it could be useful to your body.Scientists estimate that a cut Apple can lose up to 30% of vitamins compared with its natural state. The longer the slices are on the air, the more you lose

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What you need to know about smoothies: recipes Evelina Bledans

Что нужно знать о смузи: рецепты Эвелины Бледанс

Artist shares his secrets detox foodA smoothie is a thick drink made of fruit, berries or vegetables. The fashion for smoothies appeared since the early 70-ies of the last century, when the United States opened the first café that began to sell crushed in a blender the fruits and vegetables. Now this drink is associated with a healthy diet and very popular among the stars. recorded the smoothie recipes from Evelina Bledans.Evelina Bledans is a great connoisseur of healthy diet

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Apples cause women satisfaction sex

Italian scientists have found that Eva did not just eat the fruitItalian doctors from Trento experimentally established that apples are essential for women sexual health.They tested a group of 731 women aged 18 to 43 years, and on the basis of the results Index the female sexual function (FSFI). They further questioned the respondents about their preferences in food

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Lasagna by chef

A classic Italian dish you can prepare as a dinner or lunch and a glass of red wine it will adorn the festive tableYou will need:– 500 gr of minced meat;– 500 gr peeled tomatoes;– 1 onion;– 100 ml of red wine;– ready dry lasagna sheets — 12 PCs;cheese 50 gr.Bechamel sauce:– 50 g of butter;– 40 grams of flour;– 400 ml of milk;– a pinch of nutmeg;– salt, pepper to taste.The stuffing will fit any your taste: beef, beef with pork, chicken or Turkey

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Coffee with sugar is useful for the body

Sweetened the drink has a great effect on the body than savoryTo such conclusion scientists from Spain. They report that with the help of the drink, which contains caffeine and glucose, it is possible to achieve several goals: to cheer up, to intensify the work of the brain (it will improve your concentration, memory and quality of human work) to energy in the form of calories

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May light meals from Jeanne Epple

Майские легкие блюда от Жанны Эппле

The actress shared her recipes with young vegetablesThe season's first young vegetables is a great joy for gourmets. Dishes from cabbage or potatoes hard to call culinary delights, but their taste pleases as the may sun. recorded two seasonal recipe from Jeanne Epple.Their elegance Jeanne, according to her, is obliged to genetics and nutrition

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7 misconceptions about healthy eating

7 заблуждений о здоровом питании debunks myths about food, which we imbibed with mother's milkMistake # 1. You can not eat after six in the eveningMaybe once, in the days of our grandmothers, who became to work at 5 am and went to bed with the end of "Time" — at half past nine in the evening, the same procedure was correct. If you deviate to sleep at two o'clock, fasting all this time, completely useless. So you will not only benefit your figure, but also harm health.Your mode - your правилаpixabay

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