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5 foods that deceive us

The benefits and safety of some of the dishes are greatly exaggerated

The healthy and food combining diet, diet, the raw food diet think that the whole world only thinks about food. What would eat such that it is certainly beneficial, and not harmful? However, according to food experts, some products are deceiving us. "Healthy", at first glance, the food carries with it the threat that many do not suspect.

Raw seafood

5 продуктов, которые нас обманывают

All the dirt is going in the sea молюсках

Oysters are eaten raw, and those, to whom this delicacy can not afford, and did not disdain the black sea mussels that have just fished out of the water. Than they threaten? Serious food poisoning. Because of the warming water in the oceans raw shellfish be a favorable environment for reproduction of many new types of bacteria. Therefore seafood must be subjected to heat treatment.

Fresh juices

5 продуктов, которые нас обманывают

In no case do not buy the juice улице

In the process of making the juice gets a lot of bacteria and even viruses, but if the bartender does not follow the hygiene, along with a drink you can even get parasites. Oddly enough, nutritionists recommend packaged juices produced by the manufacture with observance of all norms. And if you want to get the vitamins in full, just eat this fruit.

Steak with blood

5 продуктов, которые нас обманывают

Raw meat weight заразы

Of course, it's delicious. Meat gives the body the necessary protein. However, in a half-baked product remains E. coli and Salmonella. After tasting the beef in the restaurant, you run the risk of being in a hospital bed with salmonellosis. Ask that the dish was prepared with a high step of roasting.

Fresh milk

5 продуктов, которые нас обманывают

You can't do cow's udder стерильным

Fragrant, smelling herbs, still-warm milk from under the Cow's love to give to children, believing that it brings tremendous value for a growing organism. Remember, however, that no matter how rustic the hostess nor followed his "nurse", to wash the udder to the point of sterility it still will not work. So, along with fresh milk you will get a lot of viruses and bacteria. The output of one boiling.

River fish

5 продуктов, которые нас обманывают

Catch a fish and throw it into the water - let the fishing will remain хобби

Campfire on the river Bank, and there an ear of freshly caught fish — forget it. In the river fish live weight parasites, which do not always die even after heat treatment. During cooking freshwater fish neytralizuya only 18% of life-threatening harmful substances, and the remaining 88%, fall into the broth. You can be poisoned by toxins.

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