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5 mistakes we make in the kitchen

We don't even think that spoil products

Mistake # 1

It seems that the refrigerator will keep all of the products from rot and decay, but it is not. Vegetables and fruits not worth it to put. Potatoes, tomatoes, bananas and apples for much longer "live" on the air, at room temperature.

Mistake # 2

It seems to us that the food defrosts a lot faster in the heat, but it is not correct. To defrost foods it is necessary to move from the freezer to the refrigerator. If you need it done quickly, use the microwave, but in no case do not pour water on the meat — well, that'll just mess up.

Mistake # 3

The modern kitchen all appliances that make life easier for the housewife. Among them, the blender is very useful and convenient, but not for making mashed potatoes. He "knocks" from potato starch, making the mass sticky and viscous, and not the air.

Mistake # 4

Shelves on the door of the refrigerator is very convenient to store high packages and bottles, such as milk. But this is precisely what not to put. The temperature on the door is higher than in the main volume of the refrigerator, moreover, we often open it, which means more milk is at room temperature and deteriorates more quickly.

Mistake # 5

In many recipes you can find recommendations to check the pie during cooking, but it is not correct. The more often you open the oven, the more you change the temperature inside it. This leads to the fact that the cookies "fall".

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