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5 secrets of fast food

Why we eat more than usual

"No time to cook", "urgently needs to eat, was walking past and for some reason went", "want something tasty" — we all know that eating at fast food restaurants is not the most useful, but somehow again and again we go there. found out a few secrets of catering.


It would seem that complicated? Cut the potatoes into strips and dipped in boiling oil and frozen product to buy, then even and clean the tubers do not, but the taste still turns out wrong. It turns out that potatoes, vegetable oil and salt — not all the ingredients. Taste restaurant fries is achieved with the help of spices, enhancers and supplements.

5 секретов фастфуда

The French fries 19 ингредиентов

Sweet drinks

Have you ever wondered why the fast food restaurants you are offered a sweet carbonated drink, not tea, coffee or juice? Yes and it is way cheaper, and sometimes the second or third glass can be rented completely free of charge. It turns out that carbon dioxide causes the appetite, which means you will want to eat anything else and will re-order.

5 секретов фастфуда

Soda does not quench your thirst - you will want more пить

The smell

The kitchen is usually not fenced off from the hall for visitors to the wall, all the smells are spread throughout the room and even felt on the street. It is also a marketing ploy to lure new visitors.

5 секретов фастфуда

The smell of food spreads везде

Lack of equipment

In most restaurants that sell fast food, you will not find any knives or forks, and it's because of the hands delicious. To such conclusion psychologists have come. Not using the instrument, the person relaxes and gets more pleasure from food, and therefore, he wants to buy a second Burger.

5 секретов фастфуда

Eat with your hands вкуснее


Technology does not stand still — today's Burger ain't what it was 30 years ago. At present there are all kinds of flavor enhancers and food additives. It is because of them we can't resist the temptation to eat another sandwich. In addition, the portions were more and calorie.

5 секретов фастфуда

The portions were bigger and the taste - насыщеннее

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