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Sergey Malozemov: "I love and try — the main thing is not to overeat"

The presenter shares the secrets of nutrition that improve health, and "corona baby recipe"

In their "Food living and the dead" and "Miracle equipment" that come on NTV, a leading tells how easy it is to cook and eat right. discussed with Sergey, as such work was reflected in his lifestyle.

— Sergey, you have several years of talk about good and bad food. As a result of your own attitudes to food have changed?

They have changed drastically! Actually, I trained to be a doctor, and since the Institute had a General understanding that it is impossible to overeat, have lots of vegetables and fruits, vitamins and all that. But when I'm doing their program, began to study that specifically talks about the different components of our diet the world of modern science, I was expecting a lot of surprises. For example, I now know that you can eat without meat, and a diet very add health. Although full vegetarianism is unnecessary, sometimes the meat I eat. Otherwise would have had to take all sorts of pills type of vitamin B12 — without it, the health of vegetarians is getting worse. As much as I appreciate the liver! But eat meat rarely, because it's healthier. Health since then has improved significantly.

— You have a son and a daughter. How does your family menu?

In the morning we usually eat cereal with frozen or fresh berries, but often it is the omelet: eggs — rehabilitated the science of food. We like a more delicate version of the egg omelet scramble. Always prepare yourself. The point is that on low heat continuously stir the eggs with the added piece of butter and, as he wrote in his book dear chef Elena Chekalova, "beat yourself on the hand, if you want to add temperature". Then after about five minutes the eggs with the oil to form a gentle emulsion. Well, scramble we always have fresh tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers. Lunch usually consists of a light vegetable soup with a small amount of chicken, plus sliced cheese, for example. Dinner — anything from cereals. We love buckwheat, rice, barley, gradually discovering new things, like quinoa. But you can pasta, like Carbonara with ham, mushrooms and egg, then master of cooking my wife Marina. The main thing — not to overeat. Many people believe that they would definitely starve if not eating bread, and even two or three dishes to be had. Actually it's not, and life blooms with new colors, when you begin to take not quantity but quality of the food is more delicious because you can eat, even if it is little. Certainly, I was very impressed by the study of the experience of the French, Japanese, Italian centenarians from poor provinces — they eat it on these principles: a little, varied, delicious.

Usually children prefer chicken nuggets and fries. How do you teach children to proper nutrition?

My children (Lev 8 years, Mariana 3 years) too happy to eat nuggets and French fries, and ice cream and candy. And I'm not going to ban it. The trick is that the basis of the diet was not for these products, as normal. Then harmful and not so harmful. How to make them at home to eat healthy food? Is it themselves, then they, the poor just don't have a choice. (Laughs.) In fact, the most important trick is a plate with sliced vegetables that children need to see first when they are hungry come running into the kitchen. They will see that and pounce. We always works perfectly, and no dislike for vegetables at the Lev and Mariachi no. Same with the main dishes: the kids eat what we do. So, again, a choice they do not have.

Сергей Малоземов: «Я все люблю и с интересом пробую — главное, не переедать»

Sergey and his wife Marina not forbid their children Leo and Mariana harmful "Goodies". The couple believe that everything should be merotto: materials of press-services

— Your family is mainly prepared by the wife or you, too, are not averse to get up to the plate?

— I have, unfortunately, not enough time, but I love to cook. I think in retirement, this passion will unfold in full. (Laughs.) I even two times won the "Culinary duel"! But every day, of course, preparing my wife that we had 17 years together. Got married back in Chelyabinsk, where I was studying, so our tastes are the same. Among her favorite dishes, for example, a quick strudel. Take an ordinary puff pastry, thawed, are placed inside the sliced apples, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, crushed crackers (to collect the juice), all wrapped and in the oven. Fifteen minutes later a nice dessert ready, and we have repeatedly agreed on the fact that even in Austria we local strudels like not like this, your. It has less sugar than usually put in cafes and bakeries, and our taste is very good.

— In the air you constantly talk about the wonders of technology. Probably, the house also brought a lot of interesting gadgets?

— My wife does not allow. (Laughs.) I'm not some crazy gadgetman, I just like trying new things and believe in the power of technology. The program "Miracle of technology", by the way, I came up with, being impressed from brought five years ago from America of the robot cleaner. Since then, I really was disappointed — too often gets stuck, breaks toys, and in General intelligence it is not enough — and now more like lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner. Anyway, I like it when technology is improving life, and, for example, of great interest to me cause a new washing machine, which dried so that you can immediately put clothes in the closet or iron. And, of course, with my son we collect all sorts of designers with solar panels and so on. Very jealous of him — in my childhood such a variety of educational games was not.

— And the kitchen any "helpers" started?

— Of course, the slow cooker is a great gadget with lots of recipes. And a capsule coffee machine. By the way, coffee, according to recent studies, are not harmful, but on the contrary is beneficial to health. Of course, if no individual contraindications.

— Are you a doctor. All these horror stories about child diabetes because of the sweets and junk food are true?

— Alas, they do. If you eat constantly and in large quantities, that can not withstand the body, playing a major role in maintaining balance in metabolism is the liver. Pediatric endocrinologists sometimes say that some young patients, much abused fatty and sweet, the liver is like the liver of alcoholics.

— Thanks to the work you are in different countries. Whose food culture you like the most?

— A little of French, Italian, Japanese, Russian. Even in usually criticize America, I found that I really like — vegetable salads with walnuts and fruits. I love everything and try. I recently discovered the Kalmyk tea, which was very tasty, although the recipe it sounds strange for us. It is brewed in milk, with butter and salt.

— In our country traditionally, meat meal, fat, with lots of bread. You have something to cook Russian dishes?

— Of course, we were born and raised in the Urals! Love the dumplings, themselves, however, rarely cook, but sometimes "loaded" by this grandparents. Often cook the soup in the light version, without the contents, and vegetable salads more love to fill our home with sour cream, although olive oil and healthier. But you're right, peculiarities of the national cuisine we have such that sometimes it would be better to reduce the calorie content and quantity. After all, our ancestors in the villages never if so much fat and sweet, and physically worked more.

Our corona kids recipe — eggs in pepper rings

It is necessary to cut a bell pepper smooth rings, lightly fried in butter and gently break the egg inside. Get beautiful eggs.

Сергей Малоземов: «Я все люблю и с интересом пробую — главное, не переедать»

Sergey and his wife like to cook dinner salmon in cream with caviar and fettucine:

For dinner we sometimes cook our favorite salmon with caviar cream and fettuccine

Take a piece of salmon and put on 20 minutes in the oven, Bay cream. During this time, cook any pasta (we love good Italian, preferably flat) and then, taking out of the oven the fish, lay the pieces on the pasta and pour the hot cream in which everything was prepared. And then the secret: from the top (already in the dish) the dish is decorated with a spoon of red caviar. When the eggs get warm on the tooth, they burst and give incomparable taste.

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