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6 of the rules of French

Why among the representatives of this nation is not full of women

The French, even if they are not regular features in the world are considered to be example of beauty. All thanks to the slender and graceful figure. It seems that the years do them better, like wine. Look at the wife of the President of France — she could afford a mini. found out how they do it.

Rule # 1

This Russian adopted a saying: "eat Breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give the enemy", and the French in the morning can do the same a Cup of coffee, well, or add a croissant, without the chocolate and jam, or dry bread. No cereals, eggs and other heavy foods. They easily give up Breakfast.

6 правил француженок

The Breakfast is just кофе

Rule # 2

Lunch this is not the first, second and compote, and a light salad or steamed greens. Maybe on the grill. To them any piece of poultry or fish. Salad cheese possible. But water they drink a lot — it fills the stomach and gives a feeling of satiety.

6 правил француженок

In red French women eat what экономнее

By the way, let's not forget that this is Europe, and France is one of the most expensive countries in the world, so lunch is given a fixed amount that won't make a hole in the budget — not much to know.

Rule # 3

If yesterday the French went a little overboard, but today you will see her Jogging along the Seine or the Bois de Boulogne. They count calories, and even keep a special notebook for this. If yesterday Parisienne tasted leg of lamb with potatoes, then two days she will eat a salad.

6 правил француженок

Excess calories immediately сгоняются

Rule # 4

It's not a snack of sandwiches and other fast food, and seasonal fruits. In this case, those who grow up in the country: apples from Provence, pears from the Loire, the grapes from Bordeaux.

6 правил француженок

Snack - a fruit, not фастфуд

Rule # 5

The buffet table? Party? We have the main thing to have time to run to the table, otherwise you will remain hungry — free. They have the same food at corporate may not be at all. The wine and water. They come to socialize, not eat.

6 правил француженок

At a party in France may not be еды

Rule # 6

We all know about the famous French desserts. But the local ladies indulge in them. It's like black caviar at the Russian — 've all heard, but few have tried. Here is the cake "Napoleon" for the French, something like our dolls. Not good and pointless. In Parisian restaurants the dessert menu is brought only on request of the client.

6 правил француженок

Desserts harm фигуре

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