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What is "watermelon fast"

Early autumn is a good time to make your fasting days

Who doesn't love watermelon? It seems difficult to find such a person. Therefore, we can arrange razgruzochnye watermelon days. Moreover it is very budget and does not require time to prepare. It is noticed that in this "starvation" due to the high content of water and sugar, the last thing I want to eat.

In the hard option during the day you have to eat watermelon, weighing 10 times less than your own. Besides it — only water or tea without sugar. Eat watermelon need six receptions with equal intervals of time, with pleasure and without haste. You can repeat and on the second day, but only if there were no problems with health. You can allow and third day, but no more!

The thing that gives you relief — cleansing the body of toxins, but also for small weight loss is quite suitable. Like any diet, this method has contraindications. So if you have health problems before buying "fasting" watermelon, consult your doctor.


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