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Why the fall is to change eating habits

Expert, master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei certain: now is the time to add to the diet products that gives strength and good mood. Is — on schedule

I remember a story that happened in the late nineties, when notaries were giant queues. The old Jew — one of participants of a multi — stage transaction- exactly to the hour of the day stood up and went to dinner. In total, the hall of the notary gathered about twenty people interested in the result. The notary has warned that waiting until all had lunch, will he not, that the wise man said, "Yes, please, that means your transaction compared to my health. If I have health, I have a million transactions". Notary "stunned" to such an extent that he went to lunch with the client. By the way, this Jew is alive and well to this day, although even then he was about eighty. A good example for those who used to have a serious talk over a meal.

The stomach for digestion needs blood to the brain for mental tasks without it too. Want to arrange a duel? Let's. Only winners in this no — brains won't know and the stomach does not digest. People who constantly combine work with food, sooner or later, face serious disorders of the digestive system. Take care of your stomach. The Chinese say: while a healthy stomach, you can cure any body.

Don't support a fashionable trend of constant stress, workload and time constraints. And now for the actual food.

Autumn in the yard, she dictates the rules not only for wardrobe change, but also the adjustment of the diet. The fact that the energy that you get from properly selected food, lays the Foundation for success in all areas of your life. No energy — you can not see new posts, high salaries and separated love.

So, a few important recommendations on nutrition. In the cold season you need to be moderate in the consumption of cheese, yoghurt, fat, cheese, sweets based on sugar, citrus and southern fruits — these foods are great "cool" your body. Hence, frequent colds, chronic rhinitis, lethargy, apathy and an unfounded need coffee and strong alcohol.

Add to your diet foods with a sour taste. It makes a person more open and cheerful. This is particularly relevant advice for those who immediately "flashes", like a match, and can't control his anger.

What you can treat yourself to your favorite in the cold season? Prepare soups, broths, compotes, puddings, all sorts of casseroles. The longer the sausage is made, the more it warming "qi" (as the Chinese call life energy, without which any man is just a piece of wood).

In the autumn it is good to include in your diet vegetables and fruits are green in color: avocado, green beans, zucchini, broccoli, leeks, apples, grapes, olives.

Add in meals and drinks, and spices with a warming effect: cinnamon, turmeric, ginger. Cook fruit teas from rose hips and hibiscus.

In the autumn should not be abused with sharp spices, such as curry, raw onions and garlic.

Love yourself and your life enough to not create unnecessary fuss and haste. And learn about the trends of the current week will help my weekly astrological forecast.

September 13. As we approach the business today, you need to be a fair amount of optimism and flexibility. Maybe you have to repeatedly change their plans. Don't be stubborn and persistent, especially where it is possible to give.

September 14. You can pamper yourself today with a visit to the beauty salon. If you're tired, give yourself Spa treatments. This does not necessarily somewhere to go — hot tub, sea salt and lavender oil will give you the relaxation and good mood at home.

September 15. A good day to solve current problems and everyday issues.

September 16. If you stayed at home, cook something delicious and beautiful. Well today: meet with friends, go to restaurants, go to concerts, plays and exhibitions.

September 17. Take today to where you never been, try new experiences the day brings many discoveries.

September 18. Well today to repay debts, to pass records to sign the papers, especially those that already "waiting" in the wings.

September 19. Everything you undertake today, season beauty. Clean up your desktop, buy yourself flowers — it will create you a good mood.

Jeanne Wei, master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui


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