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Cold food can be dangerous — an unexpected discovery

What threatens a cold dinner?

Scientists from the USA, informed reporting about the dangers of cold water, made a new discovery. In their research they identified a risk of eating cold food. As it turned out, the habit to eat, heating food can not only be hurt, and seriously disrupt the functioning of the organism.

What is the danger?

Cold lunch, dinner or just a snack passing through the stomach several times faster, a heavy stone settles in the intestine, thereby causing discomfort. Meats, and any food Packed with protein, not heat treated, just not able to digest and deliver great discomfort.

In the intestine eaten will be affected by bacteria, which can cause weakness, drowsiness and even cause inflammation of the bowel and constipation

Moreover, cold food can lead to excess weight because the metabolism slows down. As a result, you may receive diabetes.

Of course, everyone's favorite ice cream or salmon won't hurt, but most of the products still need to eat in the form of heat.


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