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5 pairs of products that are incompatible with each other

Sometimes you need to reconsider your eating habits

There are a number of products that combine together not come to mind even to a child. For example, Beers with sour cream — the effect of this dish may cause very unexpected. But there are food packages to which we are accustomed from childhood and think this kit is quite edible, though it is not.

Buckwheat with milk

One of us young mothers and grandmothers neither fed buckwheat porridge, seasoned with milk? The dish is not very tasty: buckwheat contains iron, milk — calcium. However, these minerals are not assimilated to each other, as a result, the body does not get neither one nor the other.

5 пар продуктов, которые несовместимы друг с другом

Buckwheat useful without молока

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Salads from these vegetables are popular at any time of the year. But it turns out that cucumbers and tomatoes do not mix together, because it disturbs the biochemical reactions of the body. It appears the excess salt that cause swelling. But the vitamins are absorbed by only a few percent.

5 пар продуктов, которые несовместимы друг с другом

Cucumbers and tomatoes "do not live" вместе

Potatoes with meat

Potatoes usual side dish for meat dishes, but this combination is very hard on the body. The fact that protein requires an acid medium for digestion, starch is alkaline. Together these products for a long time remain in the stomach and can cause heartburn, belching, gas, and other digestive disorders.

5 пар продуктов, которые несовместимы друг с другом

Potatoes with meat - heavy пища

Coffee and a cheese sandwich

For many, this is a traditional Breakfast, but in vain. In this combination the cheese loses all its useful properties, namely calcium. It interfere with absorption of simple carbohydrates, which are rich in bakery products. And coffee does this process reduces to zero.

5 пар продуктов, которые несовместимы друг с другом

Bread and cheese сочетаются

Bananas with milk

Nutritionists have long been arguing about this couple. Right to their coexistence defend fans of a healthy lifestyle. However, there is a rule that all the sweet fruits are better eaten alone because they slow down digestion for a long time to digest and bad side by side with other products. Milk as dangerous to combine with fruit — it can cause diarrhea.

5 пар продуктов, которые несовместимы друг с другом

Bananas take as перекуса


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