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5 simple secrets clarified butter

According to Ayurveda, the Hindus believe that this product is necessary for all people after 40 years

In India, not just worship cows, namely the benefits that their products have a person. In Ayurveda ghee butter called ghee. This is the energy that is able to restore the work of all internal organs. Metabolism, liver function, brain and nervous system — all depend on her.

Secret # 1

Ghee is perfectly suited to any product. When roasting it, unlike the vegetable, does not lose its beneficial properties. Want, prepare the vegetables want meat, creamy taste will not spoil neither.

5 секретов простого топленого масла

Without butter it is impossible the cooking of many блюд

Secret # 2

Fatty acid contained in ghee and 8 % less saturated than other animal fats. And, therefore, easily digested. While heating them in ghee removes difficult protein — casein, it causes an increase of cholesterol in the blood. At the same time in a clarified butter rich in vitamin A and E, which help us burn fat and therefore lose weight. An added bonus is linoleic acid, it is necessary for the development of organs and tissues of the body.

5 секретов простого топленого масла

If we "nurse" that they fancy, with painted копытами

Secret # 3

Delicate. A piece of melted butter, dissolved in a glass of hot cow milk, an excellent natural laxative. In India it is given even to an infant.

5 секретов простого топленого масла

From simple butter easy to make топленое

Secret # 4

Ghee is the fat that helps the ointments and balms soak into the skin. It is sufficient to add a small amount of ghee to a remedy and apply to the affected area. The effect will be more noticeable.

5 секретов простого топленого масла

Cows in India put храмы

Secret number 5

Ghee is used to improve immunity. Add melted butter to dried fruits, nuts, honey and spices. You will forget about autumn anaemia and spleen, it is a real vitamin bomb.

5 секретов простого топленого масла

Did you know that 100 years ago, ghee was called "Russian"?


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