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3 Kale salad to boost immunity

Apply autumn shot of vitamins

Fall weather is gloomy, mood is the same. We are prone to frequent colds and depression, and all because of weakened immunity. will tell you how to improve health and regain composure.

Salad multivitamin

For this dish we will need a lot of vegetables and even fruits, but the effect of it is comparable with the intake of vitamin b complex from the pharmacy within a month.


Beets — 1 PC.

Cabbage — a quarter of head

Apples — 2 PCs.

Onion — 1 head

Carrot — 1 PC.

Sour cream — 100 gr.

Take the raw beets, brush and RUB on a small grater and the carrots and the Apple at large. Cabbage shinkuem thin strips, do the same thing with onions. Combine all of the ingredients and season with sour cream.

3 салата из капусты для повышения иммунитета

Shred the cabbage мелко

Salad of red cabbage

Red cabbage is a vegetable rich in vitamins. Now just came in her season, so it is not expensive, and sold in any grocery store.


Red cabbage — a quarter of head

Green onions — 50 gr.

Dill, parsley, cilantro — 30 g.

Shelled walnuts — 100 gr.

Black currant — taste, you can use frozen.

The grinder will chop walnuts. Finely shred the cabbage, chop the greens, add berries and allow to stand for your dish half an hour. Do not add oil or salt. Nuts will give your oil soaked lettuce, and herbs replace salt.

3 салата из капусты для повышения иммунитета

Red cabbage - a storehouse витаминов

Salad "in the dining room"

This salad contains lots of vitamins, and cabbage with carrot available in stores all year round. It is suitable as podgajniak to any dish, and this is why it is so popular.


Cabbage — 450 grams.

Carrot — 1 PC.

Salt — 6 gr. (about a teaspoon)

Vinegar 3% — 4 tbsp (can be used, such as rice vinegar)

Sugar — 1 tablespoon

Vegetable oil (can be olive) — 70 gr.

Finely shred the cabbage, place it in an enamel pan, add salt and vinegar, and place on high heat. Within 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly, her need to warm up. Grate the carrots on an ordinary coarse grater and send it to the cooled cabbage. Add the sugar, oil, all mix thoroughly and leave in refrigerator for a couple of hours to infuse the salad.

3 салата из капусты для повышения иммунитета

Cabbage with carrots: simply полезно

Bon appetit!


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