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Sweets sugar substitutes on the doctors said "no"

Scientists from the American University criticized pastries, cakes and chocolates, which is a sweetener

Researchers from the University of the United States made a statement that the sweets are based on sugar and its substitutes are not as safe for our shape. They argue that instead of giving the feeling of satiety, the body, on the contrary, will demand more and more sweet, which in turn will affect the figure.

As a General rule, products that do not contain sugar in its pure form, offer patients with diabetes mellitus. However, in the last time there was erroneous statement: "If you buy treats on glucose, and weight will not grow." The researchers also say: do not buy sweets of this type for those who want to lose weight. Arrow on the scales will start to grow faster.

A study was conducted: more than twenty subjects men and women of all ages got a drink and sweets as the sweetener, and conventional. Then they were shown images of appetizing dishes. As a result, men who consumed sweets on fructose, were more hungry.

Researchers found that after eating this type of sweets in the human brain grows activity. Which leads to the desire to eat hearty.


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