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Chef Gary Evans: "do you Want to rekindle the passion — add a little excitement."

How to make a romantic dinner quietly turned into a night of passion?

It turns out that it is sufficient even in the most familiar dish to spice things up, and life is literally transformed. About it told the brand chef TABASCO® Gary Evans, who like no one else understands flavor combinations.

So, what to prefer for dinner? How to reignite passion in a partner?

— Probably, the dish is oysters with Tabasco. I think oysters is a classic. I would even offer such an option: oysters on the grill, with Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and lemon juice on top — so pretty good.

Шеф-повар Гэри Эванс: «Хотите разжечь страсть — добавьте перчинки»

Oysters with Tabasco - dish for a romantic winphoto: materials of press-services

— Admit it: you yourself resorted to this method of seduction?

My wife loves befstroganov. You know this dish? With sour cream, beef and a little chipotle. So we can say that this is our family recipe.

— You are like nobody else is able to turn the common perception of TABASCO sauces. Tell me, whether a drop of this sauce to change the taste of familiar dishes and turn it into something completely different?

— Yes, of course. Many people like this sauce because it adds flavor and depth. I don't do my dishes particularly spicy, but they always have to be a little tangy, which is felt on the tongue. For example, the salad, the famous Russian salad. But if you add a little chipotle or Tabasco, the taste is completely different.

Шеф-повар Гэри Эванс: «Хотите разжечь страсть — добавьте перчинки»

TABASCO sauce adds to the dish flavor and Gabinetto: materials of press-services

— What cuisine do you prefer in everyday life?

My preferences change depending on what this week and what I want. So many different tastes around the world! But I guess it will still be a mix between Italian and Thai dishes. In Thai cuisine, I like the variety of textures and flavors, I even took a course of cooking in Thailand, "the Blue Elephant", where they teach cooking Royal Thai cuisine. They differ from the basic Thai, and this is interesting.


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