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Useful fresh from Tatiana Kotova

The singer — a big fan of vegetables. In the midst of the season of cabbage discussed with Tatiana the advantages of this product and recorded an interesting recipe

— Tatiana, many types of cabbage: kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and others... What do you like?

— Recently found out that cabbage not only reduces sugar levels and improves the immune system, but also a great strengthens the nervous system, which is known to have creative people is always at risk. Yes, and it tastes very sweet and pleasant. I also support the fashion for broccoli. And anyone who thinks that it is simply impossible to cook something delicious, perhaps just have not tried a classic dish of French cuisine — cream of broccoli soup with cream.

— At school age to eat a dish of cabbage was considered a punishment. Once you've accustomed yourself to these vegetables?

— Punishment? In childhood, we firmly believe parents who say that they found us in the cabbage. (Laughs.) So cabbage for many children is a sacred vegetable. But seriously, I'm lucky: I have a very tasty cooking mom, so I never sat on the plate with tears in his eyes.

— As a child, what dishes are loved?

— Dumplings! And could easily lose track, when it was under old New year to find some pleasant surprise.

— And now?

— The basis of my diet — green vegetables and fruits, white meat, lean beef, white fish and at least two liters of water a day. And as for food, try to eat five to six times a day in small portions. To shoot, photo shoot, rehearsal always bring the containers with food.

— It is often possible to prepare yourself?

— The kitchen is my relaxation zone. In recent time, schedule many months in advance, so cook rarely. Do it only when you want to surprise a loved one or to please friends.

Than spoiling your friends?

— Can cook borsch with pampushkas, dumplings with cherries, clay, cake two floor to bake. (Smiles.) It all depends on the mood and time. As for cabbage, I love the variety of freshly squeezed juices from varieties of Kale. Most interesting is that in essential amino acid content of Kale is not inferior to fresh meat! And calcium more than milk.

Полезный фреш от Татьяны Котовой

Fresh vegetables very presentato:

Fresh from Tatiana Kotova

Skip through the juicer 700 g of Kale, 2 medium peeled carrots, 1 small lemon peeled, 2 medium apples without a core. Pour into glasses and serve for Breakfast. You can also use to make juice 5 leaves of Kale, Apple, 2 stalks celery and 2 medium carrots. Very tasty and healthy!


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