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Do salted salmon

Very nice to eat a piece of that fish for Breakfast. And the chef will tell you how to avoid mistakes in proportions

You will need:

– salmon fillet on the skin — 1 kg;

– rock — salt- 2 tbsp. spoon;

– sugar — 1 tbsp.

My fish cold water, need cold — not even lukewarm, and in any case not hot — and dry with paper towels or napkins. Mix salt, sugar and pour on the bottom of a glass or ceramic container. Put in a container the fish skin-side down and sprinkle with remaining salt. Capacity cover with cling film and stand half a day in refrigerator, then remove the remaining salt and place in the cold. After 24 hours you can remove the sample. Now it is best to leave the fish in the foil, wrap more to cover is not necessary. Be stored for long periods is also not recommended, however, usually, it is very quickly eaten.

You can add pepper with lemon flavor or dill, if you like spice, but svejesobranna salmon good in itself.

Other recipes of our chef look on the Facebook page.


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