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Pomegranate: combine the pleasant with the useful

Some amazing properties of this fruit that you may not know

Garnet became one of the most enjoyable treats of the autumn-winter period. And, as it turned out, no wonder he is so like us. This is not just a delicious fruit, and a rich source of vitamins and minerals, without which our body can not do.

Cardio-vascular system. For hypertensive patients, grenades will be a real boon. It acts as a diuretic and reduces blood pressure. Regular use of this product will strengthen the walls of blood vessels and support the work of your heart.

Joints. This fruit contains more amount of anti-inflammatory elements that will help to ease arthritis pain. The inclusion of pomegranate in the diet will help you to avoid inflammation of the joints.

Infection. Pomegranate juice increases the chances to overcome almost any bacterial infection in your body. Drink at inflammations of the oral cavity or urinary tract. It promotes tissue healing and strengthens the immune system.

Granat is a versatile product. It can be not only a dessert, but will be a bright highlight to your holiday salads.


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