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And cheered and kilos gained

Drinks you shouldn't drink in the morning

Caffeine has become for us the usual way of obtaining vivacity and good mood in the morning. And not all love strong espresso, but prefer a more sweet coffee recipes. Is Americano with milk, cappuccino and, of course, a latte. But do not forget about the consequences of such enjoyment.

It is worth noting that drinking a latte before noon, improves blood sugar levels. Its taste provides rich milk. One tablespoon of sugar contains 30 calories and 30 g of 3.5% milk will add another 15 calories.

И взбодрились, и килограммы набрали

One Cup of coffee with milk foam a day a year will add your figure of 5 kg excess, vesavata:

In the end, the milk foam in combination with sugar will significantly increase the calories of the product. One Cup of coffee a day a year will add your figure to 5 pounds of excess weight.

So for Breakfast, for the final awakening, I advise you to do a strong espresso or Americano without cream. You can also consider alternative options of refreshing drink such as strong green tea or mate. They will give the body an incredible tone and will not damage your figure.


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