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5 reasons to give up meat

After the transition to vegetarianism with the body begin to happen amazing changes

Reason # 1

You will lose weight. By giving up meat just one month you can lose about five pounds, and most importantly, that it does not have to follow a grueling diet and even going to the gym. But the muscle mass will stop growing.

5 причин отказаться от мяса

You will quickly lose вес

Reason # 2

You will improve digestive system. In the intestine will be more protective bacteria, this is proven by scientists. However, it will take some time in the beginning can even be problems. The pancreas will start to adjust to plant foods, and observed a lack of enzymes.

5 причин отказаться от мяса

In raw meat, plenty of bacteria, which are not always killed when жарке

Reason # 3

The skin will become less oily wipes out pimples, acne and blackheads. This happens because the body takes toxins and wastes.

5 причин отказаться от мяса

The rejection of steak can improve the condition кожи

Reason # 4

You will become more cheerful. Few weeks people who refuse from meat, you feel a surge of energy. Even after a hard day, they are tired less than before and feel the lightness.

5 причин отказаться от мяса

The meat - heavy food, its digestion takes энергию

Reason # 5

Prevention of vascular diseases. Alas, meat is not good, its substance launch, according to scientists, a chemical reaction affecting the heart muscle. Vegetarians suffer less from hypertension, diabetes, cancer.

5 причин отказаться от мяса

Favorite foods убить


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